Hamza Ali Abbasi Defends Sarfaraz And Bashes Mockers


Pakistani cricket teams’ captain Sarfaraz Ahmed is very famous on social media nowadays. This is not because of his exceptional performance in the previous matches, but because he got disturbed when he saw that all the reporters in the conference were English speakers. Hamza Ali Abbasi defends Sarfaraz saying that the people need to change their mindsets regarding the English language.

After winning the match from Sri Lanka, the captain Sarfraz had to address to a post-match press conference. A video was made that showed Sarfaraz saying with worry “Ye To Saray English Hain” about the reporters. People made fun of him on social media for not being able to face English reporters confidently. Therefore, the prince of our entertainment industry Hamza Ali Abbasi defends Sarfaraz by releasing a video giving a beautiful message saying that we should not feel ill of our players because they cannot properly speak English.

We Weed to Change Our Mindsets

Hamza Ali Abbasi is known for his free speech and he has made many videos. This time, Hamza Ali Abbasi defends Sarfaraz, the captain of our cricket team. Unfortunately, our players are always mocked because of the fact that they can’t speak fluent English and their talent is ignored in comparison with their English speaking skills. The worst part is that the mockers are none but our own countrymen. Our nation is still under the impacts of British rule and speaking good English is always a matter of pride for us. Probably Sarfaraz was also aware of this and therefore, he got pressurized when he saw all the English reporters in front of him. Hamza Ali Abbasi defends Sarfaraz and said that we need to appreciate the talent of our players instead of their use of English language.

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