Fawad Khan Gets Emotional In Pepsi’s “Battle of the Bands”


Performing as a judge in the Pepsi Battles of The Bands show, Pakistani heartthrob Fawad Khan got quite emotional. In an interview with The Express Tribune regarding the “Battle of the Bands”, Fawad Khan said:

 “More than anything else, it’s emotional to see bands compete. And see the culture that we grew up with, flourish again” he said. “It’s a trip down the memory lane and reminds me of how much fun we had just spent time together with the band and others around us.”

Fawad Khan

Before joining the Television and Film Industry, Fawad Khan was a part of a music band “Entity Paradigm”. He contributed as a vocalist and songwriter there. Until 2012, he was a very active member of the Entity Paradigm. But the members of the band started leaving to pursuing different fields. As for Fawad Khan, he succeeded to become one of the most loved and respected actors of Pakistan. He is also one of the hottest actors in all of Asia. Now being a judge at the Pepsi’s “Battle of the Bands”, it is a nostalgic experience for Fawad. It was the very same platform from where Fawad Khan and his band EP rose to fame and success.

What To Expect Next From Fawad Khan

Starting as a contestant and then judging the same platform, it’s clear to say that Fawad’s journey is complete. Though with all the experience he has earned over years, Fawad Khan definitely expects the best nonetheless. As a judge, he’s seeking for diversity and new types of sounds. He believes that platforms like these are a wonderful opportunity to promote the music and band culture in Pakistan. He quoted:

“The experience has been great. We have heard a number of really great new acts. I feel there’s going to be a serious resurgence with regards to music and the band culture in Pakistan.”




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