Feminism in Wonder Woman – Women Are The New Superheroes


Wonder Woman is a new fictional super-hero movie entry into the DC collection based off the original comics. Feminism in Wonder Woman is already a hot topic with this first-ever woman empowering superhero Gal Godot.

Unlike other superhero films, the main superhero is a woman. In fact, the whole plot revolves around empowering women. While some feel that “Wonder Woman” delivers a powerful social message to the public, some accused Wonder Woman of feminism.

Despite some criticism, Wonder Woman is doing a ‘wonder’full job at theaters.

Wonder Woman has completely shocked the film Industry with an estimated earning of $435 in the first 2 opening weeks. Initially, the film was expected to rake in $65 million dollars in the opening weekend. Guess the “Wonder Woman” hit a jackpot. Either way, it’s without a doubt that Wonder Woman is one of the best films released in 2017

Plot of New Hollywod Superhero Movie Wonder Woman


The story revolves around women. Indeed the whole film basically revolves around women. The story basically starts off showing a fictional paradise-Island “Themyscria” where only women warriors lived. Wonder Women is considered to be the daughter of a Greek god “Zeus”.

As the story further proceeds. the Greek goddess of beauty and love; “Aphrodite” has been regarded as the one to give her life while other Greek gods have been blessed with different unique super powers each with a significance of its own.

According to the movie, the story unveils that the “Wonder Woman” played by Gal Gadot was sculpted from clay by her mother Queen Hippolyta. She was raised in the Island among other woman heroes and was especially looked after by Queen Hippolyta and her other Aunts. As she grows up, she’s gifted the divine abilities of Ares’s and is later recognized as a “God of War”.

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Whether the plot depicts a powerful message or the Feminism in Wonder Woman, it’s all a matter of perspective which makes Wonder Woman nonetheless an incredible movie to watch. As the storyline progresses, Wonder Woman develops a wide range of combat and hunting skills, living and training among the Amazonian warriors. Amazons are warriors by blood and in the film, we get to see Diana follow the footsteps of her elders. She’s trained by her aunt General Antiope played by Robin Wright.

Diana is a strong and powerful character, most of her life is spent living among women. The love and care provided by them have made Diana so skillful and powerful.


The film is themed around WW1. As the storyline further progresses, we see that the Wonder Woman steps into the “no man’s land” where neither of the Germans nor the Britains has advanced successfully.

She steps into the battlefield and takes heavy German fire, she’s shot at over and over but she persists the German fire. The whole scene is shot in slow motion so we witness an incredible scene of a superhero resisting against enemy fire with her shield and deflecting it towards them. Max Cifarelli quotes,

“The scene that made me tear up the most was when Wonder Woman climbs up into No Man’s Land and fights the battle on her own.”

He further mentioned,

“I was completely moved to see a woman refuse to accept things as they are and to fight by herself, winning a battle that men couldn’t win for years.”

Is Wonder Woman A Feminist Movie? Feminism in Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman for you could either be a movie that displays the strength and importance of women or display Feminism in Wonder Woman.

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All that depends on how you perceive the movie. But the fact that doesn’t change anything is that Wonder Woman is truly one of the greatest films to hit the television this year.

The film displays women, lots of lots of women. Indeed so many women that the whole of Themyscria is filled with a woman that fight and cover for each other. It’s wonderful how smoothly Wonder Woman shows the strength of women and the pointless stereotypes against women.

For critics, the best point to debate is the display of Feminism in Wonder Woman while for realists, Wonder Woman displays a positive public message empowering the young women and supporting them to stand up for themselves and achieve their aims.

In an interview with HuffPost, the CEO of FinePoint; Meredith Fineman quoted,

“It was only women ― fighting, being strong, putting themselves in danger, with muscles and beauty.”

Since the Wonder Woman released, the movie has received a positive reaction, especially from its female viewers. For them there’s no display of feminism in Wonder Woman, the film primarily focuses on empowering women and breaking stereotypes. Wonder Woman proves that “women are no less than men.” Founding editor of the FBomb regards the film such as,

“I reacted emotionally because I immediately knew how potentially life-changing it would have been to see such depictions of blatant, unapologetic female strength as a kid.”

She further mentioned,

“In this time of complete turmoil and attacks on women, it was just so uplifting to see something go *right* for women ― for us to have a powerful example of reclaiming not only our humanity but strength.”

Wonder Woman is an outstanding superhero film that is no different than other superhero films except the fact that the Wonder Woman supports and depicts woman empowerment. In an interview with the New York Times, director Petty Jankins quoted;

“I wanted to tell a story about a hero who believes in love, who is filled with love, who believes in change and the betterment of mankind. I believe in it.”

Wonder Woman Cast

The cast includes;

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– Gal Gadot as Diana Prince.

– Chris Pine as Steve Terror

– Robin Wright as Antinope.

– David Thewlis as Sir Patrick Morgan.

– Danny Huston as General LudenDroff.

– Elena Anaya as Doctor Poison.

And others.

Media and entertainment industry holds the strength to change the mindset of masses, in a world where men are considered superior, films such as Wonder Woman can empower and affect its viewers positively. Or maybe convince the people that a single woman can, after all, save the world. Be it in a movie for that case. It’s all up to the viewer’s whether they just dig out bits of feminism in Wonder Woman or dig out the true message of women empowerment.




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