Chand Sa Mukhra - Drama

Please someone upload this drama "Chand sa Mukhra" of Ali haider, It was Eid Special play of PTV in 90s
Please someone help how to upload the page at say
sorry ,uploading files in this format is not allowed please ensure your file naems
Sorry, uploading files in this format is not allowed. Please ensure your file names follow this format.

1. Entire file cannot exceed 32 characters
2. Format should be filename.extension or filename
3. Legal characters are 1-9, a-z, A-Z, '_', '-
u can upload files only with flv extension.for this u need a videoconverter.for example if u download a video n thats in wmv or rm format,simply first convert it into an flv type.
n the second thing that says should not exceed than 32 characters is not a big issue.just rename the original file to upload wd smaller words like a, b, c ,1, 2 , 3 or blabla anything shorter than 32 chrcterz.
hop it can help