Give the Goat and Take the Water ; Faryal Salahuddin

Give the Goat and Take the Water ;Faryal Salahuddin

Give the Goat and Take the Water ;Faryal Salahuddin

Give the Goat and Take the Water ; Faryal Salahuddin

Pakistan’s province Sindh has shortage of water. But deserts of Sindh have a severe shortage of water but there are a lot of goats everywhere. To help the people that need water, Faryal Salahuddin changes the tough situation of deserts village. She is making available water for people in exchange of goats.

Energy consultant Faryal told: She went Karachi after a long time. Her uncle came from Australia. And he is going Sindh with his friends; she also starts visiting Sindh villages and come to know that there is the shortage of water and people need the water supply.

Clear drinking water is not available for about one crore and sixty lacs people in Pakistan. And Faryal wants to change that situation. Shortage of electricity is also there and people use diesel pumps in the Sindh village that are costly.

Faryal needs 80 goals against one solar pump but villagers are not agreed for giving her more than 25 goats. It is not a charity to give pump against goats. Faryal sells that goats on Eid ul Azha when the rate of goats rises in the market. Faryal visited a village after providing them a solar pump, she said that they are using Simber sable pump and now solar panel are available. 50 years old Soni of that village said that “women have to walk for four hours to get water and there feet get injured, and they left their children home alone. Soni has also give her one goat but she is not unhappy for that as now water is available for washing, bathing, and drinking to her”.

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