No Matter Who Wins India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup Match, Fans From Both Sides Have Already Won Hearts


India Vs Pakistan T20 World Cup match is happening tomorrow on Saturday and fans have already started showing support for their favorite team. They are donning jerseys of their favorite teams and sharing selfies on Facebook. Those who don’t have time to take selfies are simply using #ProfileforPeace to change their profile picture to show support for their team.

Surprisingly, a lot of Indians have chosen to support Pakistan team while a lot of Pakistanis are supporting Indian team. It’s a victory for those who want both nations to be at peace. It’s a victory for those who want to end the hate and hope for peace to reign. It’s already a win for fans from both sides even if their team ends up losing the game.

Check some of these pictures below.

india vs pakistan facebook fans

Pak-vs-India t20 world cup highlights

This India Vs Pakistan T20 World Cup match will be held at Eden Gardens, Kolkata, India on Saturday. You can get latest updates and team roosters on ICC website.

India Vs Pakistan T20 World Cup – A Quick Look At The History

Pakistan playing India is always a big moment irrespective of the venue and the competition. The most epic scenario would be a Pakistan Vs India World Cup final but that’s far from expected, especially with the kind of form Pakistan cricket has displayed over the past few months. However, it seems that things have turned around and the team is showing a lot of passion and playing really well in this T20 World Cup so far. We will have to wait till tomorrow to see if the team continues it’s form against India.

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Both team met in the Super Eight round of T20 World Cup in 2012. The match proved to be one of the best games of that World Cup. Now cricket fans are expecting to see another great game, no matter who wins it. You can watch highlights from their previous encounter below.

Watch India Vs Pakistan T20 World Cup 2012 Highlights

India Vs Pakistani in T20 World Cup in 2012 was a cracker of a match. You can watch highlights from that game on the ICC website. Unfortunately, ICC has removed all videos from YouTube so won’t find anything if you search ‘India Vs Pakistan T20 World Cup highlights”.

India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup 2014

Unlike the game in 2012, this was an easy game for the Indians as they cruised to victory with seven wickets in hand. Pakistan posted a humble total of only 130 runs in 20 overs. With the kind of batting talent India has, this was never a challenging score. India easily got there with seven balls to spare. Watch India Vs Pakistan T20 World Cup highlights below.

India Vs Pakistan T20 World Cup Live Streaming

The match will be available for live stream on PTV Sports website in Pakistan. International users can watch it live on ICC website or find cricket streaming links available all over the internet. These links usually work great if you have fast internet.




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