First Look of Qandeel Baloch’s Biopic Released


The first look of biopic ‘Baghi’ which Saba Qamar is to play as the late Pakistani model, Qandeel Baloch has been released.

“Baaghi” is one of the most awaited biopics in Pakistan at the moment since it’s based on a rather controversial lifestyle and drastic murder of social media sensation, Qandeel Baloch. A short trailer shows that the character of Qandeel Baloch will be played by Saba Qamar while Qandeel’s husband would be played by Ali Kazmi. Moreover, Sarmad Khoosat is expected to play the role of Qandeel’s brother. Nonetheless, the biopic seems interesting and also highlights some of the social problems related to women in Pakistan. “Baaghi” is written by Shazia Khan. In an interview with The Express Tribune, she quoted:

“My serial is about that transformation. The conversion of a poor, uneducated girl Fauzia Azeem into seduction artist, Qandeel Baloch. It is about the men who slammed all doors of dignified living to her. Men, who forced her to exist on her charms alone. Men, who feverishly slammed her after having finished watching her latest video on Instagram. It is about the women who called her even worse names, and never stopped to think what if circumstances placed them in her position.”

she further mentioned:

“Quite frankly, I’ve been stumped by this question. While writing, I never thought why I’m writing it, that answer has always been a given: hers is a story that screams to be told. A small town, barely-educated girl with ‘grand’ dreams of supporting her family dared take a step outside her house. Dared. Now she’s a cautionary tale.”

Honor Killing

Qandeel Baloch, a young uneducated girl from a small village in Pakistan dreamt of making it big in the showbiz industry one day to support her family. While she did so and became a huge social media celebrity, she met with drastic circumstances. A reason as simple as abandoning the typical village lifestyle and pursuing her passion of showbiz. For this, she was horrifically murdered by her own brother who whatsoever showed no remorse of his deed. To most people, Qandeel Baloch pursued vulgarity while to others, she was just another young girl hailing from a poor background with hopes of becoming a huge celebrity. It’s all a matter of perspectives and opinions but the fact that she was drastically murdered by her own family in a hideous case of “honor killing” remains unjustified and wrong.




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