Good News for PIA – Pakistani Pilot Sisters make a history by flying Boeing 777 together

Pakistani Pilot Sisters

On August 30, Tuesday, two PIA Pakistani pilot sisters made a history by flying Boeing 777 concurrently, Express News reported.

PIA, most of the times, is faced by controversies but the two pilot sisters made a record for flying the plane at the same time, bringing honor for PIA after a very long time.

Maryam Masood and Erum Masood, two Pakistani pilot sisters, have been flying planes for quite some time but they had never been on the same flight. This coincidence occurred after the promotion of younger sister Erum Masood. After the promotion, she was able to join her sister as a co-pilot, setting a new kind of a world record.

First time in Asia – Two sisters co-pilot a plane

They have made a history in South Asia by captaining a plane together and operating to several flights concurrently. Both these sisters flew Boeing 77 from Lahore to Karachi, Manchester, New York and London.

This news is already viral and it has created a lot of hype on social media since Tuesday. It is an unparalleled achievement for Pakistan International Airlines and many renowned personalities of Pakistan have been tweeting proudly about this. These two Pakistani Pilot sisters has made history

It’s never done before – A world record!

In fact, there is no previous record around the world of any two pilot sisters who flew the plane simultaneously, said Mr. Gilani.

Pakistani Pilot Sisters

Pakistani women have never been behind in bringing prestige to the country, and same is the case with the aviation industry. A few instances have been seen about this in the history of PIA.

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Maryam Mukhtar, who was a Flying Officer of PIA, was martyred when her plane crashed during training near Mianwali in November 2015.

For the first time in history of PIA, seven women became fighter pilots. They came into the most honorable male staff of the country by graduating as fighter pilots.




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