aik ache library may kis trha ke books honi chaiya

aik library mein har tharha kay kitaab honay chahiye. isse faruk nahi partha kay kis subject kay hai magar for example mystery, romance, horror, documentary, general info such as sciences, maths, geography, etc. har tharha kay kitaab honay chahiye.
aik library say phelay put a sefty precaution on books,not on patrons.bulkih this is a abuse book complaint that readers torn and toss the book that damage the binding and appeareance .and mostly they abuse the books by tearing the pages and writting there non valuable comments on books.
then tell us which location you are planning to open library.wahan ka paper radi ki kam aay ga ya pan chana jori grm ki laya .ya hi fi society kay phry likhey jahiloon ki liya so they can show off they are members of library.or it is a meeting spot........ understand please it is aquote thing.
so now briefly explain the real purpose of library so we can furthur put the suggestion for
this motion. and able to make plans how we can burn or torn down this librry during hangama.
hey lady who r u n wat r u?where do u live,y r u always seem negitive.its just simple question.y u always make critical every discussion.r u realy a noble person or so far 4 tahzeeb.simple yar k kaisi books honi chahiye its not abut safeguard or lifeguard something.her baat ko keechar mein lapaet k biyan karti daldal ki daroagha ho.dont mind it,I just said wat I observed.always showing complex of english n live in broad.try 2 discuss through the point.logoon ko track se kiyun hatati ho.y dont u post ur own topic if u want viewers to discuss ur point of views.b sensible.
aisha ji aap normal tho nahi lakthi. kis kisam ki baathey kar rahi hain??? mishal09 theek keh rahi hain. aap itni negative q hain? itne simple sawal ka itna ajeeb answer q dey rahi hain?? ek simple sa sawal tha. kis kisam k kitaab hona chahiye ek library mein? itna ajeeb sawal tho nahi tha k aap ney itna ajeeb answer diya. aap theek tho hai??? agar aise comments likne hai tho please koi bhi comment nahi karey.
hahaha,is that hurt every body.yes it hurt me in the same way jub bhi pakistan may voilence hota hai .what ever the reasons or causes.everyone is tor phor,look the library of american and birtish council or others ,those are fewone.agar jis ka shuq he books ho,kitni takleef hogi jub aap adha mazmoon phertay is hapening it is not -ve thoughts
pakistan ka maqsad kia tha.khokar bhi kuch na reh giya uski he qadar karloo.aina may jo face hai wohi nazar aata hai if you think it is abnormalities, that means pakistany behaviour is abnormal,correct it.and every individual has to work him her self
kash pakistan main bhi rule hota kih every one who is 14 join the milatry for dicipline.we are living in keechar, dirty politics,and hamarey pakistan ki tahzeeb khatam horahi hai.our historical building,tamadun life style khatam hi hora hai.
what do you want me to ansawer say please have books on socialogy,math ,english litreature ,geology,landscaping handy manwork ,statics,physics cooks garden decoration needle craft bio,chemistry,accounting,fiction and journals,relegion.etc everyone know those answers.what is so complex can buy your own books but the matter is that you care for those when you buy it ,why we donot respect the library
i like word"darogha"kuch mehnat lagi meaning ki.dadiamman sham nay order diya hai no comment any more so drama coment is left all for you.
better you discuss question that pakistany need library province,district or city we can appreciate readers,or welcome readers,or make pakistany good readers(not ratu tota orsylabbyl readers)instead of sitting infront of t.v or gossiping.we are young generation of 2010.make our counry a better place as our ancestor look it
these question are done when we have a lot of libraries in city and look for people looking some special topics what they are missing or a new books /author is beneficiary for public knowlege.yehan tu kisi ghareeb ko phernay kay liye 2nd hand book affoard mushkil hai.or itni libraries bhi nahi.,yes kiraye per navil bhut .use web sit for good cause if we have this oppurtunity,to make our country ........write simple suggestion and all members work on it.slowly a small group of members will become another EDHI for good social and behaviour .you can start it by stopping on redlights,no honking,give other way to bypass you as socialcourtsey is that possible hahahha iam funny now
again out of track,y r u so laraka.jitna time criticize karny mein lagati ho itna yeh soachny mein k tum apna kia part play kar sakti ho us pe lagao.there s no topic 4 politics,traffic,historical buildings,ghurbat n amart whatever u said.y dont u accept anything against ur attitude.u r not doing anything to make rite.u always only this 2010 generation.sirf tar tar karna.u r here again only 4 prove urself rite.wat r u doing 4 anyone else.u cant b Edhi,he never criticized anything,he worked 4 it.he wasnt rich person b4.u can also do something,bus nuktacheeni k bajaye koi amal karny ka soacho.tum khud tu chal nahi sakti kisi ko kia sahi rasty per chalao gi.
it depends, if its a personal library then it will have more of your taste, if its a public then yu should try to keep all the material except for the illegal or highly immoral ones.
achi library me sivae immoral literature aur ghatya magazines k har tarha ki books etc honi chahye.
its a simple question here ayesha,aap itni talkh kyoon hogai? u can gv criticism n suggestions at other forums too where asked or atleast r related to the topic.
oh iam sorry if you feel i become so bitter.the topic is like that ,if you ask a very poor person to eat cake to kill his hunger when have no food or drink availabe.
criticizing does not effect hard workers.and when work it is not for rewards from public ,god gives the rewards.edhi iis not overnight person ,a long way to go,qatra qatra erya banta hai.aur tur tur kara means frog,so kunwan ka frog and river frog........hahahaha