Humayun Saeed Walks Out Of ‘Project Ghazi’


Pakistan’s first superhero film; Project Ghazi, starring Humayun Saeed, received negative attention after its premiere on Thursday. It is the first superhero film of Pakistan. Project Ghazi is among the most anticipated films of the year. Project Ghazi premiered on Thursday. Unluckily, it did not get much attention. The audience complained about the sound design and there was a lot missing in the film. Talking to The Express Tribune, Humayun Sayyed quoted:

“I have worked in the film so I knew the dialogues but even I couldn’t understand anything. Project Ghazi relies heavily on dialogues to explain the storyline and if it’s inexplicable, there is no point. The film cannot be judged right now.”

Humayun Saeed talks about Project Ghazi

Humayun Saeed further mentioned:

“Project Ghazi has potential as a film, so why not wait and deliver a better product to the masses? I don’t know but maybe the producers were under some pressure from the brands or something that made them continue with the premiere,” Saeed noted. “He said it wasn’t that bad but I literally walked out halfway because I knew I’d have to stop it from releasing.”

Humayun Saeed Compares Project Ghazi With Punjab Nahi Jaoungi

Humayun Saeed also told that he had asked the producers to postpone the film for at least a month to get rid of the issues. Regarding the sound issue, Humayun Saeed shared that mostly every local film suffers from this issue. He quoted:

“we are not good at it.” That’s why, we go abroad to fix our sound. “We dub the dialogues usually. Even India does, because we don’t have the equipment and expertise to sync it on location. For Project Ghazi, we didn’t do dubbing so I knew something was going to go wrong.”

Nonetheless, Humayun Saeed told the audience that his new film “Punjab Nahi Jaoungi” is a 100% perfect film.




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