How to Avoid Heat in Summer – Tips to Beat the Heat

how to avoid heat in summer

With the temperature rising as high as 40 degree Celsius, it’s getting seriously hotter. The sun shining its brightest and it looks as if your skin is sucking the heat into your body. Outdoors seem a torture in this hot weather. Add in the pollution and you are doomed. It’s time you read some tips to avoid heat in summer.

how to avoid heat in summer

The current heat wave signals even hotter days are approaching. How to avoid heat in summer?  Try a few simple tips and you are ready to enjoy the season!

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Safety Tips for Summer Heat

how to avoid heat in summer dos and don'ts

  • Dress Up Cool

Arrange your wardrobe a little. Use loose fitting cotton clothes. What you wear can affect your comfort level when outdoors.  Try these:

  • Light colored clothes

Whites, blues, and other light colors are the intelligent options for summer. These colors will not only make you look cool but also they’ll keep you cool.

  • Sunglasses

sunglasses to beat the heat this summer

Sunglasses are fashionable and they keep your eyes safe from the ultraviolet rays of sun.

  • Cover your head

When out in summer, keep your head covered with a hat. You’ll look smart and the sensitive spots on your face will be safe from the harmful rays of sun. This is an easy and cheap way to avoid heat in summer.

  • Sunscreen

Don’t forget applying sunscreen on the areas of your skin that are exposed to sun.

  • SPF protected lip balm

Like sunscreen protects your skin, an SPF protected lip balm will protect your lips.

  • Stay Hydrated

keep hydrated to avoid heat in summer

Summer means sweating, which means you need to pay extra attention to keep yourself hydrated. Here’s how:

  • Drink more water

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking more water than usual. Don’t wait till you are thirsty. At least have a glass of water every 60 minutes. It doesn’t cost a fortune to drink water during summer but it can do miracles for your health.

  • Add juices to your diet
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Natural juices without added sugar are a great way to keep you hydrated. Also, the other nutrients keep you healthy and active. Add juices to your diet this summer and see the magic. You won’t have to worry about how to avoid heat in summer.

  • Keep the caffeine intake low

avoid heat summer news

Caffeine may sound refreshing after a hectic day but there’s nothing that dehydrates you more. On hot days, avoid caffeine intake. Replace it with fresh juices.

If you still feel like having caffeine loaded drink, then increase the water intake.

  • Supervise Your Meals

Whatever you eat, it has a tendency to alter your body temperature. To stay cool, adjust your diet a little.

  • More fruits and vegetables

fruits can help you avoid heat during summer

Fruits and vegetables are healthy and refreshing. They are certainly high in water content. Add fruits and vegetables to your meals.

  • Keep that meat low-fat

Fats are high in salt content and take longer to digest. The salt content also makes you feel more exhausted.  To avoid heat exhaustion, have low fat meat.

  • Avoid Going Outdoor at Peak Hours of Sun

Normally between 10 am to 4 pm, the sun is at its peak with raised temperature and high UV rays. Stay indoors during these hours. Keep your body cool. Have food, get a drink or maybe take a nap.

  • Keeping Yourself Cool without AC

Surviving a hot summer without AC sounds impossible. One may survive the day somehow, but what to do at night time? After a long day, you need a sound sleep.  Here are a few simple DIY strategies from our grandparents’ time. Try these and stay cool!

  • Use cotton sheets

Use light coloured cotton bed linens. They are light and keep you cool through the night. You will avoid heat during summer at night with these sheets.

  • Use exhaust fans
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Set exhaust fans to keep the room temperature low. And turn on the ceiling fans. They’ll keep your room cool and everyone in the room will avoid heat during summer.

exhaust fan to avoid heat in summer

  • Apply icepacks

Need to cool down? Use icepacks on pulse points. Apply it on your wrists, elbows, neck, knees and ankles and you’ll feel super chilled in no time.

  • Take a cold shower

Cold showers are a relief in summers. Take a shower with cold water before you go to bed. It will adjust your body temperature and you will feel good.

  • Keep the water content high

how to avoid heat in summer by drinking a lot of water

Have a glass of water before bed. It will keep you hydrated during the night.

  • Turn off the lights

Lights emit heat. To keep the room temperature low, turn off the lights. Take advantage of the natural light as long as you can and when it’s dark outside, use minimal lights.  Use cool white light bulbs. And turn them off when you don’t need any light.

  • Wet sheet hangings

Hang a wet sheet on an open window. The breeze passing through the sheet will lower the room temperature. Cool down your room and have a sound sleep. You’re sure to avoid heat in summer using this trick.

  • Keep your feet cold

keep feet wet to beat heat in summer

There are a number of pulse points in the feet and ankles. It is very important to keep them cool. Sink your feet in cold water. It will keep your body temperature low. Better keep a water bucket near the bed so you can sink in your feet whenever you feel hot.

  • Unplug every extra appliance

Disconnect all the electronics. They are a master source of heat in your home. To reduce the heat in the house, literally unplug every gadget or other appliance that’s not in use. It will lower the heat and also save energy.

Relief from the Sun Stroke – How to avoid heat in Summer

If you get burnt, seek relief. Use antioxidants to neutralize the damage done by UV rays. Try using green tea or a take a spoonful of onion juice. These antioxidants are readily available and they can efficiently make up for the cellular damage done by heat.

  • Warning Signs of Heat Illness
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Heat illness can do a serious damage to your health. Know the warning signs and keep a check on yourself.

how to beat heat in summer

  • Confusion
  • Sudden change in temperament
  • Frustration
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Goose bumps and chills

If any of these signs occur, pay heed to it. Contact your health specialist and look for a remedy. Follow the safety tips for summer heat and take rest.

  • Stages of Heat Illness

There are three stages of heat illness

  • Heat Cramps

Muscle contraction, profuse sweating, dizziness, irregular heart rate and weak pulse are the signs of heat cramps.

In such case, massage the muscles, have a chilled drink and relax in a cool place.

In addition to profuse sweating, irregular heart rate and weak pulse, your body remains cold. That’s a sign of heat exhaustion.

One wonders, how to avoid heat in summer?

Cool down the body temperature as soon as possible. Have an ice bath. Sit under a fan or use IV fluids.

  • Heat Stroke

how to beat the heat in summer

Rapid pulse, dry skin, frustration, sudden drop in blood pressure and possibly coma, these are the signs of heat stroke.

In such case, immediately call an emergency service and seek medical help.

All three stages must be addressed at the instant without any delay. Moving from one stage to the next can be sudden and without any warning and it may cause death.

We are hoping that you’ll find these tips really helpful. If you have any other simple and smart solution to avoid the heat in summer, feel free to share in the comment section below.




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