Fakhar-e-Alam To Make His Comeback In Acting With A Telefilm


A new kind of comedy telefilm is to release on this Eid starring famous Pakistani actor Fakhar-e-Alam.

The good news is, Fakhr-e-Alam is returning to acting, and he will appear in this film. There’s always basically a single good news but we have two. The other is, he is playing not just one character, but two, like our good news.

This telefilm is named JIT because of the story of three brothers Jimmy, Immy and Timmy. Fakhar-e-Alam will be playing double roles. One of the brothers, as well as the mother of the three.


“The telefilm is about three brothers, three very different characters living in the same house,” he said. “I’m playing one of the brothers Immy, while Aijaz Aslam and Faysal Qureshi are playing the other brothers.”

Fakhar-e-Alam writes on his twitter account that the telefilm will release on ARY Digital. One of his pictures went viral a few days ago. He was wearing shalwar kameez with a hint of ‘woman-like’ makeup. That’s where he revealed that he was going to do the double roles.  But this is not the only cool part, another is; Fakhar-e-Alam’s role as the brother in the telefilm isn’t just one character as a brother.

He added, “Immy’s a wannabe politician but is a total loser. He has a party, which has four people in it; a chairman, a co-chairman, a president and a general secretary and all four of them are Immy himself.”

The Outstanding Comeback Of Fakhar-e-Alam

Fakhr-e-Alam has made his comeback after almost a decade. Upon asking, the singer said that it’s all a part of a strategy.

“I’m becoming active again because I’ll be pushing my technology platforms EzDaam and EzVdo. It’s a strategy to bring myself back into the market. And push my technology platforms at the same time. it works perfectly in-sync together.” He exclaimed.

Fakhr-e-Alam further said, “I have a lot of acting assignments for many year. And I haven’t been able to commit to anything. But this script was really funny and I get to start with two of my really good friends. They are heavyweights in the acting industry.”

This telefilm is written and directed by Faisal Mehmood Khan. Besides the release of this film on Eid ul Adha, the singer has more projects lined up. He is releasing the sequel to his rap song ‘Shikwa Pakistani’ called ‘Jawab-e-Shikwa’. Not just this, he is going to host some Eid shows as well. Fakhar-e-Alam has done a great job in the past. Let’s see if his talent as a double role in the telefilm will shine brighter upon us than Eid’s moon.




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