Bakra Qistoon Pay????

plz upload
Umer Sharif Show Of This Eid (Bakra Qistoon Pay)
which are coming on Geo Tv
plz upload i am waiting
This is HILLARIOUS!!!!!!!!
"oye hoay Allah mian" hahahahah
OMG crazy!!!!
This video still cracks me up! EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!! HAHAHA
this one is not getting old any time soon lol
lmfao, ahahaha, i can never stop laughing even though i saw atleast 50 times. hahah
Not this
I request Bakra Qiston Pay which are coming on GeoTV on EID
i am waiting for answer.
i want to download some dramas, how i can please let me know
plz post Bakra Qiston Pay i am waiting
We loved this video!