First Teaser of ‘Parchi’ Out Starring Hareem Farooq


Hareem Farooq’s “Parchi” trailer is out and it seems quite thrilling.

Earlier in 2017, almost everyone was talking about Hareem Farooq and Imran Kazmi working on a comedy together. Apparently, both of the “Janaan” producers were. Parchi’s trailer which was initially released in cinemas after “Janaan”. It has now reached social media.

The trailer portrays Hareem Farooq as a dominant character who is chewing on a toothpick. She is holding Imran Kazmi as a hostage. Furthermore, she’s also beating Imran Kazmi.

So far we now in suspense with a dozen of questions regarding the trailer itself. For example, why did anyone tie Imran Kazmi on the chair? Why was Hareem beating him? What actually happened that let Imran Kazmi face her in such a reckless manner? There are a lot of questions at hand but we’ll probably have to wait for the answers. Talking with Images earlier in January, Imran Kazmi mentioned:

“We’re trying to incorporate a lot of things that were not present before and are also rather difficult. We don’t even know if we can pull them off. But let’s see.”

He also mentioned:

“The content has a serious and deeper meaning.”

Azfar Jafri is the director of Parchi with Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman as lead actors. Parchi will surely hit the cinemas later this year.

Hareem Farooq’s Successful Career So Far

Hareem Farooq

Hareem Farooq is a television and a film actress hailing from Islamabad. She started her acting career playing the role of “Fatima Jinnah” in “Panway 14 August” and “Kiran” in “Angan Terha”. In 2013, she debuted on screen playing a lead role in a horror thriller named as “Siyyah”. Since then she has starred in many other television dramas. She’s is a part of many Pakistani films and has also co-produced “Janaan”.




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