my life is going too much boring!!!

hey peoples!!! give me some tips for recreation!!!!
funny! :D
ye qom ke liayn achi video banaey hain :p
yaar jo dunya say chala jaey uss par humer khatam hona chahiyey
Kuch kar lo naujawano, urhti jawaniyaan hain!!!
you can play games here... okay everybody try to guess the age and gender of the person who has posted before you.. like i think SONGMAN would be a 30 year old guy..
suhana is a 25 yr old male from pakistan
well abbaas ur age i think is 19 years!!!! any way i think here is a way to challenge some one that who has a more rocking song!!!
by the way friends here is appearing a error when ever i upload a song!!! that appear again and again!!
Read some books... novels or whatever you like.
Life is precious make good use of it.
life is given on loan from God on this earth.use in a good way.other wise you spend it without benifit.hahahaa no extended loan too. write some good pharase for each other and work together for a week.emandari ki sath do a team 3 ,to 5 good thing/day.(even if you help,mom dad ,sibling)(or talk politely all day how much the people force you to be anger) share with others here on line with story and how you manage it today .donot leave on tomarrow.
ya !! i am agree with ur opinion,
yaahaan koi hai jo gup master hai !!!
ager hai to challenge kare!! mujhe !!
u know what!!! aik baar mai bohat taizi se aati hui train se takraaya aur train saari toot phoot gai aur mai!!!! mere to glasses per aik khraash tak bhi nahi aai !!! aur mai train ko phaarta hua apna raasta bana k chala gya !!!
i hate my life b,coz life is so borring
did you get anything by this gup,did any one feel funny.just waste of time,world is going ahaead run for bored you self your life.the work surrounding with you is looking for you to get up and do finishing.donot hate you are getting depression.force your self to do +ve work.then you donot have time to say i am bored.some people donot have time to think about there worries .as hazrat omar said look the people who are more poor then you and there worries more then you.
for some thing special to do in our life of 2008. i am sending a simple request to all pakistanies where ever they are,shaban month is here and we all know the importance of 14 shabanul muazam,falling in month of august but after 14 august ,it is our independence day,if we all individually try to finish quran until 14 august and pray for our beloved country and for nation in this respectful month,God is mercyful and i have a hope.
pass the message and try your best together,we have 10 days to doso,inshaallah it your self donot expect others do it for you,if we cannot do ourselves..
hey come on people ,do some thing good for pakistan least you can choose one day 13 august,that day you will start saying thankyou to everyone who do anything for you buy meat ,vegetable when recieved say thankyou to him.
when your massi finished her work before she left say thankyou to is not difficult ,try it surprisingly you will find out you are spreading love in community.and your akhlaq it without diffrentiating chota bara
hey young generation,todays pakistan is yours .what you did for it.