Justin Bibis Are Back


The singer sisters’ duo, more commonly known as the Justin Bibis, is back in action again. This time they have sung the same “baby” song but there is a slight change in the duo with a woman replacing one sister. However, the song is very entertaining and as good as it was before.

Back in 2015, a video went viral on social media all over Pakistan in which 2 young girls were singing in the streets. The song they were singing was the famous Justin Bieber’s “Baby”. The video attracted the attraction of our electronic media and hence these girls were contacted. Upon contact, it was found out that these 2 sisters named Saniya and Muqaddas do not have any education in English as such but still they sang Bieber’s song with much accuracy. These sisters claim themselves to be Justin’s biggest fans and are now called the Justin Bibis. Pakistani media and people appreciated the passion and talent of Justin Bibis and they were sponsored.

Bibis’ Road to success:

After going viral on social media, the girls gave an interview to BBC Urdu which made them more well-known and famous in the country. Then these Justin Bibis were also featured in the world cup song “Phir Se Game Utha Den”. They were invited to several morning shows as well. Pakistan’s one of the most famous singers, and the voice behind some super amazing songs like Channo, Chal Dil Mery, Jhoom Jhoom, and rock star, Ali Zafar recognized and appreciated the fact that, despite having not been able to speak English, Justin girls have a great command of this language. He offered his help to them if they wanted to pursue further in education. The Bibis also worked with Patari some months ago.

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