Dr. Asim Hussain Corruption Scandal – The New Leading Billionaire?

dr asim hussain corruption scandal

Dr. Asim Hussain corruption case has been in news for quite some time now. A renowned politician and a doctor by profession; he has been accused of possessing $88 billion. Quite a large sum!  Whether the accusations are real or just a scandal, this has not been proved yet.
dr asim hussain corruption scandal

It seems like Dr. Asim Hussain is the new billionaire on the planet having a net worth higher than that of Bill Gates or others who have been ranked as the richest personalities.

Let’s have a look who Dr. Asim is and why should it be a concern for Pakistanis!

Who is Dr. Asim?

Dr Asim Hussain corruption

Dr. Asim was born in Karachi on November 28, 1953 [source]. He is the current chairman of Ziauddin Group of Hospitals, his parents being the founding members of the same.

He received his early education from Karachi. He has served Pakistan Army for a brief period. Retired as a Lieutenant, he started studying medicine and pursued the degree of MBBS in 1978. He then went to Europe for higher studies. He is a member of College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPS).

On his return to Pakistan, he entered politics. And has been an active member in health and education sectors ever since.

He is well known as the chairman of Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan. Apart from that, the positions he has served are:

  • Honorary Personal Physician to the President of Pakistan, since December 12, 2009
  • Advisor/Federal Minister Petroleum & Natural Resource from November 2008 till August 2009 and then May 2011 till May 2013
  • Chairman, National Reconstruction Bureau from May 2008 till November 2009
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Why Dr. Asim was arrested?

dr asim hussain assets arrest

Dr. Asim Hussain was arrested by Sindh Rangers and was sent to jail by anti-terrorism court on the allegations of corruption. The list of Dr. Asim Hussain corruption case follows the charges of misuse of authority in different roles, fraudulent, money laundering and terror financing.

Dr. Asim Hussain Corruption Case

It is alleged that through all these activities, Dr. Asim has managed to accumulate a wealth of around US 8 billion dollar.

Dr. Asim has been a close aide to former President of Pakistan and PPP’s Chairman Asif Ali Zardari. The former President claims that Dr. Asim is a progressive individual and is incapable of corruption. All the charges are a part of setup planned by government and military forces.

Corruption in Pakistan – An overview of last decade:

corruption pakistan

Corruption is a social stigma that has been ruling Pakistan since its being.  Recently, Panama Leaks has released its report that alleges directly some front faces of Pakistan.

The current PM Nawaz Sharif being on the top has been accused of possessing unclaimed assets offshore.  Also, according to a report in 2015, NAB has filed 228 corruption cases just in reference to 2014.

Recalling just a few mega corruption cases over the past decade, we can list a number of case files:

  • Chaudary Sher Ali’s land scam case
  • PPP’s Qasim Zia’s fraudulent case
  • Top model Ayyan Ali’s money laundering case
  • MQM’s founder Altaf Hussain’s money laundering case
  • Rigging in 2013’s elections
  • Hajj corruption case
  • NATO containers case
  • OGRA scam
  • PIA corruption case
  • Pakistan Steel Mills scam
  • PMDC’s fake registrations’ scandal
  • Rental Power Project scam
  • Panama Leaks
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And the list goes beyond these few matters.

Like these cases, it is yet to discover whether the investigators can have enough evidence in support of their allegations regarding Dr. Asim Hussain corruption case.




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