Drama Serial Mann Pyasa – A Story on Socio-Political Issues

Drama Serial Mann Pyasa

This season, TV One Global is ready to surprise the audiences with some great content.

Drama Serial Mann Pyasa is not like your mainstream serials. The story line is different and has a lesson for the audiences.

The thought provoking series highlights some of the most important issues of our society. These issues are well known but they are less talked about.

Mann Pyasa speaks the voice of millions of Pakistanis who are affected by the inequality and discrimination based on the difference in monetary status. It is the voice of those who are crushed away from their basic rights by the hands of injustice, power and corruption.

Why Should You Watch Mann Pyasa?

It is not a regular story where a gal and a guy fall for each other and then someone from their closed ones tries their level best to separate them.

It is a story about how the low-income sector is struggling to get the basic necessities of life. It shows how money and power can change the definition of justice in our society. How the responsible authorities are influenced by social status.  And how are the laws different for rich and poor.

Not only the storyline is great but the dialogues are also quite powerful. Written by Shamim Bazil, the drama shows strong, independent and career oriented women. That gives a fresh air in the middle of all dramas where female characters are shown as weak victims in the society.

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Barkat Siddique is renowned for his production and direction. And Mann Pyasa gives another reason to celebrate his presence in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

Drama Serial Mann Pyasa aims to educate the society on issues that stop Pakistan to emerge as a successful and developed country.

Drama Serial Mann Pyasa – An Introduction to the Main Characters

Arib (Mikaal Zulfiqaar)

Drama Serial Mann Pyasa

Arib is a freelance journalist. He is passionate and patriotic. He aims to serve the society by exposing the facts and figures that are a cause for injustice and other social issues in the country.

Naveen (Sarwat Gillani)

sarwat gillani

Drama serial Mann Pyasa has brought back the famous and elegant Sarwat Gillani. While Arib thinks wars can be won by revolutions only, Naveen thinks that everything can be sorted by love. She is a poet and works for a publishing firm. Naveen is sensitive and wants to do something great for the country.

Sumaira (Zhalay Sarhadi)

zhalay sarhadi

Sumaira is Arib’s cousin and a new caster by profession. She is smart and intelligent. She also has a soft corner for Arib.

Zeeshan Shah (Noman Ejaz)

Zeeshan Shah is an influential businessman and a corrupt politician. He has no space for emotions in life. All he values is money. He thinks that money can buy anything. Are you excited to watch Noman Ejaz in the Drama serial Mann Pyasa?

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The Performances in a Nutshell

All characters perfectly fit in their roles. Their performances, dialogue delivery, and expressions are commendable. Noman Ejaz especially, as the corrupt politician is well suited in the character. He doesn’t even need to say anything. His mere expressions are enough to convey his mettle.

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The concept and script of the play are simply adorable. The way the plot is developing is also brilliant. Mann Pyasa is a must-see.




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