Danyal Zafar To Debut With The Coke Studio’s 10th Edition


Being the younger brother of one of Ali Zafar, it’s clear to say that singing runs in his blood. Danyal Zafar is an emerging singer, songwriter and a guitarist who will feature on the 10th edition of Coke Studio.

Danyal Zafar with Family

Moreover, Danyal Zafar is performing 2 songs in Coke Studio. Speaking about his debut, Danyal mentioned:

“I always dreamt of a debut that could best help me express myself as an artist in such a way that my music could also connect with people. There are two aspects to this, one: the platform where you launch your music, this is where I was lucky enough to be considered worthy of appearing on Coke Studio – a dream comes true. Two: the music itself. Sometimes when you are working on a song that’s already been created, it’s a gamble – whether or not it’s going to be something you’ll like or whether is it true to your essence as a musician or not. I am glad that I have been very fortunate in both instances.”

Experience of Danyal Zafar

Danyal Zafar With Brother Ali Zafar

“As far as my experience is concerned, it was like these two extremes, on one end there was this slight pressure and nervousness – the fact that musicians I’ve grown up listening to are right there, watching and waiting for me to prove myself. And when it happened, it was just so overwhelming.”

Danyal loves music. He started pursuing music at a very you age. At the age of just 14 years old, he recorded guitar tracks for his elder brother. Danyal Zafar is also working on his debut album. He is trying to pursue the “blues” genre. Apart from being a musician, he’s also the brand ambassador for numerous brands. He is the emerging pop star of Pakistan. Having a huge fandom, Danyal is getting quite popular amongst the youth.




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