If you want to lose weight, stop using your NAIL POLISH!


When you have gained too much weight, it’s your right to doubt everything you eat. If you are serious about losing weight, you will be making a lot of changes to your lifestyle in addition to nitpicking your food. But you’d never consider giving up painting your nails because you know it has nothing to do with your weight. But that’s not true. People who wants to lose weight must quite nail polishing!

Your nail polish could be the reason your are gaining weight despite spending hours in the gym and being on diet for weeks. A recent study by researchers at Duke University has shown that nail polish could be hazardous for health, especially when used regularly.

According to findings of this study, nail polish manufacturers have replaced phthalates, a common ingredient in polish, with TPHP due to reproductive issues being associated with phthalates. However, TPHP has its own issues. Tests have shown that it could cause developmental and reproductive problems in animals due to its interference with hormones. Although no human tests have been conducted so far, studies have indicated that this ingredient could be linked with weight gain.

The dangerous chemical was found in nearly 50% of all nail polishes and makeup treatments. Some nail polishes don’t even include this chemical on label. Some studies have shown that women usually have higher amounts of TPHP in their blood compared to men which clearly indicates that it comes from the makeup products and nail polishes.

What could you do?

If you are having weight issues, you should definitely cut down on your nail polish and makeup treatments in light of this study. However, doing that alone isn’t going to help. Here are few more ideas to lose weight naturally.

  1. Eat vegetables to help you feel full.
  2. Drink plenty of water.
  3. Get tempting foods out of your home.
  4. Stay busy — you don’t want to eat just because you’re bored.
  5. Eat only from a plate, while seated at a table. …
  6. Don’t skip meals.
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