Exam Cheating Watch – How Online Stores Are Hurting Examination System in Pakistan?

exam cheating watch

Online shopping has become a major industry in the world and Pakistan isn’t far behind. With numerous online stores operating in the cyber space of the country, you can buy anything from latest mobile phones to air conditioners and to exam cheating watch.

exam cheating watch

Exam Cheating Watch – Image via YouTube

How exam cheating watch and other similar products works?

Such products are specially programmed to provide a unique set of features. One of the special and unique features this cheating watch offers is the emergency button. This button changes the watch from text to clock mode and locks all other functions.

The text mode can be recovered using a special combination of keys.

It offers a large storage of 4GB that can store audio, video and text files in a large quantity. It has a simple interface and an easy to understand manual.

Uniquely designed, this watch provides a number of features such as;

  • audio
  • video
  • text
  • pictures
  • FM radio
  • recorder and calendar.

It works as a plug and play system and is supported by Windows operating system. It can also be used as a USB drive.

exam cheating watch how it works

Image via Source

The background and foreground is set as to offer highest possible readability of text using high contrast.

The exam cheating watch also offers a search feature to directly scroll to the chapter you desire. The text is supported only in notepad (.txt) format.

To enhance the user experience, this watch also supports connectivity with a mini wireless earpiece.

What can parents do to keep your children away from these illegal products?

Parents should monitor the online activity of their kids. There are numerous parental control software applications that will let you put limits on the internet access that your kids can have.

Parents can also play an active role by making sure that their kids ask for permission before they order something from an online store.

What can school do to stop exam cheating products?

Schools can play an active role to identify exam cheating watch and other similar products. They will need to train their examiners (teachers) so that they can look at the modern electronic devices to see if they assist in cheating in some way.

Schools can also help this issue by establishing a committee that’d look into these new exam cheating methods. These teams can track the stores that are selling these exam cheating watches and report them to the law enforcement authorities.

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Schools can also help a great deal by educating students. When students know that exams are for their own good and that cheating their way out won’t help them succeed in life, most of them will boycott these exam cheating products.

School can also keep the students away from exam cheating watch and other similar products by making the examination process more student-friendly.

For example, majority of exams in the country only test student’s memory so they can cheat. If the examination system would test understanding and not memory, students will find these exam cheating toys less useful.


Can government do anything about exam cheating watch and other illegal products?

Government has recently passed the Cyber Law bill that introduced new legislation to deal with new cyber crimes. However, this law doesn’t focus on online stores selling illegal products. Despite the law being in force since last month, no online store has yet removed these products.

The government should introduce new legislation to stop these stores from putting up illegal products such as exam cheating watch, exam cheating bluetooth watch and so on.




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