ICC Champions Trophy Schedule 2017

ICC Champions Trophy Schedule 2017

ICC Champions Trophy Schedule 2017

Date Match Venue
 1-Jun-2017 England vs Bangladesh London
  2-Jun-2017 Australia vs New Zealand Birmingham
3-Jun-2017 Sri Lanka vs South Africa London
 4-Jun-2017  India vs Pakistan Birmingham
5-Jun-2017 Australia vs Bangladesh London
6-Jun-2017 England vs New Zealand Cardiff
 7-Jun-2017 Pakistan   vs  South Africa Birmingham
8-Jun-2017 India vs Sri Lanka London
9-Jun-2017 New Zealand vs Bangladesh Cardiff
10-Jun-2017 England vs Australia Birmingham
11-Jun-2017 India vs South Africa London
12-Jun-2017 Sri Lanka vs Pakistan Cardiff
14-Jun-2017 1st SEMI-FINAL Cardiff
15-Jun-2017 2nd SEMI-FINAL Birmingham
18-Jun-2017 FINAL London
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