I think chef zakir has a very unique and easy style. It is very easy to pickup. Rida Aftab shows off a little.
I like chef zakir too.. his style is as nice as his personality..
if you are under weight and doctor told you to gain some weight and will be good to follow samina jaleel recips. some of her recips are urdu translation of english and indian cookingby adding spices(lal mirch)like lemon biscuits is from english t.v.show
it is acomplement for chef zakir.i made nahari according to his recips.as iam doing practice by repetation ,it improved and taste better,ist attemp is not as good as 3rd.
best recip
In my opinion chef Zakir and Rida is best.
Offcourse chef zakir and rida is the best of the best.
chef zakir has a very unique style.he is to the point yet so explained.no self praising,no over acting but a very decent way to teach us with best of all styles of cooking.thums up for chef zakir.rida is good but she looks confused and use tooo much spices.personally i don like samina jaleel,u may disagree.GEO VIDPK.
i think chef zakir is the best chef.... he is really different. the way he tells everythin in details i think he is the best chef.. my mom is a really great chef and she doesnot take any recipe from anyone except chef zakir. may Allah give him a long life..
i think rida ,s cooking show is good .her recipes is very simple that every one try it.chef zakir recpies is so difficult.and the ingredient he use is so costly.
my favorite is Samina Jalil, then Chef Zakir and Rida Aftab
i like rida aftab and samena jalil
Rida Aftab is the best.
i think zakir is best
agar grading ki jaay tau zakir number 1 and 2nd gulzar and 3rd rida
chef zakirr cooking style is best
chef zakir is the best chef
rida number 1 chef zakir number 2
no wayyyy.. like samina jaleel is the best! chef zakir makeZz a huge mess outta thingZz and well okay rida is a bit betta but Samina rulEzz!
salam:) hope ur all in good health. Every one is doing a good job and it is ppl´s personal choice and taste and we are happy to have them all. BUT chef zakir is a chef cook by profession and all others are cooking experts..So he can teach whereas others share their experience with us. No matter how much anatomy and pathology one knows ,,, the title doctor is used only by passing certain gov. exams isnt it;). Have fun ppl. Allah Hafiz.
Chef Zakir is the worst cook on earth. I was unfortunate enough to meet the so called "chef" personally. It was Ramadan and the shameless guy was smoking and drinking coffee infront of everyone. He is not a trained chef, just reads books and watches international cooking shows. Hes nothing more than a common butcher(qasai) and has ABSOLUTELY no sense of cleanliness about his work. Its disgusting to watch him mix meat with his hands and use the same dirty hands to add salt and seasonings to other dishes.
Its about time someone saw him for what he really is, a fake, good for nothing imposter, who fools his audience not only by pretending to be a good chef, but also a good Muslim.
What a disgrace to all us Pakistanis!
i totally agree with u canadianchik as zakir doesnt maintain clealiness in the kitceh n he is teaching us wuttt
chef zakir is the Dirtiest chef who doesnt wear gloves but likes to put his dirty handa in all other things around him...disgusting
he must clean his hands bfore touching other things of the kitchen..
rida is a genuine kitchen queen
chef zakir is the most dirty n untidy chef who luves touching things with his dirty bloodstained hands without putting on gloves..
salam.:) i am watching chef zakir show for a long time now...and i am 100 percent sure about his professionality. Cleanliness even european chefs in tv mix things with hand and i personally never saw chef zakir mixing and putting things with same fingers...there is nothing wrong with mixing with hands after all there is nothing wrong eating with hands also..infact there are senses given by nature to feel the taste of food in fingers... and millions of muslims eat with hands as it is also islamic tradition...or do u think all of them are wrong;). Allah hafiz.
There can be thousands reasons of someone is not fasting etc. being a muslim we are not there to judge about beleif of others.. and also it is not prohibited that those who are not fasting shall not drink or eat something in ramadhan...if other beleivers are strong enough in their faith why they have problem if someone else is not fasting...after all according to the Holy Quran it is allowed in different situation not to fast and even it is prohibited to fast in some situations... we have to think logically and then judge ppl and not only by seeing one or two bad things in a person all of his beleif goes away. I mean who are we to judge that if someone is acting or having real beleif. Do u agree??
she is tooo good mashallah . all her recipes are simply awesome and great. she made me a great cook ;)
May ALLAH bless her
Yes, i agree, who are you to judge my remark when you have not even met the filthy guy! Ive met him personally, so my comment automatically takes precedense over yours.
Also, I know all about using your hands, its the fact that he refuses to wash and clean his hands before moving on to another application, is what bothers me.
I personally know that he has NO permissable excuse to NOT fast. What do you say to that?
Dont always buy into what you see on tv. Ive seen these people closely, most of them are scum.
But ofcourse, free world, no one is stopping you from worshipping the guy.
salam:) I dont know why majority of pakistanis have a disease of teaching others with their half knowledge and degrading and spreading rumours about other ppl in public for their OWN PERSONAL reasons. Canadian chick: Did u go inside someone heart to decide about their beleif or if they are handling correct or not?? How can u decide if someone is a good beleiver or not? It is simply not ur problem it is between Allah and a humanbeing. Even if someone is not a good beleiver it doesnt mean that he or she is not a good professional in anything... everyone has brain to use and can handle how they want it is not ur problem . Allah hafiz.
i think from my point of view samina jalil is the best chef compaire to the others chefs. thanks for her easy recepies and delicious tastes in her cooking.
Rida's recipes Rockkkkkkkk.....
then come zakir hes a great chef...n i totally agree with Rimscha 80 as we are not the ones to judge ppl let jus leave it on Allah whos good n whos bad as long as i thnk zakirs makes good food n i have tried alot of his recipes as well thtas wot the show is about good food no need worry abt his habits,and lets explain this to canadian chick with a lil example ..u do watch english idian movies ...do u first go thru the character of an actor or actress then say that i like him/her then watch da movie or u dun watch da movie jus becuz he/she drinks or have a bad character the main thing to look at is the movie thats wot they are supposed to do entertain thats it...how they behave wid people wot they do wot they feel is not our problem.