Few Hidden WhatsApp Features you probably never knew


WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app with over 1 billion users in 170 countries. The app co-developed by two experienced former Yahoo Managers had fewer users in the early two years. Later, it became the top choice of people all over the world who were looking for an alternative to “Messages” through their service providers.

It’s free and reliable which is why people across the globe are using it on daily basis. In the beginning, the app was only available for android and iOS supported devices. Lately, the team released the web version which is why people hardly use the app on their smartphones anymore.

But, there are so many exciting tricks you can do on WhatsApp smartphone version. Let us tell you the tricks that might bring you back to using this app on your phone. You can learn few of the tricks below:

Bold, Italicize or Strike-through


You can make your text bold on WhatsApp by simply adding asterisk sign (*) to the beginning and end. Similarly, adding underscore sign (_) to the beginning and end of the text would make it italicized. You can also strike a word by adding a (~) sign.

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Hide your “Last Seen” and still see other’s

last seen

Everyone knows that if you uncheck “Last Seen” for your contacts then you won’t be able to see when your contacts have seen your texts. But, here’s the trick! Send a message to anyone in your contact list and remove them from contacts.

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You can still chat with the person no matter you’ve removed the contact. Now, go to the settings>accounts>privacy and change preferences of “Last Seen” to “my contacts.”

Add a custom ringtone for each Contact

custom notifications

Yes! It’s possible. You can do that by going on the chat you want to set a ringtone for. You need to click on “Custom Notifications” and then choose a ringtone of your choice for that chat window.

Beat the Blue Ticks

blue sticks

You can beat the blue ticks and still read the message that someone sent to you. When you receive a text, go to your phone settings and turn on “Flight Mode.” Then, go to WhatsApp and read the message. The other person wouldn’t see the blue ticks until you open app again.

Send a Giant Heart

giant heart

It’s a known and really nice trick. From the emoticons list, click on heart emoji and send the message without adding any text. It will display a big heart to the other person.

Get rid of Blue Ticks

blue ticks privacy

Click on Settings and go to accounts and then privacy. You will find “Read Receipts” down on the list of options. Simply uncheck it your contacts won’t see whether you have read a text message or not. Though, this option comes with a drawback that WhatsApp wouldn’t let you see if your contacts have read your messages either.

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Transfer files from phone to your Computer

files transfering

This is an important trick that you would really want to learn. Just create a group on this app and add one person. If you don’t want that person to see your media, delete right after you add them. Now, transfer all the media files to that particular app group. Go to the Wapp web and log in by scanning the QR Code. Once, you’re logged into WhatsApp Web, open the same chat where you sent the media files and you’re ready to transfer them to your computer.

Backup your chat- WhatsApp

backup messages

To save your previous chats, open settings and to go chats. Under the chat menu, you have to click on “backup.” Set automatic backup either weekly or monthly. You can also check “include videos” option and backup your favorite videos.




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