plz help

Actually ,i,m new here.I want to watch video on vidpk but when ever I click on the video it doesn't upload media player. There is only empty box. can u tell me what is the problem. and how watch the video?plzzzzzzzzz help thanks
CBM Rules.
This is just as bad as any govt office...but thank heavens these people use deodorants!...right???
machi market haha
I think even deodorant couldnt handle this!!
You need to install flash player.
Hi.. iv been using enjoying watching all my drama serials from 2weeks.. but from yesterday this site is not loading any drama or even if it does it take a hell lot of time .. plz can u help me wid it ?
u are rite spyyer,actually it takes tooooooooooooooo long to upload n then a half an hour in converting the video n after that much wait n waste of time it still don play the complete videi ,i thought its only wd me but i think there is sm problem in the website.plz do smthing team was so easy to upload a long video in the past n it was available immediately to watch.