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I am opening a new thread where i'll post all Herbal Beauty tips to enhance your beauty, i would like everybody to share your tips with us, thanks.

I found this really helpful, thought of sharing
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hmm, koi baat nhi
dekh lena beautyrocks, kisis ney piyari batien likhiwahan apna aap dikhaney lagey kissi ney herbal remedies likhi wahan apni jahalat ka saboot dya ,khoob zlil hotey hien magar becharey is key baghir reh nahien saktey asal mien yeh dekh nahien saktey kisi ka faida khas kar agar women un sey zayda kuch likhien,dont bother them they are just bugs with stomach flu.hahahaha
wesey tip achi hey agarcasteroil pya jaye tu rider key lye zaberdast rahey ga takey dast hi dast houn aur uska dimagh bhi inhien sey saaf ho jaye sara gand nikal jaye.
nice tipe Beautyrock... and Mivera, why are you getting bothered by such low-class people with gutter-chaap mentality ? the best policy is to completely ignore them as if they don't exist at all.
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yar main ne bohot kia hy ye magar mje koi faida nai hoa mri lashes wese b bohot long and hairy hain but mje lalach hy k or achi ho jaen but is se nai hoi
plz read tips for tipe and their for there...typo-errors..and vidpk don't even have any feature to edit & rectify our posts :(
aik or tip hy agr koi karna chahey tou
realy best hy skin k leay
egg yolk or egg white ko seprate kar k achi tarhan beat karen.
pehly egg white laga kar dry hone ka w8 karen then rinse wth water
then apply egg yolks and w8 again for dry then wash again and then see tha magic of egg
realy it works
appply twice a week
main use karti hoon or phir khosh hoti hoon skin soft ho jati hy is se
caster oil ka aik bohot zabardus faida hy jo main zaroor btaoon gi
aik tea spoon caster oil or 3 table spoon olive oil mix together and apply for hair loss
100 % result mile ga .hair fall khatam bal strong
Good one zarwaali, i'll surely try this one. Thanks to all you people..........
Keep up all the good tips....................
@zarwaali786 i would really appreciate if you comment this tip on that blog as well so more people can get benefit from this. Thanks
good tips Zarwali...I will share my personal tip that is BEST for your skin...u will get BEHTAREEN skin and your face will glow like anything, skin will become soft,supple and colour will be more fair & vibrant. But do NOT use this tip more then once a week.

Take half cup of BAYSAN, one CHUTKI of HALDI and mix them with milk to make a thick paste. Apply on your face and leave it for only 15 minutes..wash your face with luke-warm water but do NOT scratch or rub your face...just massage very very lightly with water to take the mask off your face..and you will be AMAZED with great results....HIGHLY RECOMMNDED...saaray daagh dhabbay chaaiyaan duur, uni-tone, creamy complexion and unbelaivable beauty..most of pakistani and indian actresses use this tip...this tip is a LOT better then every mask available in the market..aazmayash shart hai.
Aree great yaar, i would love to try this one... thanks :)
oh wow yaar main zaroor karon gi jo tm ne btaya hy
acha aik cheez pochni hy jise b maloom hou bta do plz
mri skin bohot dry hone lagi hy specially jab main sobha face wash karti hoon kisi ko pta hou tou plz btana k kis tarhan drynes khatam ho sahti hy
@ Zarwaali786
Castor oil does work, it's my personal exerience but, it takes time to get desired results. May be after a month or two of continious use.
main kar k dkhti hoon agr faida hoa tou zaroor btaon gi okz
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herat hy bhhai
zarwali the egg has a drying effect on skin , add a little bit of almond oil into it and then may be it wont effect the wway it is.I once tried almond mask and i found it very good for drying skin,i dont know if it works for anyone else but try it.
thanks zarwali and zubia for the tips,beauty rocks welcome to the vidpk. the casteroil for lashes is good but i tried ityears back and i think it takes aloooooong time to effect.
@ Mierva...yehi humari qoam aur mulk ki bad-naseebi hai keh authority waali posts par saray naa-ehal loag baithay hain...not only rider but there are other extremely abusive people on vidpk like uqaab, TU, khan007 etc who used such extreme dirty language that u cannot even imagine, but neither their posts have been deleted nor they were do not expect ANYTHING from the socalled moderators,hence the best policy for the situation in hand to COMPLETELY ignore such people by not even reading their posts.

@Zarwali...for dry skin, use GOAT-MILK soap...and the BEST solution is, before going to bed take half portion of a good quality mositurizer and half portion of petrolium jelly vaseline...mix them together well on your palms, and apply on your face, keep it overnight and wash in the morning...u will see amazing results just within 3 days..and make it a habbit, it will not only remove dryness but give a new vibrant glow and shine to your face and even in old age you will not have any wrinkles if u keep using it throughout your life..very old but very very effective.
One thing more, do NOT use ordinary soap on your face if u have dry skin, use only GOAT-MILK soap of any company...and drink atleast 8 glass of water daily to keep your overall body hydrated.
zarwali why should we ignore these , tum ney dekha nahien loog kya kya batien kertey hien did yousee what iqra wrote for you tum chup ho gaye mien hoti tu moun toor deti rider ka ghatya mazaq tu durst hoa tha raat.but iam sad key even jab mien stand leti houn tu girls start supporting them specially aunties.
zobia yaar kia baat hy tm tou kamal hou
lagta hy tm apna bohot khayal rakhti hou oan i hope tmhari skin b bohot fresh hogi
mra problem ye hy k market se har achi cream le ati hoon use b karti hoon but home remedies mj se nai hoti
ki kaha iqra ne mje
realy mje nai pta btao mje
zarwali..thanks... yehi masla hai, humain pata sub kuch hai but we lack patience.. things cannot be changed over the night... aur market ki creames has lots of chemicals that ofcourse r not good in longterm.
But I hope this mixture of moisturizer and petrolum jelly is not a difficult tip for you, sirf hathailyon may mix karna hai, aur goat-milk hur acchay store say available hai... plz do use these tipe and u will be pleasantly surprised.
zarwali i will find the post and let you know
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aesa q kaha iqra ne
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Keep up useful tips ladies???
I agree with zubia 91 tip as one of my cosuin ,she was crzy crazy about fair complexion and she used to use it everyday , she got very fair but her skin become very sensitive after tht,once a week like zubia said is fine but not more then that. thats a very good tip zubia.
good thread girls!!! keep it up
Thanks for liking fijju, i would like you to share your great tips too, thanks :)
hi zarwa here
kia koi bta sakta hy k black elbow ko clean kese kia ja sakta hy
plz agr kisi b girl k pass koi tip hou share zaroor karna
zarwali lemon ka rus[juice] nikaalny ka baad us ko elbows per lgana juice ko nhi lemon k chilky ko. aur phir kuch der baad garam pani sy dho lena... 15 days musalsal krny sy 80% farq parta hy.
ok me karo ga thanku
hey zarwa mujhe bhi pata hai yeh lemon wala it gud
nai yaar is se elbow pe raishes par jaty hain kuch or btao girlz
acha phir jhanwan ragar lo hehehh filhal meri elbow mai toh chot lagi hui hai kuch bhi nahi kar sakhti.mujhe toh cream laganay say bhi jalan ho rahi hai.
achi tip hy dear main zaroor karongi but u s main jhanwa nai milta pak se mangana pary ga
mai bhaj daytin hoon agar chahiyeh bohat hain hehehe
Here zarwaali786, tip to remove black stains from elbows:

PS: I hope this helps :)
oh thanks dear i will do it inshaallah
salam everybody,
haldi besan aur milk wala nuskha really main buhat zabardast hai mera aazmaya hua hai, aik dam lashkare maarti hui skin ho jaati hai. main kabhi koi foundation ya lotion use nahin karti. aap sab bhi zaroor try karein.Insha Allah fayeda ho ga. aur haan sab se important namaz ki pabandi aur pakeeza hayalat wazoo rehne se chehra buhat pyara ho jaata hai.
ye remedi kite tyms apply karni hy ?main ne aik baar ki thi koi farq nai hoa plz btana zaroor kitne tym k baad skin glow karti hy
zarwali pumice stone is jahnwa, har jaga milta hey, jo foot brush key peechey laga hota hey.
agar bawazoo rehne ki wajah chehra pyara lagna hai to iss say bay wazoo rehna behtar hai........
any tip for oily skinand black heads,that usually appear on nose?
Assalam O Alikom 2 All...

yeh link me post kar rahi hon hope this helps bohat sarri problams ka hal hai is mein zarorre dekhein..
nd jab yeh link open karein geh utube par wahan or b bohat sey clips hain rizwan hakeem k bohat achey hain wo sab b..
yaha Arab country mai hair fall ka bht masala hai..or mery ball blonde colours ki waja se rough ho gay hai or utertay b bht hai,or mai oil b use nai kerty,oily ball pasnd nai.bus after wash conditionar laga lety hoo,but pir b ball bht utertay haii,,apki tip parh k mai nay oils ka solution bnaia hai,,hope that works.
190ml olive oil,or 70ml casteroil ko ek bottel mai mix kia hai,,or lagai b hai ALHA kery ye asaar kry,
wesy week mai kitny bar lagna hai.
and any tip for crack heels..
yeh remedy sirf aik martaba karna kaafi nahin hai. use it twice a week for at least one month.aur diet ka bhi buhat khayal rakhein.drink plenty of water,eat fresh fruits and vegetables specially carrots and oranges.
one tablespoon of rose water,few drops of glycerine and lemon juice mix kar ke apply all over ur face neck and hands at bed time daily.continue usin for atleast a month very useful for skin softness and fairness.if u feel irritation or discomfort then replace lemon juice with honey.
use rose water honey and lemon juice for oily skin.follow and use it the same way as i told zarwaali hopefully u will get good results.
for blackheads always use sunblock before u go outside and wash ur face with a very good cleanser.after a good massage with some good lotion get steam on ur face and then remove black heads with black head remving tool easily available in stores like walmart,cvs,riteaid and others like that.

I found this link for you, all great tips to have a Young and beautiful looking skin

Enjoy :)
thans zohra and beauty rocks.i am much concerned about wt loss,
yaar jab diet choro wt ooper janey lagta hey pata nahien yeh tarkeeb kesi hey. basically this is cabbage soup diet. is key sath khana waghera bhi khana hey ya sirf yeh soup peena hey?
yaar koi acne kay liay batao,mein bohat kuch azma chuki hun.
ap ye oil wali tip kabhi b use kar sakti hain koi tym nai hy aik din pehle laga lain next day shampo karlen ya sara din laga k rat main wash karlain
app ko zaroor farq nazar ae ga
or oil tou bohot zaroori hy hair k leay warna baal khoon pee k growth karty hain
hi..i am married and have chaaiyaan on my face after my baby..any body knows any kind of effective tips to remoe these..plzzzzzzzzzz
@ Raab

No Worries ! please check out this link and you'll find out how to remove them, thanks
main ne sona hy k aik baar freckles ho jaen tou khatam nai hoti but ye tips main save kar longi
i hope raab ap ka prob. solve ho jaey is se
thanks beautyrocks
nakhun [nails] toot jaty hain plz any tip for that????
raab these chayan will gradually go away if the baby is young, or get dermatological help. microdermabrassion,laser etc wil help them go, otherwisethey are very stuborn. apply sunscreen all the time in sun even infront of stove.
for nails use gelatin powder it strengthens nails.i mean eat it.
any tips for acne scars?
i have hair loss problem...can any1 help me plz.
There is a very nice site and some of the tips are really easy to use and one is about Biota leaf (suroo kaa plant) grind it and mix it with oil or yogurt make a paste and apply ......
You`ll find this info helpful for PIMPLE SCARS
nice tip zubia inshallah ill try tat
i have very dry skin on cheeks and forehead when apply foundation it looks flaky and looks like i m wearing tons of makeup, do u guys know any home remedy , mask ,for dry skin or any moisturizer
Any tip for making lips pink
hai to sahi lakin app ko hazam nahi ho gee.......
@SaniaShiraz ..... before putting any stick or makeup on moisturize your skin with some good lotion or cream and especially on that parts of your face which are more dry.
@pakwinter use ZAFRAN on your lips. Another great tip is now this is summer time so take a rose petal and rub it on your lips or use rose water, soak a piece of cotton with Rose Water and massage.
Thanks Beauty rocks.
main yeh sochta hoon.....girlz itna time and money spent kartee hain inn wazool kamoon per,lips,face, skin ,eyelashes ,hair.........etc

or iss body ko aakhir main qabar ki zeenat bannaa hai to aakhir itna time keon waste kareen ............insanoon ki tarahan apni safai or pakeezgi ka ahtamaam kareen or baqi fazooliat main mat perheen.
ye aik or ARASTOO sahab aagaye
junglee tum zubia91 se shaadi kerlo........dono hi junglee hain....perfect match
app say keon na kar loon ,aik arastoo or dosree aqal say paidal........waisay aisi hi joriyan kamyaab hotee hain.....agar doonoon kay paas aqal ho to kaam mushkil hee chaltaa hai.
hey anything 4 dark circles?? n meri eik friend ki sar main dandruff say zakham parh gayay hain woh bohot pareshan hai anything 4 that plz
n for hair fall plz
abhi upper itna samjahya hai or
phir wohi murgi ki aik taang.......
dandruff k leay best hy " one egg , 2 table spone of lemon juice ang 2 tbls of yogurt
mix well and apply on roots to ends hair . leave for half an houre and then rinse with normel warm water and then shampoo
silky baal ho jaty hain or dandruff b nai rehti 2 tyms a month for best result
bohot zeada garam pani use karne se b baal damage ho jaty hain or zeada shampoo b use nai karna chahey . aik week main s baar sahi rehta hy
hair fall k leay aik tip main ne hi post ki hy sab se opper hy ap chahou tou check it out other wise i will post again for u
becharay loogoon kay pass khanay ko anday nahi hain or yahan per baloon main lagayay ja rahay hain.......afreen hai.
zarwa tumnay dandruf wala use kiya hai?saray hair mai lagana haina?
Zubia Shehzadi se shadi k baad.... ja freen, ja freen, ja freen....chillao ge
acha hai donoo kamm ataay hain eggs khaoo bhi lagaoo bhi iss mai harj hi kaya hai. agar app k pass nahi hai eggs tu hum bhaj datay hian.ajab hai canada mai eggs nai hain?????
haan ishaan main use karti hoon best hy tm b karou
koi brush le kar roots se apply karou phi ends tak karna hy agr tmhary baal long hain tou problum ho sakti hy agr short hain tou easyli ho jaey ga
gud thanku.
dry hain silki ho jain gay?
haan baal silky ho jaty hain
oppppppssss ! ishaan tmhary baal long kese hosakty hain u r a male i m sorry ! lolzz
i am sure ishaan is a female
thanks a lot zarwaali786
larkon k bhi lambay baal hotay hain.
waisay meray lambay nahi hai

Click on the link below, you will find all easy to use remedies for Dark Circles

Hope this helps, cheers .......
Thanks BeautyRocks
Do u know any face mask for dry skin ?

chk here,

Hope this helps, another thing is heard of Multani Mati? it's available in Pak it's really good for your skin.

Better you use MUD MASKS....
oh thanks beautyrocks for telling about multani mati..........i think if we use that matti for dead bodies,it will keep their skin in good shape.
dry skin wali larki achi hai?i like
Incredible benefits of ROSE WATER, use it on your skin during summer time.

It's a best toner, further you can read by clicking on the link below
zabardast .......yani Multani Matti ki qabar or upper say Rose water ka chirkao.....Laash to taza rahay gee lambay arsay baat hai.Allah app ko iss naiq kam ki jaza day....Murday bhi app kay liyay duaa kareen gay.
Can anybody suggest me a good foundation cream?
foundation chose karne se pehle apni skin tone pe check zaroor karna chahey .color match karne k leay
wese canada ka pta nahi mje kon si product hoti hain but covergirl or maybelline k best shades hoty hain .
good link. thanks BeautyRocks
Thanks Zarwali for your reply

@SNIPER you are welcome
Fairy 77. Use nose strips by Biore. And for oily skin use a mud mask once a week. Also you can buy these crystal based masks for $1 at Walmart. You apply those and massage gently. It helps with the blackheads around your nose and chin area. Use a serum not a mosturizer or lotion on your face. Hope that helps. I my self is struggling with oily skin for years. Hey a plus!! Oily skin wont age that easily :)
For Dandruff problems, people who are suffering from dandruff this is for you :)
zarwaali. also try L'oreal infalliable liquid foundation n face powder as well, u will be amazed by using it. but make sure match the right shade according to ur skin.
i miss u @zarwaa