videos getting cut off

All the videos are being cut off. some aren't even working now after the upgrade you guys did. can someone plz fix the videos? thanks.
dont think he's that funny :s
This site rocks everything Pakistani i wanted i found almost everything here Mashallah..keep up the good work guys...but only if it was a bit faster to stream it would have been perfect. And i agree with nadia_88 that after the upgrade even i was facing the same problem.
I really like Rahat cooking show but it has been a month and no new videos are posted. Please upload new videos.
please load rahat recipes pleaseeeeeee
please load rahat recipes daily pleaseeeeeeeeeee
koi hai sunye wala ....please load rahat recipes pleaseeeeee
please rahat ki recipe load ker deye pleaseeeeeeeeee
post rahat recipes pleaseeeeeeee
please post rahat recipessssssss
please post rahat recipes pleaseeeeeee
rahat ki recipes pehle to daily upload horahi thien ab kyun nahi??? plz hamara bhi khyal karen. hum rahat k alawa kisi ko nahi dekhte...