Haroon Rashid Releases New Version of ‘Dil Se’ Starring Muniba Mazari


Haroon Rashid is a famous award winning Pakistani singer and musician. Haroon just recently recreated a new version of the famous classical national song “Maine Dekha Pakistan Dil Se”. This recreation is the most precious gift to the nation on the 70th independence day of Pakistan.

Haroon Rashid is a British Pakistani. He sang the exceptional national song “Maine Dekha Pakistan Dil Se, Mera Dharti Pe Imaan, Jan Se” back in 2002. The public loved this song more than ever. The Beautiful lyrics infuse a new spirit of patriotism in every Pakistani even today after almost 15 years.

Haroon Rashid has recreated this song again and it has all the patriotic feels. It is worthy to note that both the versions are equally good. None of the old and new version is better or less than the other one.

Interesting Facts About The New Song of Haroon Rashid

Haroon Rashid

Although the lyrics and the melodious voice of Haroon Rashid are enough to give you goose bumps. Yet, there are much more beautiful things about the new version of Dil Se. The video is the national song is something we surely don’t want you to miss. This video is more like a slide show in some parts as the images transit from one to another.

Dil Se is a tribute to the national idols. The camera pin hole flashes the images of our great heroes like Abdul Sattar Edhi and the famous national players. The video also shows the images of the most beautiful landscapes of our beloved mother land. Apart from Haroon Rashid, Muniba Mazari, Farhan Bogra, and Javed Bashir are also in this new version.

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Haroon Rashid is an international face for the production of his animation series ‘Burqa Avengers’. The series throws light on the women in Pakistan.

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