Shouldn't people liek RohaniDin be kicked out?

They are irritating me now..
Cool song! Love the flute...
Its not only RohaniDin alone, there are others also who keep on prolonging and unnecessarily stretching this debate.If kicking out is the option,then all who have been involved in making this a ugly debate should e kicked out.its disappointing to see the moderaters not doing their job despite repeated requests.any inappropriate comments should be deleted.Period.
blahblahblah is totally right.there are so many like rimcha,rohani,fuz,frha,n now another gem in their chain thats akmaldanish.they all should be warned n then blocked.
they are doing a very unhealthy discussion here due to which popularity n standard of vidpk is on stake.
all members ip adressses should be checked n the one which break the rules should be blocked.i wonder that there is no check of comments and videos which is not goood
naiki aur pooch pooch.all these mentioned members n other like these should be kicked out without delaying further
To a extent, I agree with you. There are many discussions that are being prolonged. But people like me are only responding to allegations that are being made by people like RohaniDin.
Im sure that if you felt strongly about some thing and people were saying bad against it, you would also want to respond so that others do not misunderstand what the facts are.
Sure at the end of the day, every one is entitled to an opinion. But if you know that your opinions are going to cause a stir, maybe nothing should be said at all. But if you see false or wrong points being made, then there is no harm in saying that either.
Vidpk has many discussions and any one who logs on does not have to read on topics that they are not interested in.
But like I said, yes it is a shame that some topics are just being dragged on and on.
Bili ke galey main ghanti kon bandhey ga?