Not for chef rahat's fans

If u r her fan, plz do not reply here.
For those who aren't, who thinks that she is too proud and is always confused? She usually cooks burnt parathas etc + her saying that i teach you the best is really annoying.
Just curious to know if someone else shares the same views as me.
dumb asses
meaaaooooowwwwwww :p
cuuutteee ....not
lol..i hate her gulloo,chitkoo breaks n she alwayz says''ye apko rahat ke kitchen se hi mil sakta hai sirf.she zz soooooooooooo annoying.
she should take some ''aajizi n inkisaari'' classes u guys r right ...its unjustice to the term "chef"
kia woh hamayshaa sai hee aisee hein??? aik dish try ki thee poora programme daikh kar...aik aur karnee hai par himmat nahi hu rahi itni TAQREER sunanay ki...i think woh apni mohabbat mein mubtila hein
thak God somebody else feel like me about her(hate her) She always criticises others whereas she herself cooks jaly hoay chawal n never commits her mistakes n says ye aisay hi paktay hain.namak dalna bhol jay or last main taste kar k kehti hai namak akhir main hi dalain to taste acha aai ga. She is a pagal n try to be HAR FUN MOLA. YEKKKKK I HATE HER.
I agree with everyone I HATE HER TOO. I don't think she deserve to be on TV doing any kind of Shows on any channels. I don't understand why Geo Kept her & let Farah go. She is so sooo STUPIT & koi tamiz nahi hai.... I stop watching her shows long time ago I just resently find out that she insulted Zubaida Tariq. ZT mention that in her cooking show on TVONE.
I also think that all those people who call on her shows are her family & friends or paid people. I mean come on now days there are great chefs & cooks on different channels why do people still watch this stupit lady show.... I know so many people who dislike her......
hehe.. agree. i think she is annoying too. most of all, i agree with veryverypakistani - she needs some lessons in aajzi! farah was good, wonder where she is?
o my god! ye boys bewaqoof hain kia cat samajh rahay thay us ko jo baythay hoye os per haath pher rahay thay
so scary