Noreen's wedding on Maya Khan's Show

hey guys,

just wanted to share this link with all of you.

congrats to noreen's family and samaatv..May Allah swt give them lots of happiness and give tofeeq to all the other channels to do something similar for such families..Ameen
Whats the story? And why is this wedding exclusive??
great job done by samaa and maya..congrates to noreen's family..may Allah ji bless her always ameen
watching it too but dont knw whos noreen n why is it so special?pls tell me someone pls.
watch kar ke acha laga ka garib ki beti ki allah na kitni achi shadi kara di .good work samaa tv.
bride ka make up Saba nay kia hai;
or lagta hai sahista ka botox treatment bride pe b kia hai...bride lips injection ki waja se kitny swell kr rhy hai...
toba saba kissy ko to bahsh do.lolz
@fjehangir and mn6666: maya and her team decided to do their wedding week in a way that would benefit someone so they randomly picked a family from hundreds of submissions.. they had this campaign going on for two underprivileged families submitted their names who didn't have enough finances to get their daughters married off...they short listed some names then randomly picked noreen's family.. samaatv then decided to take on the financial responsibility of her wedding..hope this answers your question:)
understood,thnks alot
you're very welcome
Yes Thankyou hayzell :)
That is a nice thing to do..
your welcome fjehangir:)

guys, i was wondering if you could all add your names to a list, congratulating noreen and ali for their wedding and of course maya and her team for doing such a wonderful job..i'm going to mail the list out to samaatv so they feel appreciated and encouraged.. such efforts should not be ignored and maybe by doing so, samaa and other channels will start helping out more people..if this is the least we can do to help out such families, i think we should..may Allah swt give privileged folks and media the encouragement they need to pursue such ideas..Ameen..
Here's my name to the list..

1. Hayzell: many blessings to noreen and ali's family..may Allah swt keep you both happy and together always..Ameen and congrats to maya and samaa for doing such a wonderful job..keep it up!
bohat hi saday loog ho app......woh apni publicity kar rahay hain ,khareeb loogon kay uper or app samajh rahay ho naik kam ho raha hai.....Do u ever know Balqeez Edhi arrange thousands of girls marriages every year but they don't publicize it.......bec naikee iss tarah karo kay bayeen hath ko pata na chalay kay daeeyan hath nay kia diya hai.
@rider: agreed with the comment about naiki shouldn't be publicized but you have to understand that Balqeez Edhi is not running a morning is indeed commendable what she does but in the world of media, where morning shows are just superfluous, superficial junkies with lots of money to spare for frivolous activities, this morning show made an effort to do something that at least seems genuine..i don't want to doubt their intention but lets just say even if they did do this for ratings, it ended up doing lots of good to a family who couldn't have afforded such a at the end, that family got the benefit..i just want to appreciate samaa for that so that such families benefit from the efforts..baqi, sub kay amaal sub ke saath aur neeyatoun ka haal Allah swt he jaanay..
pehlee baat to yeh hai kay kiss nay kaha hai kay marriage main itnay expenses karo....saba say tayar hoo,itnay hazaroon ka jora,itnay tolay soona.....etc
Islam main to yeh kharafat nahi hain....Hum nay apni taleemat ko bhulaa diya hai...Islam ki shaadi to sirf do gawhoon kay saamnay sadgee say nikkah ki hai or haan usskay baad doost ahbab ko feast dena hai.......baqi saab fazooliat.

loogon ka to dimagh kharab hai ,doosroonn ki dekha dakheee kam kartee hain ,chahay jaib khalee hi keon na ho.

Noreen pagal ki bacchi say koi yeh pochaay kay issko istarah shaadi kar kay kitnay nafloon ka sawab mil gaya hai.
2. FJehangir. Many many duas for the newlyweds. And hats off to samaa tv and Maya for wonderful efforts.
Hope to see many more weddings for the much needed families.
agreed with the notion that yes, the general weddings in pakistan do support activities that portray non-islamic beliefs..and it is quite sad that just like anything else, weddings are just a competition of how much money one can spare (but i think that's worldwide not just pakistan)..but couple of things: i don't think this was an EXTRAVAGANT wedding to begin with..her dress looked reasonable, not sure about her jewelery and the rest of the tayaaris seemed average nothing like a million dollar wedding..another thing, like i said earlier this was an effort made by a medium that is associated with frivolous activities so at least they decided to do something that would benefit a family..yes, they could've done it more simply with less money..but at least its a step in the right direction..we should appreciate that because you never know the next wedding any other channel or samaa does, might be more religion conscious..
kabhi kabhi dosrun ko targheeb dainay k liye naikiyan dikha kar bhi ki ja sakti hain