Viewer’s Review of Blockbuster Geo Drama ‘Khan’ [Watch in HD]


Pakistani Khan Drama now airs on Geo TV every week. It’s already a mega hit.

Babar Javed is the producer while Ali Faizan took the directional responsibility. The combination tuned out to be nothing less than jaw dropping.

With Noman Ijaz leading from the front, there is no ingredient missing. Read my full review of this Pakistani khan drama below.

Viewer's Review of Blockbuster Geo Drama 'Khan'

My Personal Views

The Khan Drama is one of the very few mega projects Pakistani TV has ever produced. It has been able to attract the attention of many viewers and this is a proof of its success. From writer to producer to the director, it’s an epitome of excellence, perfect, on and talent.

There is no doubt or hesitation in saying it that this Khan is one of the most watched dramas in the Pakistan. It is also the top most rated drama of Geo TV. Since February, this drama has been on the top in search lists among other Pakistani dramas.

Khan was launched in the year 2017. It is telecasted on the Geo entertainment every Sunday night at 8 PM. In case you miss any episode of Khan Drama, the time for its repeat telecast is every Monday at 4 PM.

The Basic Plot of Drama

The basic story of the drama is based on the political theme. This drama has not at all an oft repeated or conventional plot like the every other love story. It is very safe to say that Khan Drama has the unique story from all the other dramas on Pakistani TV channels in 2017.

The story revolves around a political and social genre. The story has a touch of politics and family matters. The very versatile, amazing Noman Ijaz has played the role of protagonist. Apart from Khan, Sarwat and Shabana are the main lead cast in the drama.

Watch Khan Drama Geo TV on Vidpk in HD Quality

To watch Geo TV drama, simply click the relevant drama episode below.

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Khan Drama Timings: Every Sunday at 8pm on Geo TV.


The Overall Character of Khan

The drama revolves basically around the life of Khan. Khan is a murderous and dangerous king maker having a dual personality. He is powerful and influential political person and is considered by everyone around him. He is apparently a loving a caring person towards his family. Yet, Khan has a dark side to the story of his.

The Cast of Drama


The cast is one of the main factors that influence the drama and its ratings. Regardless of how much the writer and producers have put in the efforts, how much the director has applied his keen eye, and how unique the story is, if the cast is not good the drama can never attract the audience and hence proves to be a flop one.

Khan Drama casts a congregation of the biggest names in the showbiz industry. It not only has decorated itself with the most experienced and senior names of the industry but also it has given a chance to the fresh blood to show case its talent. This is the blend of new and old that has given the drama a perfect polish.

The drama casts Noman Ijaz, Shaista Lodhi, Atiqa Odho, Aijaz Aslam, M. Ali Josh, Saba Hameed, Yamina Peerzada, Fatima Shah, Ali Hashmi, Usman Mazhar, Hina Zaidi, Waseem Ahmed and some others.

Cast Drama Serial Khan Geo TV

The Khan Drama Geo cast is listed below in the order of their appearance time and importance in the drama script.

Drama CastRole in Drama KhanArtist Page
Noman IjazKhan in Drama KhanWatch Noman Ijaz Videos/Dramas
Shaista LodhiSarwat in Drama KhanWatch Shaista Lodhi Videos/Dramas
Atiqa OdhoShabana in Drama KhanWatch Atiqa Odho Videos/Dramas
Aijaz AslamJameel in Drama KhanWatch Aijaz Aslam Videos/Dramas
M. Ali JoshKamal in Drama KhanWatch M. Ali Josh Videos/Dramas
Saba HameedRahat in Drama KhanWatch Saba Hameed Videos/Dramas

The Loving Khan

Khan is a very strong and influential person. It is safe to say that Khan depicts a person with duality in nature in the drama. Every other person surrounding him respects him. Khan also has a very strong hold in making and annihilating the governments. In other words, it can be said that he is depicted as the king in the drama who has a strong hold on everyone and everything.

Being a strong and significant political personality, it is obvious that Khan is financially very stable and strong. Khan’s house is one of its kinds in the country. It would be better to call it a villa or palace instead of a house.


Khan lives in this big, gargantuan villa with his family. Apparently, Khan is a social worker. For his family members and the relations, Khan is an embodiment of love and peace. He not only proves to be the perfect husband by pampering his wife but is also the best dad as he gives all of his attention and care to his daughter.

Another example of showing his manhood and gentleness is the fact that Khan, being the only care taker of his sister is very gentle towards her as well. He cares for her more like a father and is very much concerned for her. This part of the Khan Drama is very interesting.

Khan has a heart breaking factor in his life and that is because of his X-lover whom he could not get. But Khan has not at all forgotten her. In fact, the lady is still a part of Khan’s life all the time and he still loves her deeply and sincerely.

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The Dark Aspect of Khan’s Life

The above-described loving and caring Khan is just a single facet of the story. Not many people around him know his dimmer and an uglier side. This Khan Drama is a famous one among the other hits of the Geo TV.

This ugly side of Khan’s life is the one that took him away from his love and made him a bitter and cruel murderer. He has never been this much influential and rich since forever. He opened his eyes in a village and his poor parents used to serve and work for a rich feudal family.

Viewer's Review of Blockbuster Geo Drama 'Khan'

Some dark events from the past had made him cruel enough and at the same have brought him to such a place where he is standing today with all this power.

We can say that the protagonist is a rigid and rough man of the darker world of politics and crimes and this fact is not familiar to the public.

The Earlier Life of Khan

Khan and his poor parents were simple villagers untainted by the corruption of the society. In his early childhood, Khan had never thought of being in such a position where he stands today. He and his parents simply served a feudal family and lived hand to mouth. Khan Drama is good example of sudden changes of life as Khan become the starring character of the drama.

The Love Birds

Khan used to love a girl Sarwat, from the neighboring village. The girl also loved him even more than loved her. These 2 love birds were, like all the other couples in love, all the time dreaming about their future together.

Geo Drama 'Khan'

They both emotionally craved for each other. Both Sarwat and Khan had a strong relationship and the roots of that relation lay deep in the soil of loyalty, honesty, and adoration. The two love birds seemed to be inseparable from each other as they both have promised a togetherness of lifetime with each other.

But no one can avoid the decree of fate. No matter how much one tries to hold and governs his life, in front of the fate and luck everything is small and powerless. It was the fate that did something like this to Khan and Sarwat as well.


The Tragic End of Khan’s Love Life

The end of Khan’s love life started by a forbidding dark event that took every pure thing of Khan’s life away. Khan’s feudal lord’s son kidnaps Sarwat, the love of his life. He not only kidnapped her but also tried to snatch her honor as well. Meanwhile, he also killed a person who was trying to save Sarwat from him. This kidnap gives a twist in the story of Khan Drama and give a suspense to his viewers.

This murder caused many problems for the guy and his family. They ask Khan to take responsibility for this murder so that the master’s son is saved. The feudal family put a lot of pressure on Khan for taking the responsibility of the murder and also promised him a bail. This promise makes the Kahn Drama an interesting story.

noman ijaz

A servant has no option other than accepting the orders of his master; this is what he exactly did. He agreed to his master’s offer and went straight to the police station where he took the responsibility of the murder.

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But he was completely unaware of the fact that he is also accepting this dark and non-condemnable crime of raping his own love, Sarwat.

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Sarwat had a complete trust in the love of her life for she knew that it was not Khan who looted her honor and kidnapped her. She visits him in the police station and asked him why he is doing so.

Sarwat kept on crying in front of him so that he feels something for her. She told her the name of the person he is trying to save by taking this responsibility on his shoulders. She said he should not be saving the real culprit as he has to show his face to God on the Day of Judgment.

shaista lodhi

Khan could not find any possible answer to the questions asked by Sarwat. Sarwat spits on his face and this added fuel to the fire. A volcano of emotions out busted in Khan’s body and soul and then all the tables turned.

The Identical Change in Khan’s Life

All these events took Khan far away from his love. He started to understand the bitter realities of life. He then met a resourceful person who takes oath from him to work with him. In return, he gets him freedom from the jail life and imprisonment.

Khan Drama Geo TV

After his return from the prison, he is not anymore the same person. He changes t0 180 degrees and returns as a different person. Khan’s main motto of life now becomes to gather as much money as he could. Also to become powerful enough to make every other thing and situation the way he wanted it to be.

To gather supreme, consummate, and unmatched power is his ultimate goal in life now. He is kind of much success in achieving this goal. Khan emerges as a social autocrat, and a billionaire. He is now an underworld Don and a very heartless person in actual.

Khan: The Ultimate Game Changer

Khan is now a social worker having a very kind person for the society but a nightmare for his opponents and enemies. He is the ultimate game changer and governs the entire political system of the country.

But still, no one in this world has a perfect life. Same is the case with Khan. His love of life, Sarwat is not his Sarwat anymore. He finds out that Sarwat is the wife of his political rival. Though the first love of Khan is also memorable and unforgettable for him this is not the same pure and innocent love anymore.

Noman Ijaz in Khan Drama

Khan’s bitter life has converted his sweet memories of past to the un forgetful, un bearable pains for him. These have scratched his soul and turned him upside down.

Note: There is much more to the story but for that, we suggest you watch the drama as a single post can’t do justice to such a good drama.

Over all response of the public to the drama is positive and very welcoming. With its perfect settings, amazing dialogues, and severe expressions and acting from the cast everything is perfect. To conclude, we can say that ‘Khan’ surely is a treat to watch for every drama lover.





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