Junaid Akram Sets An Iftar Drive for Minorities


Pakistani comedian Junaid Akram sets an Iftar Drive for Minorities to NICVD (National Institute of Cardio Vascular Diseases) and talked about equal rights for minorities in Pakistan.

Junaid Akram is an avid social analyst and frequently mentions the social problems prevailing in Pakistan in his videos and how these problems can be solved. Recently, Junaid Akram is to set an Iftar Drive for minorities in Karachi and documented its virtue on Snapchat. Furthermore, he commented on the current living conditions of minorities and equal rights.

Minorities In Pakistan

Pakistan is a majority Muslim state of more than 180 million nationals out of which only 10-11 million are minorities practicing different religions. Pakistan, a country which focused on tolerating and accommodating minorities in 1947 has slowly deprived minorities off democratic rights. Minorities in Pakistan are deprived of good facilities and jobs as most of them are employed in a low-pay scale and scope-less jobs. In a country with less than 10% of minorities, it’s a shame to not provide for them. In spite of the current status of minorities in Pakistan, Junaid Akram takes the initiative for minorities to raise his voice against racism, discrimination and to encourage people to support minorities. Furthermore, his virtue also delivers a message to help the needy people. Be it the holy month of Ramazan or any usual month of the year. According to him, a simple act of kindness can impact someone’s life positively and make a small difference if not huge for the needy regardless of your creed or caste

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Junaid Akram is a social commentator and a stand-up comedian. He often makes videos about social problems in Pakistan and presents his point of view regarding the problem. He rose to fame on the social media after documenting numerous videos on Pakistan’s social problems in his sarcastic yet honest way. If you don’t know about Junaid Akram, you’re probably surfing social media pointlessly. Check out his Facebook page.

Check Out Junaid Akram Talking About His Iftar Drive Initiative




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