Pls add videos of new food channel of ARY ZAUQ Thanks
yeh kab shuru hoa? ab her koi apna cooking channel nikaalnay k chakker main hey? maan na maan khaingay pakwaan :P shows to Pakistan main jis hisaab say popular huay hain...i'm sure hazaron channel khul jain gay ab
pakistani qoom jistara mazeedar khanay peni ki shoqeen horahi hai,wooh cooking show ki maqboliyat ka aiena hai.per pakistanio kha kha ker sehat na tabah karo.islam said eat only 1/3 of your hunger. alava azeen t.v channels start self sweing lesson so people keep in touch with their growing body length and width
bilkul sahi kaha aisha
is tarha ke cooking channels khulnay se aik nuqsan yeh hoga ke loog apnay asal khanay ki values bhool jaye gay or khanay main western cheezein zaada aaye gi .....or doosra yeh ke jis tarha se pakistan main inflation berh raha hai pata nai loogo ke pass itna paisa kaha se hain ke itnay mehngay khanay try karein har aik dish main kuch na kuch new zaroor hota hai jo expensive cheez to hoti hai like condensed milk,creams etc..........asala main yeh channels sirf ameer loogo ke liye hain so simple!
TV pe to cooking ka result dekhne mein acha lahgta hai, vohi cheez ghar mein banao to zada tar taste theek nahi hota. I had this experience with a lot of cooking shows. Lekin Farah Jahanzaib kee cheezein waqeii bilkul theek banti hain kyunkeh vo quantity waghaira bilkul sahi batati hain. Chef Rahat batati kamm hain or daalti zada hain, or apni tareefein alag. But Farah talks too much, sometimes I just want her to shut up and cook... her voice is also so high pitch. Yeah, khair, her cooking IS actually good.
oh amy cooking show t.v per ach lagta hai,but agree with abia,ghar ka budget fail hona kesa lagta hai.dosray western people are dying for our biryani , kabab, phulkiyan ,dahibara,kofta, qorma and samosa ,kheer, sawayan ,zarda,and others,they love spicy food help them in hot season,i attened a seminar to smog alert where they ask people when you have very hot weather wear full clothes,even cover your heads.they gave examples of muslim people,why we love western food and culture.please please every pakistani( if you are sincere and with heart)think about it and as in past muslim were ahead in techonology,(qutub numa)medical science chemistry ,algebra,scince and we lost our following west i am worried to loss,food culture and language.most of the arabic relegious informative books are translatted in urdu language.learn urdu(hard core urdu with persian,arabic,old urdu)before we lose ourself esteem.we are 1st musilm then pakistani.keep the head up,by not following gana bajana.there is alternate for poet is hamd,for food is our handy kraft.
I completely agree with aisha. Musalmanon nay apna naam aur izzat khud tabah ki hay. If we want, we can do anything. Bas hum logon nay apnay ooper yaqeen karna chor diya hay...and now we just blindly follow others.
plz plz add videos of riwayaton ki lazzat me meetha.