Hafeez Has No Problems Being Called Unpredictable


Pakistani all-rounder cricketer Mohammad Hafeez loves the title of unpredictable for Pakistani team. Hafeez has no problems being called unpredictable and he expressed these views in an interview saying that he loves this tag repeatedly applied to the team.


Hafeez is currently in the squad for the champion’s trophy and due to team’s extremely different performances in each match, the team is being called unpredictable. In a match against India, Pakistani team lost from a huge gap of 124 runs and hence it received much criticism from media and people back home. After that moral masking match, everyone was hopeless from the team in next matches. But the team again became heroes from zeros when they beat the South African team by Duckworth method in Birmingham.  Pakistani team is always considered unpredictable because no one has any idea of when can team perform exceptionally well or can be an embarrassment to the nation but the team, especially Mohammad Hafeez has no problems being called unpredictable and he actually enjoys it.

Pakistani Team Is Aggressive And Unpredictable Since Beginning


This is not the first time our team has been called unpredictable, before this, we have been called unpredictable and aggressive on several occasions and tournaments. The player of 187 ODIs, Hafeez has no problems being called unpredictable and he told the reporters in Cardiff on Sunday that “To be honest, I’m always a fan of that tag, that we’re an unpredictable team.“As a team, we’re always very aggressive,”.

Imran Khan is one of the great cricketers and almost every young Pakistani player considers Imran Khan as his mentor. He was first called unpredictable in 1992 world cup and because such a great cricketer was called unpredictable, is probably the reason that also Hafeez has no problems being called unpredictable.

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