Cooking Recipies

hi..whenever i try to watch cooking recipies say chef zakir p1..i wathc tht nd thn i wanna watch the 2nd part to tht it always swtichs to someother recipe whts up with tht...iam encountering the same problem whn i watch chaar chand..i watched the first episode of part a of it and whenever i click on part b of takes me to episode 22b...again..whts up with tht..nd am i the only one having this problem..or is it a whole site problem..can you please fix this ASAP..thank you very much...
Talk to the tank! Bitch! :p haha
Hi...i m havind de same problem wid cooking recipres...whenever i want to watch 2nd part it jumps someother part n infact frm last one week i m unable to download any rida or rahat recipe...everytime when i try to watch,it download half of de video n then video jus stuck n stops de downlaoding......this problem is only wid cookind videos n i can downlaod other videos....plzz plz plzzzzzzzz cud u fix this problem.....i ll b really thankful
j4rav, please give complete name of recipe which has problem " u want to watch 2nd part it jumps someother part".
There r no. of recipes but recently i cliked ,chocolate cake n sandwitces,afghani karahi recipi by rida and i got de same problem....
i have checked your given both recipes which are working fine and there is no such problem on our site. All videos & listing are working fine with me. Please check your pc & windows.
Please ad more recipes.
Would you please add Samina's new recipes and Aryzauq and masala channels recipes.
plz add samina's new recipes and rida recipes.thnks,n i want to know abt farah anybody know abt farah is she doing any show or no??????thnks
Please add Samina and Rida's new recipes.