West is better or Pakistan

I know most of u would say pakistan,but How many of you ready to go back? As most of the members are in western countries,and the reason behind is obviously economic.
so what u people think,should we go back or make these countries our new home.
My thinking .....
I love to go back and want to work with my people and work for them.I know there r lot of problems like load shedding,clean water,jobs,pollution,trafic,and the major one is security.
But for me these r not big problems,when I think of beautiful things like: evening with maghrib Azan,beautiful mornings,hot summer,mild winter,Eid ,Ramazan, and last but not least food.
I missed the social life,when u visit ur friends without need to inform before visit,ur relatives,ur neighbour.
There was a peace of mind.
I agree with you. We are planning to go back because at the end here you feel outsider. I want to give my kids the life I have lived. I want them to know how to live with nani, dadi and will all the relatives. It will be fun and I am very excited to go back. West is not bad but you always look for family here. We dont have social life here. Very few relatives but no in laws or anything. At times, It feels so lonely here . Cant wait to go back.
i donot wnt to spoil my children moral up there,none of us want that qiyamatmain our children uttahin toapnay aamal ki hisab say muflis hoon,they learn in pakistan liein our daily life for age for education status..........and
manipulation in daily life,fraude cheating what they observe is in enviornament.hard hearted when listen zn and donot pray show of like firon,money carving and materialistic like qaroon.you can have social life here by getting muslim freinds be sincere and invite on dinners.our prophet hs friend to support them not relatives like abujahal.also our prophet said kih logokay ghar main dakhil honay se phelay unsay ijaazat lay lo so there is no harm to called them. i
request everyone teach yours relative to be a good muslim in their behavior action and.....as you visit them.every rain dropp will turn in a big sea.namaz roza is for god and allah can for give us if we.......but haququl abad we cannot run.all muslim are br. and sis.treate them as family members with sicerity,where ever you go muslim is alway muslim nd we are muslim 1st.if you think like that you enjoy it
I agree with all of you but I cant call my in laws here and they miss us alot and we miss them too. Here we can make friends and we invite them on dinner too but then everyone is so busy here its very hard to keep in touch. We do have get together but I want an elder at home who like my saas or someone. I am not saying that west is bad but main thing is I want to live with my In laws. And thanks Aisha for your advise thats very true we are Muslim first.
there isn't any family life in west i agree, moral standards must be high but friends are friends not relatives.you can teach your kids a lot here but i disagree on materialism ,ppl are much more money craved and consumer oriented society thats not there to this extent.
i feel kids grown here lacks a certain kind of behavior thats just taught there in every day life and thats in outr language called LIHAZ and mind it its not manners.We care for older ppl, elders wont say a word even if they are wrong into their faces,we would do whatever we can to support a relative in misery, we support our kids till they dont need it anymore ,our kids stay with parents and love them when they are old... lots more that you just cant or if you can with huge effort teach your kids while living here.
Aisha you cannot just be with someone for bieng a muslim, language/customs is a biggest relation than religion, thats the reason many Pakistanis are more befriend to indians rather to arabs,
you can always teach your kids the morality out there as well but the thing is the society wont let a dead honest survive there.. however many are .
SO whatever west has are more on material side you never learn to live relationships here,
i live in USA but i hope the termoil in my country would end soon sometime inshallah , we will have peaceful country and i would like to die and buried in my soil
nice discussion..is all depend on how parents raise their children..im in america but my parents thought me everything including LIHAZ...respecting elders...islamiat..quran..about our cultural religion and everything...when i went to paki nothing was like wht i have heard about my country..no sharam no lihaz for anyone..every single person had a boyfriend/girlfriend...on cell phs most of the time..no respect for parents..stay out till late..so it doesn't matter pakistan or america
it depends on parents wht they have thought their children...i went to paki wearing hijab..talking in urdu...even my own relatives thought tht im too "backward"...and couldn't believe that i have spend my most of the life in a non-muslim country...and more n more ppl moving outside of paki for better life and good education for their kids...all in paki is rishwat..jadu touna..n all..im not saying anything bad about paki but thts reality..we all want to live in safe environment.where we are relax.
well it depends on family, i have so many relatives and i know many families out there that are still following the tradition and religion,no girl/boy friends they obey parents wear hijab say prayers ,educating well no jadu tona if that's the criterion. i think ppl are moving abroad because of the security purpose not all the other thing you mentioned,
corruption was always been there its not a new thing
so it all depends "how parents raise their children" and raising that good is much more difficult here than there, just ask you parents and not everyone is so lucky, and remember you would've been raised some where in USA with predominantly desi community,there are lots of places where finding halal meat is a chore...and atmosphere effects a lot.
zara you cant feel the love what we immigrant feel al that Crap that you think pakistan is our love i do miss the pakistani bazaars,bargaining,buyig new clothing every season getting them sewed ,colors, food,wedding and lot more
well i never said that im against pakistan..and i love pakistan..n love to spending ramzan, eid and other things in pakistan...and where im living no desi community...n we have to go 2 hrs drive to get halal meat.n is not crap..is the reality of pakistan!!!..
Thanks for sharing ur opinions......about kids stuff I don't have any so I can't say much but I think raising children in west is much harder then pakistan as u can't force things on them and not every body afford islamic school so they have to let their children goes in public school where boys gets in drugs and girls come back home as woman,I know brought up plays very important role but some families specially where both husband and wife work ,they can't give time to children so they face these things,also in west u not have to look after only girls but boys also bec of homo is very common problem.I think problems in pakistan is much less then those here.

some people prefer to upbringing and schooling their children in pakistan and when they ready to go start univ ,they bring them back here,I think this is also the wise thing to do as teen age is the age where they can go out of ur hands.
ha dea77.you write our culture support the chilren untill...... iwill be add become lazy.they want there mothers to feed all life ,then wife turn to feed them.a free servant baby sitter free security guard of home.how many people in pakistan keep the women respect ,oh my ..they call them self muslim.i love pakistan but is there any muslim lady able to go by her self to get medication(i mean emergency)for their family and will be back to her home safely......please donot say neighbour or other relative will help matter is how much we respect ladies.
to take a favour from others how much she lost her self esteem.....is another issue.yes we have to do hard effort to grow our generations,not only us but our children work hard too.they do the nafs ka jehad when donot eat pork drug an alcoholbut pakistani parents made our generation lazy,if the donot get any thing they rob you on streets for money ,cellphone,jewelry.here if we re materialistic ,run for money,all these things is earn by working hard ,long hours.we donot live on other peoples shoulder by taking rishwat.daka or on the name of jehz
i observe one time on geo pakistan t. v they through their olders in edhi home.talk bout lehaz,recently observed he look like a 10yrs old child is dis- regarding his mother,demanding some bazari food,and saying you want to eat this home food eat it but not me ,what a tempertntrum.i cannot close my children ears or eyes.i still cannot forget the boy language of that boy.where is the respect goes when the children talk back to their poor uncle ant aunt.or on home politics front lie with their grandparents and others ,talk nounsense behind their back.they donot know
neither parents think ghebat is a sin.it is part of their daily life. i love pakistan but pakistan ka maashra kharb hogiya hai.they have no culture girls wearing pant shirts and prefer+proud on speaking english is the culture up their .they are shy on their urdu language ,shalwar qamees is known as backward people ,now quran they donot read ,an example for their new home or after some one death, they call masjid molve and his children for khatam.so where are those relative and show up on time
one last thing i want to mention people up here who say or show they are so busy is 100% pakistani tradition,they make themself important and big,if you invite them every sat,sunday for free good chatkharidar dinner they will have lots of time,free music they show up,every thing that is free ,they have time.as long as they have nothing to do in return(lazy prasites)pakistan has full of these type people.aisa janwar west maiin kam paya jata hai.as i said whoever visit pakistan ask relatives neighbour.....to built a good nonselfish generation .a good server not a taker ."aye ho to kiya laaogay ,gao gay to kiya doge.
we all pakistani abord should promised that in west we behave as a good pakistany muslim people and +ve action towards non muslim and non pakistani. every piece of land is given by the God and last beloved prophet bring islam.all the lands is for muslims and god is everywhere looking from distance. as a muslim our duty is to behave,and leave good impression ,so those who get effected by their birth parents ,come back to right path.LONG LIVE PAKISTN
you cannot even judge the two if you havent lived there for more than a year.. straight,VISITING FOR FEW WEEKS ISNT ENOUGH.so dear aisha i would say i also have relatives and family in pakistan and no one is like you said so i would say you have the wrong crowd as your relatives.. now let me tell you iam born and raised in US so i love this country much more than anyone else could, i know we are much better than american boys most of the time they are in drugs,extremely money conscious and most of the time they THINK ABOUT IS SEX.. did you forget the bullying in school here they have no family values i bet ,and what you mentioned over there talking back,not praying laziness etc do you think its not in this society ..
let these people have a luxury of servants and youll know what they are, let the law lose itself a little and youll see who are animals
how many kids in pakistan say their mom SUCKS ,i can show you lot here they were my friends.
and if you have a community here who see you to eat free food gal i would say you are in wrong crowd again.so my dear you got to get out of the hole your living in US to see the janwars who reside here.you wana see the janwar held in these ppl by law go see iraq afghanistan etc
i just wanna add few things,u know every where u live either middle east pakistan or west ,there r pros and cons,but u know home always remain sweet,ur house is does't matter small,not in posh area but u feel comfort,relax and back home there is BARKAT in every thing.
Here u make money ,u eat good food have new model cars but there is not satisfaction.
u work here like machine,u don't get time for even urself , sleep,work,studies, its non stop,but back home even u don't work for six months , u feel nothing but here even if u live wih ur blood relatives u can't stay with them more then one moth without contributing.

Things u mention about edhi home,Gheebat,girls wearing pant shirt,this is not every house story,yes these things r there but not in all families.If u go in upper class and lower class yes they both r bad and r involve in sins and in wrong habits ,but middle class,upper middle class and lower middle class are still entact with religon and with culture.
well i would say is not about west or pakistan..ALLAH JIS KO HIDAYAT DAI ACHAI BURAI KI..SEEDHI RAAH PER CHULNAI KI.....
we spoil our kids to laziness and you dont do it here because you dont keep them for so longg you just kick them out at 18 like animals do.
you are so pious but dont you know all the duties of women you said are given to a woman as her duties by Allah she need to take care of kids and home and men are responsible to take care of them i dont know what women will lose her self esteem doing all this. and you call yourself a muslim and talk against Allahs will.
they are mothers wives not slaves whats the point of a woman going out and work her buts of like they want them here ( as in this society both of them get to work)when she can get everything sittiing at home without mingling with other men?can you answer?
Do women lose their self esteem when they hit on men in bars just to get married? when they wear revealing clothing to attract others? when they go live with their boy friends when they are treated equal in ques , in trains every where without any courtesy for bieng a weaker sex? does it hurt their boy frnd kick them out of their life ?????
mohterma, i think you went to live in some goli marr area in pakistan , women are working ladies docs, eng they go out shop , party whatever let alone medication huh, how many areas in LA,NY&PHILLy and lot more where women go out safe late at nite without any threat????????
FYI:the rate of rape is highest in US
squid answered good about the robery and talking back let me tell you about the old homes have you seen any in west? i bet you never so ull come to know how they treat their elders they never see their families again mostly, edhi home is only one example i tell you most of the time this act is due to economical situations not because older ppl interfere with freedom as happens here.
since when wearing jeans is asin? if they are covered girls here dont even wear anything but still its good for you, the girls in pakistan are following west i agree but there are areas that has more effect i see mostly people turning to islam atleast in my family most now where hijab and pray regularly.as squid said you are in wrong crowd.these are the people with double standards i hope they are not going to snatch away your scarf one day and want you to give strip search on airports ortell you you cant cover your head while their women can run naked as its a human right thing
and what do you mean by
" so those who get effected by their birth parents ,come back to right path'
who are you to tell kids that their parents are wrong and who are you to decide that you know the right path?i would like you to explain this line???
@ wubbzy & squidward....very convincing...Great Job!
Dear all: u Guys wrote a lot ....:)
I just wanna say one thing....Human nature....u would agree with me that Human wants change after a while ,its not west,middle east,pakistan....every one wants to move on.....if u ask people in pakistan ,moajority of them would love to leave and move to west ,and if u ask people in west,they want to go back in an islamic country or back home,people in middle east thinks west is better,bec the treatment they get from Arag sheikh ,they would prefer to work for english people.
After my degree back home,when i spent more then 5 years for good job ,I was desperate to leave pakistan but now after spending 7 years in west i am again desperate to go back pakistan.
mr. wubbzy i disagreed w/ aisha but also disagree w/ you. First of all you quote islam and then Allah's will and then say what is the point of women going out to work. Allah is the one that says that women have the right to work and keep all they earn for themselves. If you have ever lived in America then you should know how hard it is to survive w/ just one paycheck. Even if they could survive w/ one paycheck a woman has the right to keep herseld busy in work; she doesnt just have to sit around and take care of her house. Yes it is her responsibility to make sure that she takes care of her family but that doesnt mean that she has to stay home all day and jut wait for her family members order so she can please them. The family should also have a responsibility and especially the husand. It is also his duty to make sure that his wife has everything she needs and that he fulfills her wants to his best ability. I dont beleve that there is anything worng is a woman wants to go out and work if she keeps in her limits which doesnt mean dont talk to men, it means dont start making friends with them or laughing with them w/o reason; as long as you remember that you are a Muslim woman, she should be fine.
to all of you we are looking west as muslim people life not culture of chrisenity.boy friend ,girlfriend ,all nonsense thing is (christen )theirs's thing.it is we muslim get shocked when a muslim country's children and socitey ,life style love to live a life like western .also i want to correct the men who wrote that allah said it is women duty to look home and childrenist of all in west no muslim family through out their children after 18,not even 1%,and kids stay with prents.i personally know a muslim dr.born in west care for his parents live with them under same roof.with his family .i also know others with alzimers and parkinsen desease parents ,they take care of them.bothe husband and wife and children.and they both work too.make arrngements in their shift ,children participating in care.is their any role model like that in pakistan.this type of community in pakistan should be 90%as i talk about edhi home that shows was describibg how the children through their parens donot hide yourself by covering ecnomincs point.face the fact and deal it correct it,no deniel phase.
now come back to poin allah said women duty .in sora baqra if a women feed the her own child men is supposed to pay (how many does)it is not a women duty to cook and clean,other wise our prophet apnay ghar may jharona na datay ,apnay kaproon main jootoon may khud tanka lagatayhe do his work by himself.it is man duty to provide shelter and food .nan nafqa.they should be thankful if a women cooked food.hahaha our pakistani cannot cook thats why there are rush at 2am in pakistan resturant.please correct all umahatul momennen work too but they do not mingle with men as chritenity allow.thats why i said be a good muslim in west too.and pakistan should not had a living style of christen culture because it is a muslim country.
pakistani man has there too much personal ego then a muslim men ego.i can 100%sure ther not a single men who can have a courage to bear 0.5% like our prophet.they just talk about women duty not their duty.iam writting about baby aisha(she is not a great cook) one time some one bring the foodat her door on her turn(sent by another umehatul moomeen)she tooss the dish out and our prophet just smile and pick the peices of broken dishes .can any men stood smiling if wife humilate you in public.in pkistan man can through the dish and scream on wife ma ki han say pohar aye hai.you can ask this by a muslim scholar he will tell in better way then minethis story help me to keep myself cool down with the people who is under me muslim or non muslim.another a wife is allowed
to take out the money from his pocket without husband permission for house hold needs,it is not chori(i am not it is hazrat zubair,wife or other sahaba wife)prophed allowed her to take the money.also one of the women asked if she is allowed to spent her money on home and children ,that mean she worked,and prophet not stopped her on working,but he also said if you do this that will be ahsan,if she forgive that money she spent on family,other wise it will qaraz on husband,.for eveyone there are3 for den islam,eman and ahsan.
for the one who asked who iam to say their parent are wrong and come to right path .now this time read care fully.it is not my saying."every child is born muslim.(that is by birth,)but when he grows parents teach or other mean becone hindu chiristan ,budhmat etc.(that is parents teaching ,if you say hundu parents or thier relegion is right it is your choice)when a child grow big and study islam and becone muslim,we say he come back to the right path.please donot say converted muslim it is wrong phrase ,also it hurts them too.woh bhatak gai thee khuda nay sedhi rah dekhi.it i the same as in pakistan say tumahra ghar to allah ki ........halankih khuda to sheh rag kay pass hai.i love to go and see pakistan but as a muslim country and people of pakistan should have muslim character
in islam a women duty is when her her husban is out like (pardes main jkar aurat ki ijazat say job kartay hein)to uskey jan mal or izat ki hifazat karay,the rest of the things cooking cleaning looking fter children ,tarbiyat is all her total love and care and ahsan on husband not her duty,donot take as previllag .now see through this the pakistani homes women respect.
Good job aisha
aisha highlighted some valid points. let us see how the other members answer to these points.
I m not against woman working,but if u see whose life is better pakistani woman or west woman.
Obviously pakistani woman...........
My mother,my sister,sister in law they never worked in their whole life.......what they did just making breakfast and then watching tele whole mornning,bec they have helpers for cleaning,washing cloths,ironing .They don't need to go out for grocery....they just cook and relax,gupshup and nothing else.....
I don't mean they were lazy,there was no need for them to work and also it was their choice to stay home, we did't impose any thing.

If u see woman in west ,she has to do every thing,working in home,going for job ,grocery and kids stuff ,I mean she is doing every thing.
Working in the west u know is not easy,u wake up before sun and come back after sun set...its a hard work.

So who has better and relax life.........
about man participating house work.......@aisha u talking about few people,so don't genralize ....
My father use to work at home as well ,i saw him washing his clothes,ironing,some time he tried to sewed also but he was't good at that ...and he was goverment officer.
I use to make tea for the whole family,i washed my cloths....i did all this work when i was with my family and now i am all my own so i never find it hard to do all household stuff including cooking............and I know lot of other families also where man work at home in pakistan.
junglee....tum to taleemyaafta aur muhazzib niklay....very impressive... :)
ha ha patent words of pakistani male kih aurteen sara din bethkar t.v dekhtein hain ,hum to bahar job karkay aatain hain thak gai. what man watches t.v when they come home until they go to sleep.same words aurtain sara din bateen banaty hein.oh please to look after big children over 18 and little ones under 18 is a full time ,demanding job 24 hours 365 day with no holiday and no vacation ,no break in between.aap ko unka thora aaram bhi bura lagta hai.see your mother how hard work she did to make you to reach at this stageshe she wake all night when you sick one for you ane for your father kih tumahray runay say unki neend disturb na ho,she is doing a unschedule night shift with no over time pay ..think think imagine all those occasions,and your mother patient.think when you or other members come home and say kiya pakaya hai i donot want to eat ,you never cooked my choice it isx,y z choice the number of members you have.did you
ever think it is disrespectful as mother and her effort ,disrespect of halal food,in the end you agree to run a resturant is not esy business,but your mother ,sis is running a resturant with bad clients,and free of charge.,and some time only worker,3 times a day with no reward.the womens are all rounder they are doing multitask all day 7day a week,and man do one kind of job and become tiredin evening .you ca say we have a bad boss.but 90%pakistani women has a bad boss in form of ason husband and brother,some one wrote me why i did not say aword to the anger of childwhat i observe the demand of child ,sure idid icannot tolerate i told the child when you are able to make food by your hands and with love,also able to make money then you have right to make fuss,child has a strange look,and mother sid he is aboy(i think he is 4,5 th boy)if he hs sisthat mean from the begining he istaking advantage of her sis ,and her rights of love of her parents.what adisrespectful of women in the country.our prophet said when a man enter in home,and has some thingin hand(like food ,games kind of gift he is able to afford only one)give to the girl ,kiss her 1st ,and then to boy.how many men in pakistan do this and call themself better muslim.at least in west we able grow our children without this kind of influence.yes there are some homes who follow the above pattern but % is low s muslim country
in west yes women work but i will correct 95%male help in house hold grocery ,every thing,and as white people men they help there women too a lot but their womens are very demanding.and let you know one custom WHEN A MAN IS MARRIED HE GOES TO WIFE SIDE FAMILY MORE THEN HIS FAMILY.WAHAN AURAT AUR USKA MAKA BUHUT IMPORTANT HOTA HAI,AUR USKO GHAR JAWAIN KA TANA NAHI MILTA,BULKIH AISA MARD RESPECTFUL AND CARING HUSBAND KEHLATA HAI.now i am writting a quote my beloved prophet said,who ever pakistani read please follow it,try to be good muslim akhrat main koi madad nahi kariga anoh nay farmaya
kih qayamat say phelay nasrani aur dosray qomain taraqi karaingey kyuonkih woh apnay old, women and children ki bahbood or haqooq ka zeyada khiyal kartay hein and muslim will left behind because of ignorance. NOW people always talk about old age homes just our jihalat aur suni sunai bateen,in west old age home may woh hotay haein jinlo medical saholt chayee ya woh jo khud kuch nhi karsaktay.humray aisay burhi sir plang oer latay rehtay hein and have bed sore.koi unko wheelchir per bhitakar bahar nahi legata.rozana unka medical nahi hot ,every day na koi nehlata hai na kapri badalta haim.may be some one say we do it but fact is that they do after 3 days to those who has sense like 70,80 yrs old not to very old who even forget how to eat.accept the mistake and correct your self.we are muslim first then pakistany.make law and order .ghar main status banay kay liya sub nokar rekhtay hein but sath main non halal rishwat ki kamai ,rishwat ki job.sufarsheen.thats they called links hahahaapnay main qabliyat banao love country and language,other wise west is best for living,look there is so much translation of islamic book from arbi that is not in other language per hum to urdu say shermatay hein ,english english .do some thing for you country.apnay aap ko thek karo dosron ko nasihat baad main karoo,be a role moel
aisha has a habbit of giving out free lectures that obviously no one has so much time and stamina to read, all she is talking is the experience she got from living in lower middle clas families in pakistan , where obviously women are not respected much i agr ee with the member who said women are better in pakistan ,i saw my mom working throughout her life house work and job both...lots of work,she is just generalizing everyone in same basket.
the talk is not about women rights its about west and east and to raise a family east is much better just because they have more facilities here doesnt mean that it sthe best place.. she has written a lot about whats good here but forgot to write whats bad here , i would certainly like to detail it here but really dont have much time
i hope in her next lecture she is going to tell you ppl about the uncertainity of relationships here, teen pregnancies, drugs sex, discrimination, if she is in europe then obviously about the racism and etc
i only request her to write in understandable english now a many things pass by with no sense.
In short pakistan is better than here when it comes to family values and kid raising dont look at the all this blah blah by someone with a bad experience ther however with current situation its getting insecure so lets pray for a better pakistan
in your style with a separate lecture

to all of you we are looking west as muslim people life not culture of chrisenity.boy friend ,girlfriend
mam this is not christian culture this is western culture and it effects everyone who lives here unless you live in a bottle.

all in west no muslim family through out their children after 18,not even 1%,and kids stay with prents
so you proved yourself wrong this is the effect of western society the doc you mentioned is 1 in thousands and i bet he would be jew who follow their tradition betterthan muslims [ however youll say no he wasn't]
and i gotgo leave rest to other sensible ppl to reply
whatever u say ,u remain pakistani rest of ur life. U know i m now canadian citizen but english they always ask me where u from......I proudly say i am pakistani.How many years u live here ,even spend ur whole life ,u remain foreign here,they don't accept u as american,canadian or british.......

In pakistan u have respect, u keep ur identity ...u know ur neighbours who r there living for centeries, people knows u....u have ur roots there.....when i go back to visit my city "peshawar" u won't believe me ,from airport to house , i meet at least 5 to 10 people whom i know from some reference....... and here u live like stranger......no body knows u.

U know Asif raza mir, Uzma Gilani and many more who were settled here in west and move back and now u can see their life now.....and compare the life they spent here........did u know what were they doing here and how many years they spent here no bec ur life is just limited to work and home and u have no social life.........which is the real life.

Making money ,grow up ur children with foriegn degrees ,pays off mortgage, pays off car installment.......u think is life.......NO NOT AT ALL......
when u can make difference in some one's life , u help ur people, u lessen misery of ur muslim brothers who r in more need in back home is a real LIFE.
After reading all of the above comments, I am more convinced by wubbzy, junglee, squidward, and asimpeshawar's point of views.
Her mulk mein acchaiyan aur buriayan hoti hain magar apna mulk to apna hi hota hai :)

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___***____***____***__ *** ___
wow i ddnt know the discussion went so far,
the point is as someone said before how can you compare when you never lived there visiting is not considered living,
there are bad and good everywhere i can buy my kids hundereds of toys here that my sibbling cannot even when they are working hard in pakistan but i cant buy my kids the love and family interaction that their kids have while living there.they have friendships with in the extended family while i have to take time with others for a play date for the kids even then ppl make,faces they are busy ,lets see ok and lot more.
lets make it short, in islam womens basic duty as a wife is tarbiayat for kids raising them , however she is not asked to sit and not move and do anything in household ,showing kids that they need to work hard is a part of raising them.
Our mothers Umhatal momneen worked in their houshold Bibi Fatima worked her hands were torn with all this hard work yet she never ot a servant ..so working at home is not a slavery or something done on gunpoint or disrespectful
i agree women rights are not practiced in pakistan as they should be but thisis not the story in every house, there are women here who suffer a lot thats why they have women shelters ,safe nest ,look at the broken families here . i have seen so many women here who complaint about their husbands a lot they have bad relation yet
they live together as living alone is also difficult here , where even the parents are not that supportive.
to salam 123..in this society its not possible to go out and not to talk and be freindly to men the wont understand however none is against work but the point was that she said that women are bound to house and they cant doanything in pakistan.. thats he made clear that its not truth they can but if a woman can stay home and get what she wants its not adviceable for her to go out to work yes but if there is a demand she can always ..

I live in Canada I came here 6 years ago and I do not want to back Pakistan I love Pakistan but circumtances are good in West,c/z yeh woh Pakistan nahi raha jis ko Islam ke naam per hasil kiya giya tha aur hamari Qoum is ki na to hifazat kaer saki aur nahi is ke leiye kuch kiya aur sab se bari baat ye ke aisey logon ko Vote detey hai jin ko bhugat chukey hein aur bar bar un ko hi vote de detye hain aisi qom ka yehi hasher hona chahiye jo Pakistan ka ho raha hein hadees hai ke jeisey log hotey hain un per waisy hi hukumran allah musallat kerta hei to ab bhi ager Pakistani qom ko hosh na aya to aur bhi bura hasher hoga anyway Pakistan mein ab kuch nahi hai ja ker k;yea kerein gey west mein to 70 years old ko bhi job detye hain aur pakistan mein 60 saal per farig aur ladies bhi jo jawan hon un ko detyey hhain mager west miein aisa kuch nahi aur yahan per Pani Bijli aur dosri problems nahi haien so WEST is better than PAKISTAN..wasy bhi apnon ne buhat dukh deiye hain ghair log behtar hain kam se kam rakhtey hain so I don't wanna go back to Pakistan West is the Best.
Apney buhat dukh detey hain so apnon se door rehna hi betar hai kam sekam susraal ke dukh to nahi sakoon se to reh rahay hain aisay apnon se Ghair behtar hain.duniya miein koi kiska hani sab paaison ke hain.
bhai logon sab paison ki duniya hain pehli baat to koi phone kerta hi nahi sirf haum hi Pakistan phone ker ke khairiat maloom ker letey hain aur ager kertey bhi hai to sirf paisy mangney ke liyea sab matlab ke log hain. so West hi theek hai.
chuch chuch chuch chuch chuch chuch chuch chuch
behen tumharey lye yahan hi behter hey
Shaista I am 100% agree with u.Pakistan(Islamic Republic of Pakistan)nahi raha mere friend ke sister in law Pakistan gai the 10 saal baad she is just 17 years old Pakistan say aane k baad wo apni maan say kehnay lage k Mama aap to kehte the k Muslim girls Scarf say sir cover karte hai, kapray full pehante hai,larko k zeyaada kareeb nahi jaate,Dance nahi karte,dirty movies nahi dekte,Boy friends nahi kyunk yea saaray kaam buray hai as say Allah naraz hutha hai to pher wahan girls aur Aunties yea kaam kyun nahi karthe kia wo Muslim nahi hain ya pher aunhin yea parwa nahi k Allah naraz hujaiga aur wo log mera mazaq urarahe the jab mainay scarf pehna.
asal main aus ke Maan chahte the k aus ke shaade Pakistan main hujai as lai kese ke shaade the to aus ke maan nay ausay be apni bahhun k saath Pakistan rawana kia k shayed asy be koi pasand aajay pata nahi k aus nay Pakistan main kia dekha k wahan shadi karnay say inkaar kardia.kehrahe the k wahan to loq live acting karthay hain ander say koch aur bahar say koch hain.Aus nay Quraan aur 5th Grade thak Muslim center main para hain as lai wo buhhat kayaal rakthe hai her cheez ka.
5th Grade k baad aus nay dosray school main parha.aur jo baat shaista aap nay apnon k baaray main leke hai wo be sachee hai pata hai aaj kal log aap ko takleef main daik kar kush huthay hai khush daik k kush nahi huthai.main sirf yea kahunge k Pakistan Buhhat pyara aur achha hai magar logon nay asay atna bura kardia k jab koi Pakisatn say nekaltha hai to per wapus rehnay k lai khabe be aus ka dil nahi kartha.
squidward.. aap jaisy urdu meidum jahilon ke leye bhi pakistan hi behtar hai jab aata ke ley Line lagatey ho raat ko light nahi hoti to khoob macharon se katwatey ho pani nahi hota to boring ka khaternak pani peetey ho job ke liey jootey chatkhatey ho aur M.A/ ki digree ko aag lagatey ho. behan ko raat ko bahar janey nahei detey ke izzat maefooz nahi to tumhare liey pakistan hi behtar hi zardari ko vote do aur khudkashi ker ney per majboor ho jao safarish to hogi nahi to job bhi nahi miley go to ...tumharey jaisy logo ke liye pakistan hi behtar hai.yahan merey bachay achi education hasil ker rahay hain namaz parhtey hain rozey rakhtey hai..aur ager is education ke baad woh Pakistan mein bhi apply kerein to tum se pehley Job hasil ker lein geiy to tumharehe leiy Pakistan behater hein Pakistan Zindabad hahahahhaha
meri 16 years old beti night school jati hai aur raat ke 10 pm bus se akeli wapis aati hai kisi ki majal nahi ke us ki taraf buri nazar se dekh sakey mien khud 1.amm night duty ker key akeli bus se wapis aati hoo Pakistan mein to hum Maghrib ke baat nikartey hoi dartey they aur yahan ki Police aisi hai ke sab ko tahaffuz ka ahsaas hein aur hamari police toba toba .. to tu mhar leiy Pakistan Police hi theek hiai dhulai kerti hai to kitna maza aata hai na .... to tum wahan khush hum yahan khush c/z hamari izzat yahan mehfooz hai.
ager koi larki bus mein bethi ho aur bus bulkul khali ho to bhi driver bus ko manzil tak le jaey ga chahey poori bus khali aur ek jawan larki bhi akeli bethi ho to us ko koi dar nahi woh aram se gher pohanch jaey gi.ager last bus miss ho jaey to who police ko phone ager kerna chahey to before 2 minutes police help ke leye aajaey gi aur us ko gher per chorey gi poori hifazat ke sath kieya Hamari Police aisa ker sakti hai??? who to larki ka jo hasher kere gi woh sab Pakistani jaantey hain ager meri baat ka yaqeen hai to asaim peshawer meri baat se zarooz itifaq keren ge khair aisi hazaron misal west mein hain any way aap ko Pakistan mubarak ho..
Pakistan mein to ager 7 years ki bachi bhi akeli ho to us ko bhi nahi chortey aur qatal ker ke phank jatey hain jis mulk mein hamari izzat mhefooz nahi wahan rehney ko hamein koi zaroorat nahi.ager apney hum watan achey hotey to kosi ko kiay pari thei west janey ki?????????????
dear aunti shaista 03
after living here for so many years you have the same temperament where you came from havent learned a bit, listen i can answer you much bitter and can tell you about you and your 16year daughter easily but iam not a result of this brought up, did i say anything offensive that you used this language?huh urdu medioum jahil
mam its better for you to keep an eye on your 16 years old who comes on bus at 10pm rather using abusive language here.
so better be careful next time when you try to tell your life experiences in pakistan and brag about your kids
and here they are comparing west and west proper to east not Toronto and pakistan
I m 36 years old aur canada mein mein 1800 dollars kamati hoon jo Pakistani rupees mein 145800/- hotey hain but ager Pakistan mein to meri age ki aurat ko koi kaam hi nahi miley ga c/z min larki nahi kiya tum Pakistan mein itna kama saktey ho Bolo squidward..
mein apne bacho ka khiyal rakhti hoo ghafil hahi aur mere bachey hazaron Pakistani larkey larkion se buhat betar hai jin ki herketein mein shopping malls mein date per dekh ker aai hoon I m proud of my children.
mohtarma aunti, agar aap ney kuch zayda taleem hasil ki hoti tu aap canada mien is sey zaida kama rahi hotien.. iam not into talking about my personal issues on here but i would like to tell you that i have my female cousins , aunts (my khala and momanis and my fathers sisiters ) all of them are highly educated mostly specialist doctors engineer chartered acountant etc and they are earning like hell in Pakistan, 2 of them are even paid in euros your 1800CD brag stands no where,plus they have a luxery of servants , my mom is a doc in US she worked like hell and then had to take care of rest ofthe stuff as well... ok now you wana know about me i have a degree in medicine and i can get a job in Pakistan where ever i want.
while you wrote your 145800 you ddnt tell what do you spend and whats left after a month or year
i again wana say go keep an eye on your kids rather making sarcastic remarks here
had to say this
at 36 years 1800 canadian /month is pretty bad situation you need a raise
in addition you need to visit canadian shopping mall as well to see what kids are doing here
wesey aunt aap mujhey jahil keh rahi hien kouynkey mien urdu bolta houn aur aap ki sari guftgo urdu mien hey any reason?
hey friends sqiudward is proud to anounce here while born and raisedin US i learned my urdu in pakistan only in 3 years i cant write the urdu words butcan do this way how is my urdu?
mein apney muslim kids ki baat ker rahi hoon non-mulsim ki nahi aur west mein Pakistan ki education ki koi importance nahi mein Pakistan ki M.A. hoon lakin meri digree west min sirf kagaz hai aur yahan field ki jab mere bachon ko miley gi jo yahan ki education hasil ker rahay hain tumhari education sirf Pakistan mein hi theek hai aur yahan 24 hours work hota hai Pakistan ki tarah 9-5 work nahi hota isi lieya west ne taraqqi ki hai meri job per mein proud hoon aur phir pakistani hi mujh se every month help mangtey hein mein nahi hahahahahhaha
mien bhi aapkey muslim kids ki hi baat kar raha houn
aappko yahan aakar bhi kuch parhna chaye tha rather abusing pakistan and its ppl jis country ney sab kuch dya usi ki burayoun par zoor hey.
you'll never find an indian doing this
meri degree bhi yahan ki hey and with this economy ill see app key yahan sey parhey bachey kya teer marien gey
aunti apni job par aap akeli hi proud rahien tu kafi hey nooneed to tell others how much you earn and how good your kids are
and there wasnt any need for this hahahaha,get serious now
agar aap kisis ki help kar deti hien apney itney sarey dollars sey tu usey online nashar karney ki koi khas need nahien hey
and my husband is NED university educated aur us ne yahan education hais ki and he is working in ORICA as software engineer aur jahan tak meri baat hei to apni gher ki responsbilites ki waja se mein yahan nahi pardh saki anyway I m satisfy nd happy with my jab. bas allah aap jasy jahilog ko aqal de Meri ziada family Us aur England mein hai aur app ke relative ke baraber aur kuch un se ziada educated hain aur Pakistan mein bhi buhat highly education mojud hai woh to sab ke hotey hain lakin KAASH aap ne bhi achi taleem hasil ki hote to acha tha khair itan to hai ke west ko bura who hi kehtey hai jin ko janey ka chance nahi milta aur jab milta hai to horse ki tarah dortey hein, aur hazaron to ye koshish kertey hain ke koi american or canadian citizen larki se shadi ho jeay tohum bhi baher nikal jaeyn woh misal hai na KIISIANI BILLI KHAMBA NOCHEY.
oh acha ab aap bhi US ki baat kerney lagey hahahaahahaaaaa Good bye Jahil urdu medium.
now i would say you need glass bad ,
i dont think with all your way of talking that you have anyone literally a bit educated near you , with all your family info ican only say a good story .. even if you have anyone educated around you you still need to work on mannerism and how to speak to others.now if your kids are all grown go get some education that will improve your conversation.you know i know urdu but to return your idom i had to ask my sis sil
woh misal hey na desi ghori walati chall
kuyn USA mein reh ker us ko ganda ker raya ho hahahah ager waha rehtey ho baqon tumharay to Pakistan ke gun kyon ga rahay ho ager Pakistan itna hi acha hai to tumharahey level ke logon ke ley wahin rehna theek hai be Pakistani.not AMERICAN hehehehehhe West ke mazay bhi uthao aur us ko bura bhi kaho ho na Jahil Pakistani.. jahan ki mitti wahin ka khameer.
urdu bolne per jahil nahi kaha woh to hamari zaban hai tumhare complex per afsos hai jo tum west s feel kertey ho Pakistani west ka muqabla nahi kersaktey c/z country ke leiy kisi ne kuch nahi kiya poori world mein Pakistan deshat gard country creat ho chuka hai west ko bura kehney ki bajay un ki achi batein seekhen jo hum ku Islam ne sikhaya tha woh west ne apnaya aur woh isi liay kahan se kahan pohanch gaey aur Pakistan Muslim aur ziada girtey chaley ja rahay hein apni mistakes ku theek karo aur islam ke rastey per chalo ye mera sarey Pakistanis ko massage hai dosron ki burai kerney se behtar he ke apnu Islah ki jaey phir dekho allah kiya kerta hai.
ek baat aur west mein rizaq aur pani ki itni barkat hain ke khatam to kiyaa kam nahi hoti akhir kuyn allah ne in logon ke mulk mein barish rizaq fruit her cheez mein barkat di hai aur Pakistan wahan to rizaq bhi ab allah ne tang ker diaya hai ye sab AZAB hai jab Pakistani qom khud ko sudhar le gi to phir allah ki rehmat bhi nazil hogo sirf apney mazhab ko imandari se apnane ki zroorat hai.Hadees hai ke jahan Naap Tol mein kami ki jati hai wahai se Rizaq utha liay jata hai aur Pakistan is ki zinda misal hai to apna KABA durst karo tum ko dosron ko bura kehne ki nobat nahi aaegi. Khuda Hafiz.
now let me tell you where you stand, you ran from pakistan with your underpaid husband just to sit here with a pink cloud floating on your head telling you that you are in west now and you think that you are already in heaven a bad marriage and a bad inlaws was your cause nothing else , your way of writing explains that you belong to highly undereducated family with no respect and manners , you talk to ppl on line tell them they are jahil just coz they speak urdu while you have degree however your language tells it all, that how jahil and batameez family you are from.
i bet your daughter is not what you think mam this is west not east that you know everything and a supermom.
you reality i bet is a kind born in a 2 bed house where girls dream on going abroad whatever they can get standing on the shoulders of their husbands and mostly end up in dubai or highest most canada and this makes them a mermaid in their folks huh they forget their origin and give a shit to their parents and siblings.while sit and watch pakistani tv all day.
yeah i talk about US do you mind?
and mien ab US ki baat nahien kar raha anyone who could read knew that where iam from we were having a discussion until you dropped.and this the same US where your canadian experienced husband and canadian literate kids stand no chance.
pls dont brag that how many offers you already have..)you dont
the ppl who cant even write a word in english abuse urdu mediums what an inferiority complex, a bad family background dosent mean that you blame the country .I bet you are the one who try to rub things on their skin to look like whites and dye their hair blond...)
and stand up when they come while they give you a **** a bad name for all of us.
go see whats your girl doing out there 10 at nite rather trying to be smart here with this rotton language.
goodbye highly inf complexed foul mouth aunt withan outdated MA degree..)
dont you know Allah says
key kufar ko sab kuch isi dunya mien miley ga jab ke muslman ka hisab wahan hoga aur muslamanoun ko har naimat wahan miley gi.
you said it wrong that yahan rizq aur pani ki bohtaat hey yeh loog aiman ki doulat nahie rakhtey aur yeh hamara imtihan hey.
and i think talking this way to squidward was not good you used bad language you have no right to do so calling someone jahil what do you think you are? juat becuase you live in west doesnt make you something special
mera sarey Pakistanis ko massage hai dosron ki burai kerney se behtar he ke apnu Islah ki jaey phir dekho allah kiya kerta hai.
is sey pehley zarori hey keh tum khud apni zaban theek karo is terha kisi ko baar baar jahil kehney ka kya matlab hey?
he even didnt say anything bad werna he is a boy and could had said very bad things to you i think you should apologize.
pakistan mien jo ho raha hey jo karwa raha hey aaur Allah ney in halat key barey mien kya kaha hey everyone knows app ko yahan advices deney ki zarorat nahien hey.ja kar pehley world politics parhien aur west key double standards dekhien phir bolien.
meri beti tumhari behan ki tarah nahi allah ka bara shukar hai aur jis tarah tum bat ker rahay ho us se tumhara bhi orangi town ka kahandan pata chal giya mere bachay buhat samajhdar hain aur pakistani pedal bachon se buhat achey hai aur woh Pakistan mein rahay hain aur meri beti ke barey mein apney ghandi zaban band karo aur apni behan ki khaber lo jo kisi shopping mall mein tariq road ke ..kisi larkey se date mar rahai hogi. tum sachm much jahil ho alllah reham karey tum per aur ladies ki izzat kerna sekho Ho na Pakistani larkey jo larki ke barey mein sirf itna hi soch saktey .No more talk please Guys. I M PROUD TO BE A CANADIAN. I LOVE PAKISTAN BUT I HATE PAKISTANI PEOPLE.
and we hate you shaista, i hope you hate your parents and all other relatives outthere as well
wait for the day when they kick your husband out of Canada for suspect of terorism
fairy77 Apni herketein durst na karna aur allah se akhirat mein jannat ki umeed rakhna is se ziadai bewaqofi aur kuya hogi ur know about the world servey?? poorey world mein blue websites dekhney mein Pakistan NO.1 qarar paya hai ager yaqeen nahi to internet per dekh lo Pakistan to Islamic country hai undue interest kamaya ja rahai hai rishwat li jati hai koi kam rishawa ke baghair nahi hota mere father in law ko retirement ki moeny 4 saal baad mili aur woh bhi 1 lac rishwat deney ke bad ye to ek choti si misal hai her larka larki ki friend hai u know har sall Pakistan mein lakhon Iborshan hotey hain yeh news to GEO ne di hai. to phiir kis Jannat ki ummeed hai akh;irat miein anyway buthat baat hochuki now i do not have time. allah hum sab per reham karey AAMEEN.
why are you getting upset aunty? u started this language game, i dont have a sister or i wouldent let her roaming around 10 at nite in canada just coz she is safe .. and there wasnt a need to tell about the town you are from dont forget those pakistani pedal bachey also included you ur husband and all your family once..you even wrote where dating happens in pakistan good knowledge must be from past..)
jahil sirf mien nahien houn app bhi hien jo apni asliat bhool kar yahan canada ki praise mien lkagi hien..
and fyi i was born and raised here so i know may such kids growing up whose mom swear by them and they made fun of them so its the best place mam to think this way about gals ..
nxt you write pls learn some english as you are a canadian now..)
shaista i know this is true there are so many bad things happening in pakistan, even then we should not hate it,its like our mother you wont hate your motherland .
yeh sab kuch aur jagha bhi hota hey magar hamara media bagher sochey samjhey har cheez ko uchall deta hey, US rape mien no 1 par ata hey yahan bhi dakey chorian sab kuch hota hey magar media uchalta nahien.dosiri taraf india yeh kaam karta hey.
hamien apni roots sey alheda nahien hona chaye remember agar aapp ko yahan sey nikal dya tu app key lye pakistan hi woh jagha hey jahn app ja sakti hien.
i agree hamien islah ki bohat zarorat hey and i think ham us maqamm pa aa chukey hien jahan sey agey hamien behteri ki tarf hi jana chaye inhsllah
and i appriciate squidward for being born and raised here and loving pakistan this much ,
no one be discouraging him for his love of pakistan rather we should encourage such people.
Thanks for sharing ur experiances and opinions.
I do agree with you about the pakistani people,pakistani police and all the things u mention about our society.

The country itself nothing,but the people live there make it bad or good.

I had also very bad experiances like the member junglee ,after my Master's I also spent 6 years in search of good job and I end up at private college as a lecturer..... The job was't bad and i really enjoyed my time there as i was transferring some knowledge and i built very friendly relationship with my students because i don't wanted to be like my own teachers who scold their students all the time and instead of giving up to date knowledge, just relying on 10 years old notes..........Any way ,i left because that job was't paying enough,and if i would't had to support my family I would be still working there ,.. ...on the other side My university fellows ,who had references got very good jobs.
It disturb me a lot.

Yes u r right about the women things,that they can't go out with out their male family members and people r so desperate when they see a lonely girl they just wanna try their luck irrespective of their age.

But the main issue is that what we r doing ....u know leaving is the easiest thing........ur relatives give u hard time ,u left them,u had problems there so u left the country but this is not the solution .some one take the initiative and we the young and educated people can make a difference.............when I read comments, i see most of the member talk about islam and quote different Hadithes but the thing is who is practicing...........

we can fight all those crimes,injustices,unislamic things while staying there not sitting here while making money. I believe if some one through a stone at you and in answer u do the same then there is no differnce b/w u and him.
I won't say it was very impressive discussion between squirdward and shaista03.You both get personnal and said bad things to each other.

shaista03 .....u gave very personal information on public forum, next time plz do care,espacially avoid giving names of organiztion where u r some one related to you work.

I agree with u about the pakistani police, as we all see some highlights in recent news ,public chitrol,which is very sad.

I know its very difficult for some one who had suffered back home .I was talking with my cousine in lahore and he said he lost his friends in recent bombs in R.A bazar, who just finished his MBBS,I can feel the pain of his family,i know the hard work and efforts u have to put to up bring a kid and give him education and when he get ready to return u back the reward ,he get killed in road side bomb. its very painful and sad.

I just wanna say one thing that If u have money u live like king in pakistan and pakistan is heaven for u but if u have no money pakistan is like hell for u.
If u people notice another recent news about the kid sahil saeed,british national,who was kidnapped and his family get robbed the day they were leaving for u.k.
The kid just get released from kidnappers by efforts of police only because he was british national and British high commission was involved other wise u can imagine what would happen,if he belongs to some poor family,obviosly he get killed even after paying the ransome money.
u said u had bad experiances like the member junglee,how many junglee we have here ,i think u the only one or u must be saying some other name but wrote ur own.
u don't seem too old,or lecturer from ur comments........just kidding man .........u must be young at heart..........:)
i think indians are enough to scold the country and ppl there and we really dont need to contribute,rather do something positive for your motherland
i am not scolding just telling the truth,these r harsh facts and we all know that.......

when i was in England,my friends told me never work with asians especially with pakistani,i thought no it can't be true,they r my muslim brother and they won't cheat me ,but what happened i worked two months with a pakistani and never got paid,even i was legal there and allowed to work in summer.....

I am just saying how corrupt people we r , the only reason behind this is we are away from our religon, if we start implementing the teachings of our religon , our country will become the heaven for both poor and rich.
aap logon ne mujh per to tanqid ki ke mein ne sqwaurd ko kaha lakin aap logon ne us ko ek lafz nahi kaha ke us ne meri beti ke 10pm ghar aane ko bar bar bure andaz me uchaala ager wo such much america mein rehte hein aur wahah schooling ki hein to un ko achi tarah pata hona chahie ke america canada mein jis tarah day scool hota hein bilkul wase hi night school bhi common hein kuch bachey apen number upgrade kerne liey aur kuch jo din mien job kertey hain woh night school jatey hain aur woh bhi is tarh student se full hotey hain west ki aaram wali life guzarte hoey Pakistan ke gun gana buhat aasan hain lakin ager woh wahan rehen to un ko pata chale ga ke zindagi guzarna bachon ka khel nahi.

Aur aaj mein aap ko apne kuch experience batati hoon jo aap zara ghor se parhen aur phir apne commnetn den.
jab hum canada min bulkul new they to hum ne job seach shroo ki shroo mein sab new hotey hain raston ka pata nahi hota tu ek Agent ne mujh ko job per bheja us ne bus ka raasta samjha diya aur mien wahan chali gaei mein ne socha wapsi mein sisi tarah bus mein beth ker gher aajaon gi,job 12.00pm finish hoi to sare log cars mein beth ker chale gaey aur mein bus stop per khari ho gaei lakin meri ghalti ye thi ke mujh ko bus ka time maloom nahi tha aur last bus nikal chuki thi Airport ka area tha aur mujh ko koi pata nahi tha ke mein kahan khri hoon husband ne us waqt tak car bhi nahi li thi ab meri halat aap log samajh sakte hain her taraf virani aur emin akali iten mein ek african wahan aaker khara ho gea mein ne us se poocha bus ka tu us ne apna mobile nikal ker bus ka time maloom kiya aurkaha ke aap ki last bus nikal chuki hai us ne bataya ke wo kisi dosre city mein rehta hai yahan job kerta hai aaj us ki car mein problem thi to woh bus se jarah hain mujeh pareshan dekh ker un ne apni 3 buses miss ker dein phir mujh ko apnamobile diya ke gher phone ker lo mein ne kiya tu husband bhi buhat pareshan they ke mein tum tak kese pohanchoon,phir mein ne apne nebour ko phone kiya ke Rehman bhai mein yahan khari hoon buhat musibat mein hoon aap mujh ko apni car mein aa ker le jaein tu us ne nihayt karwe andaz mein kaha ke mein so raha tha aap ne disturb ker diay mujh ko subah job perjana he mein nahi aasakta aap ke husband abhi aae the mein ne un ko bhi mana ker diya ye sahib hamari neeche wali floor per rehte the aur milte julte bhi they un ke saaf saaf inkar per mein rone lagi aur african ka phone wapis ker diya khair phir ek bus aur aai tu us african ne kaha ke ye meri Last bus hai tu jana hi pare ga ager tum chaho tu mere sath chalo mein apni wife ki car mein tum ko gher chor doon ga mere pas koi raasta nahi tha allahka nam le ker mein us ke sath bus mine beth gai hum us ke gher pohnche tu tu us ne mujh ko ghar ke bahar rukne ko kaha aap us waqt meri halat ka shayd andaza na laga saken us waqt sifr mujh ko apna rab yaad tha ro ro ker meri halat buri ho chuki thi woh andar giya aur ek kali aurat bahar aai us ne mujh se sake hand kiya aur mujh se address pooch mein ne bataya tu un admi ne andar jaa ker net per gher ki location nikali jo ke doosra city tha phir woh dono mujh ko raat 2.00am gher chor gaey ye tha ek non muslim ka kirdar aur woh tha hamare Pakistan muslim bhai ka kirdar aur ek baat jo us ne merei husband se kahi ke ab bhabi us ke sath chali gaein hein woh us ko nahi chorey ga khob hans ker kaha ab ap un ki izzat per fateha parh le mere husband ne baad mein mujh ko bataya ke Rehman ne mere sath chalne ki bajaey is tarah kaha.ab andaza hoa ke woh jaga hamare ghar se sirf 20 minutes ki drive per thi, is waqe ka ek ek harf sach hai mere allah ne mere liey mein us ko farisha hi kahon gi bheja tha.
aur batati hoon ek Pakistani Restuarant mein kaam kiya to owner ki pay dete hoie jaan nikalti thi kaam lene min buta tez they lakin jab tak moun khol ker na kaho woh paisy dene ka naam nahi letey the aur phir bhi 3 4 din laga deten they
aur bataun ab sunein ein aur Pakistani Restuarnat mien kaam kiya to hamra kaam 10.00pm finish hta tha sab chale gey they mein bhi jarahi thei tu mein apna bag lene Basement mein gai tu owner bhi aagey peeche peeche aur mujh se badtamizi kerne ki koshish ki ke shaista aap ko dekh ker kon keh sakta he ke aap 2 bachon ki maan hain buha khoobsurat hain aap wagera wagera aur phir mere uper jhapatne lage tu mein ne kaha sir mein Police ko bula loon gi apni izzar bacha ker nikak aai aur phir palat ker wahan nahi gaei apne paisy bhi nahi lene gai. us ke bad se mein ne apne desi bhai log ke sath kaam kerne se tuba kerli aur goron ke sath kaam kerti hoon respect bhi milti hair woh log khiyal bhi kerte hain appreiciate bhi kerte hain ke mein gher aur job donon maintain ker rahi hoon.

ab aap log mujh ko bataen ke kon behtar hain humare Pakistani bhai ya non muslim, mere hunsband seedhe aadmi hain kai Pakistan families ne money borrow ki lakin aaj taj wapis nahi ki un ko pata tha ke abhi Pakistan se aaen hain tu kuch money to sath lae hon gen khair hum apna mamla allah ke superd kerteny hain hum Pakistani families se pehle miltey they lakin ab nahi jaha dekho Gheebat aur ek doosre ko neecha dikhana hum yaha akele khush hain mein ye nahi kehti ke sare log burey hote hain lakin asie log kam hi hain
sorry aap logo ka buhat time liaya wasay tu aur bhi batei hain lakin yahan gunjaish nahi ab aap hi bataen kon ghalat hai aur kon sahi????
batt start hoi, WEST and EAST say now some member are geting personnal and said bad things to each other.aggar ko aik Gali day to dosra chupp jo jay yea batt hi acchi samji jatti hay. i am very sad that we are fighting together, it is not impressive discussion.Please close this matter,
so please be KOOL, and HAPPY Thanks for all
shaista begum pata nahi aap kia boal rahi ho meray pass bhi non muslims ki buhat examples hain,mery hubby bhi buhat seedhy hain jab hum Canada aaye tu hum ne aisy hi Pakistanis se suna tha k Pakistanis aisy hain waisy hain.so hum aik indian broker k pass gye k koi munasib sa apt. rent pe mily.us ne kaha ktum ghar le lo yahan acha hota hai.v told him v couldnt afford.but us ne kaha aik ghar hai meri secertary upper portion mein rehti hai mortgage us k rent se nikal aaye gi apni larki hai kahin jaye gi bhi nahi aur jitna rent do gay un paisoon se bill de dena.na na karty rahy but us ne aisy batoon ka jaal phainka k kuch samajh nahi aai yah shaid humain yaha ka kuch pata bhi nahi tha.jab ghar dekha tu us mein buhat repairing honi thi jub poocha tu kahny laga aap k aany se pehly ho jaye ga.lawyer k pass sign karny jana tha tu mery hubby ne kaha pehly kaam karwa k do,tu woh minty taraly karny laga k sign kar lo rab ki qasam tumharay aany se pehly karwa doon ga.rony pe aa gya,mery hubby ko buhat tars aaya unhoon ne kaha apny khuda ki qasam utha raha hai kar le ga.sign ho gye woh din aur aaj us bandy ne call recieve nahi ki.phir kuch arsy mein pata chala k us ne is ghar se $50,000 ka profit kamaya.aur itny purany ghar ki koi adhi qeemat bhi nahi de ga.buhat kaushish ki per yeh hadi na nigal sakty hai na ugal sakty hai.
aur suniyan next month hi rental chchoar gai.aaye din ghar ki repairing ne kamar toar di.phir aik canadian single mother aai rent k liye(yeh woh sunain jo kahty hain k yahan koi jhoot nahi bolta aur kisi kko dhoaka nahi deta)ro ro k kehny lagi mery owners aisy hain waisy hain choty bachy hain plz mujhy de do.mery hubby ne kaha bechari ro rahi hai akaili aurat hai.rakh liya.1st rent diya us k baad her month bahana banati roti,benefit pe thi tub bhi.after 3month mein ne sakhti se kaha tu cheekhany cheelany lagi aur door maun pe de marti.Police call ki(yeh woh sunain jo kehty hain yah laws hain,yeh law ki dhoans sirf hum logoon pe chalti hai apny log tu un ko jhandi kara dety hai)cops aaye tu us ne un se bhi bedtameezi ki unhoon ne kaha hum kuch nahi kar sakty court jao.neighbou mein Pakistani thy us ne bataya hum bhi yeh bhukat chuky hain court khoob fees bhi le gya 3month chakar bhi lagway ga phir isy 2month ka notice de gi aur rent le k nahi de gi,Allah ka shukar us aurat ki aadat thi her 6 month k baat kisi aur immigrant ko uloo banany ki.aur chali gai.phir 2,3 canadians rakhy unhoon ne bhi sukh ka saans na leny diya,kehty thy hum nahi darty kisi se yeh laws tum immigrants k liye hain.khair abh aik Pakistani family hai,saath bhi hai aur sakoon bhi.mery hubby job pe hon mujhy zaroorat ho doc. ya grocery humaisha favor dety hain.
Shaista anti is fighting like kids

safty ki baat hai tu yahan roaz hi rah chalty yougsters bachy,cab drivers,pizza man k murders hoty hain chund paisoon aur cell fones k peechy.roaz bachiyun aur teenagers larkiyun ka rape hota hai.yeh social crimes tu her juga hai.yeh jo keh raha hai na jahi atty k liye lines mein khary hony waly tu saf zahir hai kisi kami kameen khandaan se talauq hai jo ab paet bhar k khana mil gya hai tu doosaroon ki bebasi ka tamasha bana raha hai.rizq tu Allah ki zaat deti hai us ka shukar karo.warna bheek tu in countries mein bhi mangty hain daro us waqat se jab yehi govt. kisi bhi bahany se tum se sub chcheen k tuhay bhi wahi na betha de.phir tumhari far far english bhi kaam nahi aaye gi.jahil woh hota hai jo apni asleet kho deta hai.apni zameen tu dharti maa hoti hai aur jo apni maa ko gali gali mein zaleel kar sakta us sa kameena aur badqismat insaan koi nahi.achi ho buri ho akhir maa hi apni gaud(lap) mein panah deti hai.pehly apny andar jhankoo k kitni achchai hai tum mein.khair yeh tumhai maa ka bhi ilaaj hai jo us ne tuhain yeh tarbeet de.yeh govt kitni sahoolatain apny logoon ko de kitny hi laws bana le in ki qaoun aaj bhi sarkoon per rul rahi hai.aurat murd ki tameez nahi kuty kutiyun wali misaal hai in ki.I love my Pakistan jis ne mujhy education de,elders ki respect karna sekhai,Allah ki pehchan karai.meri maa ki tarbeet hai k us ne insaan aur insaniyat ki izat karna sikhai aur apni chadar dekh kar paoon philana sikhaya.yeh azeem maa mujhy Pakistan ne di.Allah Pakistan aur Pakistanis ko apni hifz-o-amaan mein rakhy aur tum jaisy english speaking jahiloon ki sazishoon se mahfooz rakhy.AMEEN.
There is one famous quote of old people

"Apna jab marta hai to saey (shadow)mey marta hai"

This means that if some one related to u hurt u,he hurt u but not badly but some one non related to u won't care,and hurt u badly.

First of all @shaista03 ,Plz accept my apology on behalf of Squridward, he should't say those things about ur daughter.

I just wanna say one thing that it was ur luck that u got bad experiances with ur own people.
I have worked with both english and asian people,and also lived with english ,asian and also black people.

My experiance about english is that they r very polite on ur face and say always good thing to you but at back or inside they hate us , when they come to know u r muslim ,their hatred get more strong and if they could ,they kick u out from their country ............and the reason behind their hatred is only ur skin colour and ur religon,even if u r good person and behave well u dont make them friend ...........
and this is also mention in Quran yahood and nasara can't be ur friend.

The other thing they also cheat ,lie and do all wong stuff and if they know they can't get caught they even try to kill u .........
They have no values ,as they have no family background, they r just like animals,don't know who was the father.

But with muslims at least they have fear of God.

I also had bad experiances with pakistani people,even with my relatives ,but also not good experiances with english as well.I lived also in england and same story there.

What I learned with my life is that never expect any favor from any one even from ur blood relatives.First of all God and then ur own money helps nothing else...........

when I visit my real brother in ON ,i spend my own money ,use cab ,buy grocery, for myself ...i am not saying my brother is some kind of greedy .....i just don't want to take favor and i do the same when i go home to my parents......so this way u feel comfortable and relax.
OMG..look at those essays!!!
really yaar log to bharay bethay they...
pakistan is pakistan no one can chased it
hur jaga achai burai loug hottai hai..is all k humko kabhi kisi sai kuch expect nahi kerna chaahiya..na muslims sai na gouro sai..n yes living in paki is very hard now a days..if what we living in USA or canada? hum wohi hai jaha hamara rizq-roti likha hai..
mout ek din ani hai subko..magar jo loug pakistan mai rehrai hai unsai pocho k jub un ka baap bhai baita jatai hai bahir kamaanai k liya tou pata bhi nahi hota k wo wapas ayegae k nahi..everyday bomb blasts ye wo..waha koi kaam rishwat k bagher nahi hota..apko waha per kisi safarish k bagher achi university mai admission nahi milsukta..aur phir jaha hum rehrai hai us mulk ko bura nahi kehsuktai..atleast hum ko yaha achi taleem milri hai..bul k yaha jo afford nahi kersuktai wo bhi achai sai achai colleges universities mai jasuktai hai coz government pays for their education!!...pakistan mai agar koi 100 logo ki ankho k samnai tarap raha ho tou uski madad ko koi nahi dourtai...kisi k pass paisai na ho tou us ka ilaaj nahi hosukta...n thts the reality of Pakistan..!!!...so is very easy to say that WE LOVE PAKISTAN jo waha rehrai hai un logo sai pocho k un per din bhar kia guzarti hai
so behen bhaio jaha bhi jaisai bhi jis haal mai rehrai ho Khuda ka shukar ada karoo.!!!...puri dunia khuda ki zameen hai..n Hum sub ko Allah nai banaya hai n ek din wohi subnai lout ker jana hai wapas..chaahai wo muslim ho jewish christen..
zahraahmed.. iten sare comments me sirf aap hi ki batein such much mere dil ko lagein waqi sab allah ki zameen hai kahin bhi raho bas apna mazhab aur apni rewayat na bholo jahan rizaq likha hai insan waho khud hi allah ki taraf se pohnch jata hai har haal mein us ka shukar karna chahiey beshak hum sab ko lot ker apne rab ki taraf jana hai aur hisab dena hai to allah se darna chahiey aur apne apne aamal sab ko durst kerne ki koshish kerna chahiye.
aur hum to perdes mein bhi Pakistan aur wahan ke logon ki mushkilogn ko aasan kerne ki allah se roz dua mangte hain aur Pakistan ko achi government milne ki dua mangte hain jo logon ki problems ko solve kere aur log sakoon ka saans le saken aap sab bhi allah se Pakistan ke leye dual kerte rahe Pakistan hamara watan hain bas is ke liey dua hi ker saketey allah shayad kisi ki dua sun le
thanks shaista...hamai sirf pakistan k liya nahi...all around the world sub musalmans k liya dua kerni chaahiyaa.!!!..mainai kabhi kisi indian ko pakistan ko bura kehtai nahi sunaa...lakin jaha dou teen pakistani jama hojai tou india ko itna bura bhala boltai hai..aor ye bhooljatai hai k aj bhi mere khayal sai india mai utni hi muslim abadi hai jitni paki mai.!!!.....bus jaha raho rizq-halal kamao n khaoo!!!...nothing wrong in going abroad for getting good education and good job..!!..we all have right to live a good life!!...yes we love pakistan but government has ruined that country...people of that country have ruined itt..
zara ahamad ap ney agar indians ko nahien dekha tu ja kar un ki 2 -3 web sites hi dekh lien app ko pata lag jaye ga keh indians aap sey kitni mohabat kartey hien, aik munazim groh hey unka jo pakistan keh against lobbies bana kar kaam kar raha hey , khuda key lye ab apni ankien khool lien tu acha hey.
haaan tou jub pakistani hi pakistanio ka khoon karai hai tou offcourse dosro logo mulko ko bhi shai mili huwi hai k hamarai mulk mai ghus ker pakistanio ko marai....
shaista tu jahil kesey keh rehi hey?aik lafz english ka ata nahien kisi ghatya khandaan ki bari angrez ki aulad hey na tu? lagta hey pakistan mien kisi tharey par pari thi jo yhan a kar ankhien khul gaye hien ab pakistan bura lagta hey urdu jahiloun ki zaban lagti hey hoteloun mien kaam karney wali aurat ko wesy hi loog milien gey na bas kar apni aur apney family ki tareefien meri beti yeh merey husband woh mien khooobsorat baqi sarey jahil jis thali mien kha kar pali hey usi mien moot rahi hey
mishal whatever you said was very right, bohat zabardast baat ki hey,everyone knows whats going on in pakistan, magar whan key loog jesey hien hamareyhien, apna marey bhi tu chaoun mien phenkta hey, woh sab loog jo yahan sey nikal dye jatey hien wapis pakistan hi jatey hien pakistan sey unhien koi nahien nikal sakta, shaista ko aaj yaha aye 6 saal hoye heien aur yaha se itni mohabayhey , aur jis mulk mien paida hoien jahan pali bhari jis ney zameen di assman dya education di us ki itni burai.
pakistan ke loog burey hien rizq nahien,law nahien kuch bhi nahien , magar baherhal pakistan pakistan hey i love the ppl there i love the weather there , wahan key bazar sab hamarey apney hien, aaj mujhey yahan rehtey hoye 12 saal ho gaye hien magar i still feel keh yeh sab mera nahien hey wo apnayat nahien hey jo wahan
shaista loog aap par is lye tanqeed kar rahey hien keh app ney squidward se pehley batamezi ki thi aur urdu medium ko jahil kaha tha jo ghalat hey
zahraahmed,v r muslim n v believe that k moat ka aik din muqarar hai,aik example sunni thi k aik admi sadia mein tha aur moat ka farishta us ko bar bar dekh raha tha us ne socha mein india chala jata hoon yeh mujhy nahi le k ja saky ga.woh next day hi india pouhanch giya aur usi din death ho gai.aur farishta kehny laga Allah ne mujhay is ki rooh qabaz karny india jany ko kaha tha aur mein dekh raha tha k yeh wahan kia kar raha hai.so marna kaisy kahan aur kiyun hai yeh sub tae hai,chahye duniya k jis marzi kony mein chaly jao.moat se darna Im aan ki kamzoari hai.darny ki baat hai tu mein yahan akaili hoon aur meryu hubby jub tak job se nahi aaty mein bhi darti bcoz yaha bhi pata nahi kab kaun maar (khud na khawasta)mein kia karoon gi.jahan tak rishwat ki baat hai tu mein ne khud dekha hai kindian log jin k apny log kisi idary mein hain woh paisy le kar drive tests pass karwaty hai.jo k nahiyat dangerous hai.even her koi apni community k liye aisy fraud kar raha hai.mery father ki death mery childhood mein ho gai thi.meri ammi k pass koi rishwat sifarish nahi thi hum behan bhaiyun ne merit ki base per achy collages aur schools se education hasil ki.I mean to say k yeh buraiyan her jaga hain bhi aur nahi bhi.yeh log jitny marzi laws bana lae karny waly bhi us lehaaz se rasty nikal lete hain.
i agree with you mishal....magar hum sub apnai apko sudhar lai tou puri qoom na sudhar jai?? hum hamesha dosro mai buraya dhondetai hai kabhi apnai apko n kabhi apni buraya theek kerne ki koshis ki haai??
ap ap isi discussion ko lailou...da way people talking here batameezi sai n taking everything personally thts not right..!!!..is terha sai na hum khud rehsuktai hai aur nahi kisi ko rehnai daisuktai hai!..
and the safety we feel here is no longer in pakistan..!!!...and doesn't matter here or pakistan her insaan ko apni hifazat khud kerni hoti haai...yaha raho k waha Allah sai hamesha achai k liya dua mango..!!
oh the discussion ,i miss all.
we all love pakistan ,but we are muslim 1st .people ,in pakistan now a day is really annoying......ajeeb say hein.life is difficult ,din bhar sotay hein aur ratoon ko owl ki tar jgtay hein,markets resturant,and in offices they are not their or not helpful,cheat cheat what they have in life.we in the west dimaghi sakoon hai.when we are in india we were immigrant ,move to pakistn still imigrnts,move to canada still immigrants ,so what.this is human being life cycle,but we are muslimand in west growing and rised your self and children is easy here then in.......some one write that dr.can be jew say sorry we cannot call a muslim jew,and when jew who is in minority can follow or keep there tradition why not muslims.no one like jews when they can standout why not muslimsstand out .find out in yourself wher is mistaken.pakistany people are just status concious
you are midle you are poor ,your are high .....live in the country and work hard you will get respect too.make your position by efforts get some acheivements,insted of critisizing
to each other.i know people heresay is jews lobby and you cannot get admission in med schools.i doubt thats why he say he will be jew dr. but look around look in prliment there are pakistanies t high post,in business.if you are here for dollrs then sure husband and wife both has to work.but if you come s mulim and for peaceful life ,get good education so your wife has to stay home,i told before pakistany boys are lazy i observe indianmulims and ......they study here from start even i know with wife and children he spent 7 years to get his medical degree ,some spent staight 4 years gain to get medical degree or eng....hasad karna ho to healthy hasad karo deen hasil karoo study yourself .money and status symbol kia madad karega
in the west you have oppurtunity to learn with peace of mind.you critisize my english .it is fine with me .i am happy and it is my success no fault in urdu. go to pakistan not for show of for your foreign moneyand everyone red carpet you when give gifts nd bakhshish,sit down and listen whome you dont know,how relative ,friend ,neighbours make each other life misreble. and if you are muslim you donot have to buy home on mortgage or your car on instalment .it is intrest,,donot say you cannot.if there is a will there is a way
it is out of topic for the sis who rent the place .as you run any other business,renting property is also a business,if you donot take care as the law says you will get cheat.for the welfare people there is a form for direct payments to lanlords.in case of default,apply tocourt by filling forms take total35 days in this process ,that days cover by the lastmonth rent.and still you have issue go to sheriff office they will evacuate it and send the sheriff copy to welfare office so that ldy next time cannot cheat other and also cut her allownce too .it is your tax dollar wht they get as welfare.there is law and order but it depend how you read the law when applicable,but firs you donot have illegar rental to your place
you need to be 2,3 generation to be comfortable in west i stand for my rights even these birtish people who are too rude to skin brown.but they can only grind there teeth.be a good muslim pakistny so these people can respect the pakistany .in pakistan if you are humble ,simple kind,truthful ,helpful you are stupid one sorry for the language stupid ,i cannot find urdu for that
u r so impossible aisha,anyways I m not here to improve my self rite.I think I cant fight this kind of girl(like laraka,jhagraloo).sorry to say.I just wanted to prove buraiyan west mein bhi hain tu sirf Pakistan ko hi kiyun nissana banaya ja raha hai.I m telling u one thing our family s not immigrant 4m india in Pakistan, sadiyun se humary bary wahi per bus rahy hain jahan aaj hain.bus ab woh Pakistan k naam se hai.its ur generation jo eastern born hai ya tumhary parents jin mein kuch riwayat,attitude aur relations ka kuch pass hai.yeh khush fahmi hai tumhari k tumhari 3rd generation mein door tak in mein se kuch dekhai de ga,aur sary laws janty hoay yeh bhi janti ho gi k u cant impose ur thoughts on ur kids here.so tub batana k tum waqai hi comfortable ho.now I m ending this conversation.bye aisha n happy" EAGER".
correct your self ,fight and stand for your rights is 2 different things.how you take it.we are not slaves ,we are muslims our relegion is the best .1st stand for as good muslim then we will be able to good pakistany.i accept we are immigrants in india and is ruled as muslim country but when birtish ruled ,a muslim cannot live leaving his right of .......then become pakistan as muslim country for muslim where should all the rules and way of life is like muslims.now see the pakistan .are we behaving like that? you can still grow your children the way you want ,but 1st you should yourself as a role model.look around you will see grown children working on good post and they offer jobs to muslims too but pakistany muslim they donot work properlyand they are(french word mean dirty ,smelly) you cannot stand .atleast shower and change your clothes every day but i think they wake up late and rush to work.be realistic. there is nothing impposible.remember jang badar 313 musalman they.hazrat bilal.khalid bin walid they were eman say pur muslim.idonot have to wit for generations
and sis shaista,br squade cannot be canadian born even he didnot get his primary education in canada .he insulting pakistani canadian born children by saying he is born canadian.it is paistani who downgrade ,personl comment,bad akhlaqi ki hadtak mazaq,yeh hanse urnay may expert hain baq sub achy kamoon main 0.thats what the people in pakistn do.they forget quran "sur humazah"canadian children donot do personal hansi at all period.it is one of their quality.the way he write he is pure immigrantwhen he grow big.pakistan people love pakistan and love your urdu make the life esier for the next generation nd a good muslim country for every muslim
majority of people writing here have their experiences in pakistan as a one who came from 'bahar'(western countries i mean), jub aap ki jaib me dollars hoon to aap ko pakistan k bazar bhi ache lagain gay, aur wahan k logo ko aap bhi ache lagai gay! warna jo wahan rehte hain unke lye mehangai aur poor security conditions ne bazars, mazedar khanay aur ek doosre se milne jaana, aur aisi choti choti khushian bht mushkil bana di ha, imagine urself with 40000 rupees n this all stuffs then i m v sure u cannot enjoy it(ye alag baat k aap apne saath rehne walon pe depend karte hoay un ki murawwat ka faida uthay jain aur fakhr se kahen 'combined family'nd combined traditions zindabad!), vacations pe jane walon k lye wahan ki life bht achi ha, but jo rishtedar, gherwale aap se bht achi tarah milte hain unhe bata den k ab hum yaheen rahe gay phir dekhiay un k paas bhi aap k lye time nh hoga, afsoos karne aaien gay sar
i wud request the pakistanis out there , please dont say that which pakistani class have u observed? middle class is bad lower middle is worst, upper middle is worse nd my class is best, i hv always lived in a well off family i m so nd so, when u mention the bad aspects of western society as a whole then see ur pakistani society too as a whole. at least in west when someone do something odd, which the christian etc dont consider right eg. imposing ur thoughts on ur children, the people the govt all stop u from it,they dont find any excuses for their personal benifits.in pakistan its totally diff when someone beats his wife or direspect their parents, others free thenselves v easily sayin that we dont belong to this class! when Allah has given u a bit better place, better abilities, why dont u try to improve the lifes of these other classes too.If a christian ask u about burst stove incident for jahez in pakistan which society u consider muslim cultured etc etc? u can only mention them in return for any such incident in their country if u know any which is v rare? better accept the truth, or u wud like explain them i dont belong to this v class in pakistan this class is such and my class is such their pakistan is poor and my pakistan is rich cultured educated muslim etc etc? they just laugh at u and ur reasons!
i m sure my lectures will irritate many amongst u!sorry for that, dnt read plz, i wont curse u at all:)
all pakistani foriegners there and foreigner pakistanis, please dnt forget the hadith about not throwing out the fruitskins from ur door when u know ur neighbour didnt had any fruits for his child, if u cannot send him, hide urs too! but today in pakistani society evone has so much to show off others that they themselves r grabbed by this curse and go on taking more n more loans to impress others. when pakistanis from West go there they feel good too bcoz they can show their wealth which is way better than the people ther and this feeling of superiority is what the majority enjoys!Even parents enjoy the status today of west palat aulad and the respect they owned due to the nalaiq tareen but 'amrika se chuttion pe aaya hoa beta' from the parosis and so called rishtaydar etc.they love the other bety too who is qualified but job less in pakistan, but where is the respect the values and all such good feelings what the otherone recieved from the society. Please if u do go to pak for ur vacations or some wedding etc, dnt show ur previlege of dollars there bcoz 95% of people there get impress to the extent that they can do do all the best to match ur status.When u can eat and wear simple in rich countries why cant u do that in ur poor country? do u want ev one to envy u there or get impressed? please play ur role in making pakistani society a better class which u can be proud of being related to.
it really hurts to say: life in west today is better than in today's pakistan. if u r a muslim u can observe pardah u can teach ur child what u want and so, in the end if u cannot do so u have the reason to blame christians govt etc, but in pakistan today is behayi more common than west,i hv seen so many girls with hijab and so but stil
doing cheap chores, its an insult for their hijab too,i dnt say for all but majority of streets in pak hv dirty eyed males doing nothing just staring others with their ugly sights, and so is thus for the females they r busy in khandani politics and oder rubbish along wid full hijab nd so? there r just 'dedazaib abayas' and 'bari daarhis'?where is islam and where is lihaz? no where, and who will u blame for it?the christian govt? the nonmuslim school friends, the working mothers or the drunked fathers? life in pakstan is good 4 the dheet,selfish,naudaulityas
who doesnt care about others ke mere ghar me to sub acha ha!
i love pakistan that was made to be 'Islam ka qila'. May Allah make it the true Islam ka qila.
now end this conversation plzz.Pakistanis k pass kuch bhi ho aik doosary se jealous hi rahty hain,aik doosary ki taang khanchany mein lagy rahty hain.khud koi kaam nahi karty jis ne roti khila di usi k mureed ho gy.apny se establish dekhty hain kisi ko tu struggle nahi karty wahan tak pouhanchny k liye bus buraiyan karny lagty hai.mein ne dekha hai buhat se logoon ko jo thehlay se aaj resturants k owners ban gy hard work se.aur Allah mehnat ka sila zaroor deta hai. wahan jobs nahi hai tu her koi chahta hai office seat hi ho.aur jo kama rahy hain acha kha rahy hain bus un k keeray nikalny ka time hai in k pass.complex ka shikaar Pakistani.her waqat class ka rona roty rehty hain apna damagh kisi amli soach ki taraf nahi lagaty.yeh sub jo immigrants larky hain Pakistan mein yeh bhi yehi sub karty aaye hain abh un ko nishana kis liye bana rahy ho.woh bhi in ki tarah america england k chakar mein hain jaisy yeh thy.any ways Pakistan ko bukhsh do plzzzzzzzzz.
simple yahan in westrens ko koi jealousy nahi jab un k log un se rich ho.sirf yehi Pakistani doosary Pakistani se jealous hoty nazar aaty hain.nahi kuch mila tu Pakistan k establish logoon ko nishana bana liye.kabhi apny kaam se kaam nahi rakhty.islam ka tu tamasha banaya hai achi tarah keechar uchal k phir Pakistan ko blessings dety hain.jahan dil aaya islami culture aur laws ko beech mein la k apni bharas nikal li.I always pray k jin logoon ko itni nafrat hai jo wahan uncomfortable feel karty hain Allah un ko us zameen per kabhi qadam rakhna naseeb na kary.islam ko beech mein ghaseetny ki zaroorat nahi.Islam tu yeh hai Allah ki raza mein khush rehna.apny geerban mein jhanko k khud kitna islam k mutabiq ja rahy ho sirf hijab islam nahi.
i agree with the expression given by m.n khan in pakistn everyone is stuck in status symbol.and sad part they donot understnd that they are in a wrong craze,they are mistaken.aur jab apni ghalti hi tasleem nhi kartay to apnay aap ko sahih kaisay karangee.eg.every mother loves her own child wether black ,or handicap or special needs she love at the same extent as other mothers do.we all love pakistan but we have to look as 3r person eye .if a child has bad behaviour he need to be corrected ,need to listen ,and follow the guide line to be......the same pakistany apna mahasba khud kareen aur maloom kareen what are the reason after......yrs they are still in 3rd country,and therir cream of educated people wish to leave the country
yeh comparison ki baat ho rahi hai,kisi k achy buray hony ki nahi.kuch logoon ki wajah se her Pakistani ko ghalat kehna aur overall Pakistan ko ghalt kehna unfair hai.west mein majority uneducated Pakistani immigrants hain.bachoon ko teach nahi kia jata woh tu woh karty hain jo woh apny elders ko karty hoay dekhty hain.
i think in such discussions we should give and accept the views which can help to improve the circumstances in pakistan. and i hv written what i feel we can do there when we visit back home.v sorry to say, seems k its so difficult for some members to do this little for thier beloved land nd people there.if u consider that u hv worked so hard to reach a established status of having a life in West and consider it something to be so proud of, please dont want others to follow ur path. this shows ur love for urself and ur life only,not Pakistan. About the jealousy in pakistanis and not in west, dnt forget in West if the rich ones have bangalows, the poor can also have a roof to shelter, majority of the govts support such people or dnt allow them to enter the country, but in pakistan if the established people were right they would have have support their country, given their taxes like the established people in West, but today pakistanis consider themselve established when they manage to escape pakistan and then say u do this too instead of getting jealous from us! this somthing superiority complex! which is not much diff as inferiority complex!
All the western nations consider themselves established s a nation they do migrate but never get proud of their act as the pakistanis who leave the country saying that we love pakistan we miss pakistan etc but still we leave pakistan,and when they go back home, they can feel the pleasure of dollars more in Pakistan than the West. nd then they enjoy it more there than in West irrespespective of the impact it gives to people who cannot afford such things by right means of income in pakistan. for eg i visit a wedding there nd now i want new nd the best dresses for all functions, i can afford it bcoz i hv earned in dollrs euros etc nd can easily spend in rupees i wnt to enjoy the most of my time there, i hv worked hard for earning this all and now why shudnt i enjoy when i can? but on the other hand my cousins who belong to good families nd hv already good dresses with them they will again spend thousands to stand with me nd my expenses there in pakistan. unintentionally i hv made them do something which is not right, i knw evbody can think good or bad for them,but as a nation when u consider urself pakistani follow simplicity, pakistni nation is a poor nation if u belong to them be simple otherwise either u r from the corrupt politicians group or ur not a pakistani, dnt claim ur love for this land. u can do a lot more there with ur money than just making ur lifes more and more glamourous in front of ur relatives and startng a status competition.If u love ur land please dont leave it
it, come and serve it, it needs people who really love it! Dont prefer ur personal comfort on pakistan esp. when u love it all whats happening in pakistan today and consider it the same s in
west, please go to pakistan nd serve it.why r u here in west then?
ok,mnkhan I didnt planned to come here,v r established there my hubby s educated person n he had estalish business,v were enjoying our rupees there than here.tumhary jaisy kisi frnd ki batoon mein aa k us ne sub sale kar k yahan tashreef le aaye.now buhat pachtata hai k ani education k mutabiq bhi us ko job nahi mil rahi.anyways labour jobs buhat hai but jobs yahan bhi itni nahi hain.yahan 3rd class life guzar sakty ho tum log bcoz koi apna nahi dekh raha yeh complex hi tu hai apni asleet per sharmindagi kaisi.yeh taka taka bacha k wahan per sirf show off k liye.tu maan lo k tum bhi wohi ho jo doosaroon per tanqeed kar rahy ho.mery hubby tu na politician thy na criminal na humary elders bus aik hi baat sikhai gai k mehnat karo isi se Allah ne humain barkat de hai aur tumhay bhi de ga.elders ki respect karo aur apni asleet per sharminda na ho,get education.deffinately V 'll go back soon bcoz mein apny bachoon ko apny baroon k saaye mein hi dekhna chahti hoon.I mentiond b4 k yaha majority ghatiya log aaye hain jo chichori aur kameeni harkatoon per utter aaty hain aur apni asleet bhol k aur apni kaamchori ka intaqam pooray Pakistan se lena chahty hain.Family background buhat matter karta hai.aur yehi baat hai k humary parents ne humain achi tarbeet de.
mery father ki death hoi tu meri maa ne sirf humari education pe concentrate kia.hum tu kabhi sharminda nahi hoy kisi wedding ya function per kisi k achy dresses dekh k na jealous hoy.beth k sarty nahi rahy bal-k apny future k liye struggle ki mehnat ki,scholarships le and now my maa s proud their children.mery aik bhai ka education mein koi khass interest nahi tha maa ne hum ne buhat kaushish ki but woh utni education nahi haasil kar saka den meri maa ne usy awaragardi k liye nahi choar diya jaisy tum jaisy log hain ya thy.meri maa ne ussy bookshop per sales per rakhwa diya but humari family traditions k sirf mehnat ka dars diya hai us ne buhat loyality aur hard work kia.then us k owner ne us k mehnat per ussy store manager rakh liya.after an year us ka store UK mein bhi tha aur aaj woh wahan per job kar raha hai. now v r happy 4 him.yeh batany ka maqasad sirf yeh tha k mehnat se sub kuch milta hai chahye duniya k kisi koany mein ho.apni kaamchori aur apny family background ya apny parents ki na ahli aur susti ka ilzaam Pakistan ko mut do.
yahan humary milny waly sub educated Pakistanis ka circle hai.in mein koi bhi Pakistan ki her waqat burai ya tanqeed nahi karty rehta.apny kids k future k liye kuch wapis ja chuky hain aur kuch plan kar rahy hain.meri sis-in-law ko 5 yrs hoy hain Pakistan gy hoy un k bachy buhat khush hain.they r getting gud education,last yr woh vacations per aaye thy un ki beti O'level mein hai jub us ne yeh sub dekha tu boli mama aap ne buhat acha kia jo humain yahan se le gain.yeh bhi personal reality hain jo humary samny hai.aik frnds ki family bhi 2 saal pehly move hoi thy r happy n satisfy.jo log struggle karty woh kisi si hasad nahi karty na keeray nikalny mein time waist karty hain.mein bhi bekaar cheap logoon se baat karna pasand nahi kart yahan nazar pai tu boaly baghair mein reh nahi sakti jo rite per ho aur apny haaq k liye na boal saky tu mein boaly baghair nahi rahti sorry.
Allah hadayiat sirf us ko deta hai jo chahta hai.
i m agreed wid u Allah hidayat us ko deta ha jo chahta ha. very sorry to see u getting too personal, i hvnt said anything personal to u,despite the cheap comments from u which r just ur assumption bcoz i hv neither mentioned anything abt me or my family nor urs.Although i can also say much!i hv just given an eg(not my eg.)aap jis awaragard ki baat kar rhi ha use apni qualification yahan prove karne ki zarurat nh ha.i m far better qualified alhamduliAllah.My parents hv also taught me to respect others, which i think u r lacking now.i dnt consider such forums r meant to discuss ur parents and ur family issues. u just dnt even know where m ind who m i?, may be i m in pakistan at the moment or in ur neighbours!whats is the reason of such comments then? better calm down nd try to improve the odds in pakistani society if u can rather than being stubborn nd not accepting the realities.i knw v well there r many drawbacks in west too,but when it comes to comparison todays pakistani society has much more nd one of the big one is such mentalities: instead of accepting the realities and trying to improve them we start blaming each others nd mentioning our selfconsidered successes nd their drawbacks, never luking ourselves s a nation.why do u consider ur brother established in Uk why cant he be established in pakistan? what made him leave the country and what made u being happy for him while being in UK?
i dnt think i hv said nething so difficult, just a little change in behaviour, whether in pakistan or on a visit there. when u r sincere with ur land u cannot forget the poor child in govt schools while doing ur O'levl.but majority of the well off pakistanis todays r so busy in theirselves nd their selfconsidered successes that they forget that what ever they are they r recognized s a corrupt nation.i belong to this nation too and u belong to this corrupt nation too irrespective of our passports.Instead of useless arguements and criticism, do something for ourcountrymen, s large s giving the unpriveleged better opportunities of education, health nd shelter to s small s acquiring a simple life style,it prevents many from having an inferiority complex who do work hard too but due to the social unjustice there,they cannot get the reward of their hardwork in this world. for mishal09, i do them both, nd mention here just for u! i dnt have ne inferiority complex AlhamduliAllah nor i wish to have superiority complex too!i hate to disrespect the parents and family of neone,please dnt compel me too! tc
for all this debate west and east,none of pakistay write that we do behave and act like as good pakistny while living in pakistan or aboard.
and those who live in pakistan should accept the fact that living and survivng in pakistan is not easy in every aspect of life.so those emotionioal gentlemen nd ladieswho are living in pakistan and planning to move back in pakistan ...PROMISE TO YOURSELF THAT YOU AND OTHER DEPENDENT SPENT ONE DAY 24 HOURS ONLY WITHOUT CORRUPTION WITHOUT RISHWAT AND IF IN OFFICES STAY AT YOUR SEAT WORK WITH FULL EFFORTS AND THESE WELL BEHAVED LADIES GIVE A CHANCE TO GOVT.SCHOOL STUDENT TO STUDY ONE DAY IN YOUR SCHOOL WITH FACILITY AND YOUR CHILDREN IN GOVT. SCHOOL
THEY WILL KNOW THE FACT SOONER .and lady you might be highly educated in pakistan but not in west do evaluate your degreeand also evaluate your team work you will get less mark.sirf bateen aur gup,manipulation may best mark melangee .if you think your parents teach you hard so study dear to get rid of the labour job.why people are studing o level and amarican sys in pakistan because they know education sys.is gone down now.we are still following west by doing o level so why donot you do it in west at least pure study.accept the fact otherwise pakistani cannot correct themself
one more thing when you visit pakistan and simply live in pakistan your friend relative and neighbour inpakistn say lagta hi nahi hai kih bahar say aaye ho woh kia dekhna chatay hein .why your cousion try to comepete with you in clothing.it is their fault,apne chadar say bahar paoon kyoon phelay,and if they can afford it still it is israf beja .neither parents neither children in pakistan they think like that .they can help some one with that money .you have self centerd company so you cannot think openly.
i observed one truma during visit a handi cap youngester is trying to be independent earner .he is working hard by opening, a small toffe busicuit shops like snack ,tuc shops.but what i observed big tall normal teenager no mental or physical problem beat him up and took all his day earning untill as lady i .........then others came to help.is that fun, joke,show off power nd people said might be they are children of big shots.instead of appreciating the handicap they make him helpless.discouraging him to do work.these are the values in pakistan,please donot say it is one accident but it can be more we dont know .we are visitors. check the west the have space for their special needs. even pakistn say woh families migrate kartey hein jin kay bachay handi cap ,suraj mukhi ,ya koi aur problem hai.pakistan main unka koi future nahi.aur yeh nam nehad relative hi parent ko mental abuse kartay hein.that is the image of pakistany muslims.be +ve and think +ve.and take the criticizmwest main rehnay walay zaremubadla bhej kar duty porikartay hein to pakistan kay rehnay wali usko better pakistan banaien
anyways I know u mind thatsway apna ghubar isi tarah se nikalna tha,I was ready 4 that.akhir u r totaly Pakistani I didnt forget.Ionly said aur mentioned my personal examples k her koi jis baat per Pakistan ko point out kar raha hai un sub ki baatoon mein woh khaslatain(attitude)khud jhalak raha hai.watch ur self k tum khud in baatoon per amal kiya hai kabhi.I never denied realities,u r wrong.point out karny ka haq sirf us ko hai jo khud amal karta hai,jo nahi karta sirf kitabi baatain jharny ki zaroorat nahi.I dont need to prove my qualification.kehty hain na khali barten hi buhat kharakta hai,like u.wat I got only 4 my self n 4 my family n country.I dont do any labour job 4 ur kind information.I m in financial services in canada.english is liye tumhari tarah show nahi karti k is forum pe buhat se Pakistani bhi ho gy jin ko english itni acchi nahi aati,I want them 2 read.n I love to speak urdu.u people can cross any limits just to prove urselves rite.poors.can u do onething like me k mein Pakistan mein hum apni maid k bety ko bhi usi school mein education dilwa rehy hain jahan hum khud thy.I only wanted to say k jub mein Pakistani ho k piositive thinking rakh k apny toar pe jo ho sakta hai apny country k liye kar sakti hoon tu tum log baatain banay aur keechar ucchalny k bajay kuch kiyun nahi kar sakty.haan..I thin jitny outsiders hain agar her family aik aik poor pakistanis ki help kary tu buhat kuch thek ho sakta hai.
impressive baataib tu sub kar lety hain beta,kisi ko bura bhala bhi kehna easy hai.amal karna mushkil aur bary dil aur damagh ki baat hai.mein agar kisi ko support kar rahi hoon tu is liye k woh kal Pakistan k kaam aaye ga.jis sy pyar hota hai us ki behtari k liye insaan soachta hai sirf ilzaam tarashiyan nahi karta.Pakistan meri maa hai aur mein apni maa ki khushhaali k liye jo ban saka karoon gi.gali mein ja k us k posters nahi lagaoon gi k us mein yeh burai hai us ne mery liye kuch nahi kiya.mujhy bath k nahi khilaya vice versa..bcoz that s my responsibilities.mein yeh nahi kahti tum sab ki tarah k mein hi kiyun us ki bhi maa hai woh poori kary.woh kary na kary per mujhy karni hai.tum log khud jab Pakistan mein thy ya ab jaty ho tu kitni aalazarfi ka muzahira karty ho.mein jati hoon tu jo any nephews n neices k liye le k jati hoon wohi gifts apni maid k bety k liye aur us k liye.apny pass ki responsibilities ko samjho.Pakistan ko banana us ki isslah karna sirf hakoomat aur wahan rehny waloon ka nahi khud tumhara bhi hai.jub tum karo gy tu koi na koi dekh k tumhay woh bhi kary ga.isi tarah diya se diya jalta hai.kum se kum I believe that.dont b angry I dont wat 2 hurt u.If u.then sorry mnkhan.but Pakistan tumhara ghar aur us zameen ko apni maa samjho.dont support them financialy.but kuch kar nahi sakty ya zaf nahi hai tu apni maa ki badnaami k jhandy tu na garo.agar us ki zimadariyan poori nahi kar sakty.
U r also Pakistan,1st accept this reality.its ur reality.I tried 2 realize u k sirf apni islaah kar lo sub thek ho jaye ga.
samjhdari ki baatain tu sub kar lety hain beta,amal karna bary dil aur damagh ki baat hai.dont take this personaly tum aik nahin buhat se log hain jo khud wohi sub karty hain jab koi aur kary tu issue bana lety hain.again apni islaah kar lo sub thek ho jaye ga.its the only reality.Pakistan mera ghar aur woh zameen meri maa hai.us k liye accha karna aur us ki izat meri responsibility hai.I never thought k us ki bhi maa hai mujhy soachny ,karna farz nahin.koi nahi karta mein tu apni maa ki respect karoon gi jaisi bhi hai.agar tum us k liye kuch kar nahi sakty kum se kum apni maa ki badnaami k jhandy tu na garo.how could u say u r respectful.kehna asan hai karna mushkil.but insaan accha soachy tu khuda us ki help karta hai.dont take anything personaly.I didnt want 2 hurt anybody,if anyone,sorry.wat I m doing 4 my country or anyone I dont need reward.I do bcoz of my self satisfaction.I got that to full fill my responsibilities.
n aisha I already mentioned k family background aur parents k tarbeet ka ilzam Pakistan ko tu mut do.handicap se batati chaloon mery nano k village waly ghar mein jo maid hai us k 4 bachy disable hain she s so poor,woh almost humari ages k hain,in our childhood hum jab jaty tu apny toys share karty un k saath khaelty meri ammi always said k yeh innocent hoty hain agar yeh naraz hon tu Allah naraz hota hai,hum un ko kabhi hurt nahi karty thy.meri nano ne un bachoon k liye ilag se us k parents ko monthly kharcha deti hain.n she said their sons k mery baad bhi tum logoon ne inka khayal rakhna hai.I must say k aisy loogoon se hi Pakistan aaj tak qaeem hai warna tum jaisy sirf apni responsibilities doosaroon per phankany waly zaiyada hain.zaroori nahi k govt. hi in ki kafalat kary apny aas pass nazar dohraun buhat si zimadariyan Allah ne tumhary liye rakhi hain,agar her koi in ko samjhy.na k aik doosary per ilzam taraashiyan karo.
main tho kahoon gi k west bura nahi hai, magar pakistan jis thara k halaat hai, mujhe aisemulk mey nahi rehna jis mey har waqt koi qatra ho. mein recently abhi pakistan ja kar aayi hoon aur mujhe pakistan ki zindagi bohot pasand hai. meri khala, chachu, nani, nana, cousins, mamoo, mamee, sub wahi hain. agar woh saarey yaha canada ajaye tho mujhe pakistan kabhi miss nahi aaye. pakistan ussi ko pasand hai jiske rishtey naathey waha hain. agar aap k rishthedar aap k paas aagaye, tho pakistan kabhi miss nahi aaye. woh tho hai k waha ka mohol aur bacho ki tharbiyat achi hai, magar mere khiyaal say, bahar reh kar woh tarbiyat mil sakthihai. behthar mill sakthi hai. mein canada me past 9 saal say hoon. menay pakistan 6 saal ki umar mey chora tha. aur last year oehli baar mein pakistan gayi. meri bus ek wish haik meray sari relatives yahaan canada aagaye tho pakistan kabhi bhi miss NAHI aaiye. rishtey sab say ahaem hai aur wohi humma kheech kar pakistan leh jatha hai!!! aur kuch nahi raha uss mulk mein...!!!
bura kuch bhi nahi hota koi country nahi hoti,acchy buray insaan hoty hain.Pakistan mein rehny waly humary hi rishtydar hain jo ghalat ya sahi kar rahy hain.y dont u people understand this thing.rahi khatry ki baat tu zindagi aur maut Allah k haath mein hai.Canada mein bhi maut ka frishta aata hai us ko koi roak nahi sakta.as u seeing,k kisi country per "Qudarti affat aati" hain tu us mein bhi lakhoon jaanain jati hain.yeh sub khuda ki taraf se hai.aap bhi tu zinda wapis aa gai na bcoz Allah ne abhi aap ki zindagi aur likhi hai.jab woh chahye ga woh Canada mein bhi le jaye ga.
i love pakistan ,sad pard idonot have chacha ,mamoon ,i mean immediate relative in pakistan ,but still love to go there.i love the walk on roads observing childrens going to school.relative hoon ya na hoon woh hamara pakistan hai.but people not around my are donot like us ladies to walk early mornings,awaz kasna,say some thing like subah hogai,even just go to urdu bazar,they always say something.here in west no body comments.why we cannot enjoy pakistan fresh air therir roads chahi tuti hoon,morning glorry.etc.west is better atleast you can have your life in your ownway
mishal 09 aap apne badtehzeeb comments se khud pakistanion ki badnami k jhande gar rhi hain.apne comments me apni he batoon ko jhutla deti hain(if i m a total pakistani is me kia burai nazar aagai ab aap ko?),pechay jo me ne pakistanion ki behteri k lye apne rawayon me change lane ki bat ki to wo ap ko bht buri lag gai, k dharti maa ki insult hogai etc etc. ( i dnt expect k aap ko samjh he na aya ho warna me roman urdu me he likhte) izzat aur beizzati is tarh ki baaton se nh hoti, aap ne jo mere parents k bare me bakwas ki us se aap he ki buri tarbiat zahir hoti ha,kisi aur ki koi insult nh hoti!
is forum pe kisi ne pakistan ki burai ya insult nh ki ha sub ne pakistani logo k behaviours,aur waha k halat ki bat ki ha s compared to west,pakistan ki behteri sub he chahte hain: is he lye pakistan aur pakistanio k bare me apne ache bure jo bhi khayalat munasib tareqe se bata bhi sakte hain k apne ander behter changes la saken,yahan akser logo ne facts he batae hain(sach ahmesha metha nh hota)! apne khandan k karname yahan bayan kerne ki kia zarurat pesh ai aap ko i dnt know! no doubt mashAllah u r doin gr8 job, Allah ap ko istikamat de. apni maid ki beti ko usi schol me parha rahe hain jahan khud parha! kaash apne bachon ko bhi ushi school me parha saken aap sirf maid ki beti ko nh!. filmi dialogues marne se behter ha kuch productiv baat karen. is site ko pakistanis k alawa bhi log visit kar sakte ha. tehzeb ka daman chorne me aap khud apni insult kerte hai kisi aur ki nh.
squid is back ... for short, ok guys you know the biggest problem of Pakistanis , time wasting procrastination, bitching each others.. boy i wasted all my vacations writing here as i had an ankle twist and couldnt chill out .. now iam gone, you know what most of you could had done a short course rather wasting time on these useless discussions ... good luck
pakistan is the best country, but pakistanis ki akseriat ab bht ajeb hochuki ha. tashadudpasand extremist aur selfish,har koi khud ko perfect samjhta ha aur ajeb ghumand me rehta ha jub k koi bhi is laiq nh ha, me bhi nh aap bhi nh,is he rawaye se aaj pakistan is haal me pohancha ha,simplicity and justice makes a differnce b\w pakistan and west.
peace wise west, and religion wise pakistan.
I would say both are best in their own places. But everyone wants peace, so i guess west is more good!