Hareem Farooq Trolled By Fans For Her Picture With Osman Khalid

Hareem Farooq

Hareem Farooq is the recent target of cyber bullying. On posting the picture of hers with Osman Khalid Butt, her fans backlashed her for her kissing pose.

Hareem Farooq

Hareem Farooq reposted the picture from Osman’s account on Independence Day. She and Butt are pouting towards each other which prompted bucket full of hate comments.  Almost all the hateful comments have been deleted after Hareem posted an apt and a sarcastic reply.

She wrote, “ oh em gee! I feel so happy that I have so many people who care about my ‘aakhirat’ more than theirs, kiunke gaalian dene se, laant bhejne se, ‘uff taubah sharam karo’ kehne se tou seedha aap janti ho gaye hain! Array bhai congratulations! And while you’re on your way to your self proclaimed Jannat don’t forget to take your ‘I have the right to judge everyone’ certificates (God knows approved by whom), aur haan, please saath ye post bhi le kar jaye ga aur bataye ga ke kis tarah aapne mujhe sharam, ghairat aur laanat bhejna sikhae, aap ka darja ooncha kar diya jaye ga :D. aur please agli dafa koi katrina ka ya kareena ka item number bhi na dekhiye ga, aise hi fazool main aap ki Jannat barbaad hogi! Oh wait my bad wo musalman thori hain aap ka tou haq banta hai unko aankhen phaar phaar k dekhne ka. Anyways in order to save your ‘aakhirat’ im block deleting all the ‘concerned’ comments. And will be doing so if there are any further! #liveandletlive #judgingisnotyourjob #getalife

How Fans Reacted To Hareem Farooq’s Pouting Pose

To be honest, keeping in mind how pathetic some of the comments were, Hareem Farooq has done an excellent job in replying with such peace and sarcasm. One comment read:

“Kal tum apni naked photo upload karna to phir hum tmhain hell ka certificate dain gy, aik to ghalat kaam upar sy us ko defend karna. You bloody celebtrities “

When there are haters, there are always devotees. Likewise, Hareem Farooq’s fans didn’t step back from supporting her.  One of the fans said:

“But idk what is wrong with this pic that people criticizing or blaming it just poses pic nothing more but check the mentality of people who saying blab la and abusing @hareemfarooq love u”

There are also those who clearly realize how most of our nation is sexist.

“I don’t understand why everyone is going after Hareem when Osman is doing the same pose as her lol. Double standards?” One commenter wrote.




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