Qayamat ki 72 NIshanian

mujhay to lgata hai yea saari nishanian aachuke hai bus 3 reh gai hain Hazrat Imam Mehdi (A.S) aur Hazrat Eisa (A.S) ka zahoor aur suraj ka bajaye mashrik kay maghrib say tulu huna.
Thanks Nazia. It's really a good reminder.
ye teen nishaniyan bhi puri ho chuki hen.
Can you translate it in English please, for us people that can not read Urdu.I am interested in reading this.
just give it a try...its easy brother if u can read the arabic.i m sure u can recite the QURAN.then it shudnt b any problm.
can any body explain this one plz

"Aurteen mardoon kay sath tijarat main shirakat kareen geen"

As we know that tijarat is not bad and Hazrat Khadija first wife of Prophet pbuh was also in tijarat and prophit pbuh also worked with her and bec of prophet pbuh honesty she propose him , so why this is mentioing here?
@mn can u please explain it how?and@rider is baat ka matlab hai kah aurtain gharoon say bahir nikalnay ko tarjeeh dain gi aur har kam main mardoon ki barabri karnay ki koshish karain gi jo kah Allah aur uskay Nabi ka napasandida fail hay
thanks for explaining ,i was taking it in literal meaning..........yes that sounds accurate.

Plz don't ask explanation from mn6666 otherwise there gonna ba another Lhazil debate of Qadianee,sunni sect.
actually i read somewhere that mars par suraj already maghrib say nikal chuka hai and suddenly one day it will happen on earth before the big day becoz us din kay baad touba ka darwaza band ho gayay ga.Allah hum sub ko magfirat wali moot ata farmayay AAMEEN.
I don't think qayamat is very close,this world will continue million more years and lot more humans has to come bec if it gonna finish what will happen next sub jannat or dozakh main ja kar hansi khusi raheen gay or bhir kia .....

As jannat concept is a fullstop of all miseries and difficulties so what a charm is really there.Maza to tab aata hai jab gham kay baad khushi miltee hai or Dard kay baad Aaram ,jo kay sirf zindagi main hi hai yani kabhi khushi kabhi gham.

Plz don't think i m non believer in day of judgement.Allhamdulliah I believe.just my thinking.
There are few more things that has to come......

Kanaa Dajal
Yajoog majoog.
On another one I have a confusion.......

"Oonchi oonchi imarteen banayeen gay"
Is it a bad thing ? I don't think so bec Allah does't want us to live in caves and cover us with leaf.He encourage us to learn.
He asks angels to sajda Adam bec of inteligence or being a Ashrafulmakhloqat.He taught few words to Adam and angels but angels could't answer but adam replied back with all the correct names then he said main woh janta hoon jo tum nahi jantay.

Plz don't think i m trying to disagree ,i just want to get educate on them.
sab se razeel addmi quaid ban jaye ga oh ghosh its true pakistan par sab se corrupt banda hukmarani kar raha hai
onchi onchi imaratien banay say maqsad hay, insan tarakiyon per tarakiyan karta chala jaye ga or in isaniyon main or bhi bohat si nishaniya hain jo Quran Majeed main main mojood hain jisay "samandar kat diye jaien gaye, rabton kay zariye asan ho jaien gaien, dur pass or kareeb dur ho jien gaye,
mera ek sawal hay agher kisi kay pass is jawab hay tu meri mushkil asan ho jaye gi, kay Hazrat Essa alehsalam jab dobara duniya main tashreef laien gaye tu woh dobara esaiyat lay kar aien gaye, kyon kay Islam tu un kay jannay kay 300 ya 500 saal bad aya tha.
@tanja ALLAH kay tamaan anmbiya TOHEED ka paigham lay kar aayay thay ,islam sirf nabi paak s.a.w.w. kay zaryay hi nahin aaya tou hazrat Essa aa kar saleeb ko toor dain gay matlub yeh kay woh islam ko lay kar hi aayan gay and@rider aap kabhi bhi qayamat ka zikr itni baykhofi say na karain kyunkak iss dunya say aankh baand hoi tou qayamat shoorou
is ka matlab hay Hazrat Essa allehsalam naee sariyat laien gaye.
or saleeb tornay ka matlab pori duniya main jahan jahan saleebien hain woh Hazrat Essa allehsalam khud ja kar torien gaye?
saleeb tornay ka mutlab hai kah eisaiyay ka khatma kar kay islam ki asal rooh ko nafiz kiya jaeay ga
#11 pa Zardari ka zekar be hai.
can any body explain #16 ?
# 6 & # 16 ???????? can any one explain ????????????
kulfi and nazia00 in batoon ka matlab hai kah log har tareekay say maal bana lain gay halal haram ka faraq khatam ho jayay ga aur #16 kay mutabiq science ki tarraki ki wajha say koi bhi raaz ,raaz nahin rahay ga iski eik chooti c missal cct cameras hain.i hope i m right baqi ALLAH KNOWS WELL.
@khandrade - here you can find it in English.
@rider - If you say that you get the sense of charm after every struggle then yes this world is place of 'struggling' and whoever stay remain patience throughout the course will get the ever-lasting rest in the paradise. Infact, there is a TIME component everyone should realize, for e.g when we were child then time didn't go too fast as we get older then time passes quickly and in the 'akhira' or jannat/hell there won't be any time component, it would be ever-lasting life (trillion & trillion years of life) & if we analyze verses in the quran, Allah (swt) everywhere said this life is nothing and the life of this duniya is an illusion & as per in one of the hadiths it is mentioned that 'this whole world is not more than a wing of mosquito in front of Allah (swt)' so even not a mosquito iteself but 'wing' of mosquito.

Regarding your 2nd confusion "Oonchi oonchi imarteen banayeen gay"
This doesn't signifies a bad thing but it is just one of the indications that day of judgment is near. Nobody knows about it & will know and as Allah said in quran: Quran (31:34) Surely, knowledge of the Hour is with Allah alone.
@rimal - whatever is happening in Mars it might be periodical planetery changes or something else. The day of judgement would be extremely disastrous & no one even can imagine what would be like but from some of the ahadiths our prophet Mohammad (pbuh) says that on that day 'Sun would be at just a mile distance' and from this quranic verse:
(Surat al-Qiyama, 8-12)
And the Moon is eclipsed, and the Sun and the Moon are fused together, on that Day man will ask: "Where can I run?" No indeed! There will be no safe place. That Day, the only resting place will be your Lord.

Even from the advanced scientific calculations, it is believed that one day our whole milky way galaxy or multiple glaxies would vanish in a blink of eye and that is exactly what is in quran that day will come will all of a sudden.

Allah knows best.
From the above quranic verse Allah says that it's near but from our perspective it is far as we have limited lifetime in this duniya and also have limited knowledge so we see the things from our narrow perspective but of course Allah (swt) Who knows best about everything before and after life and also the TIME, SPACE & MATTER which constitute the whole universe will be well-understood when we will have forever-life i.e 'akhira' that is what is mentioned in quran again & again.
@Truth2011, Thanks for your helps! the sight helped me understand alot....May Allah give you bless you.

Thanks a lot for ur explaination..........actually most of the signs are kind of sins or bad things so i thought,yes u absouluty right.
Allah bless u.
if someone has not yet explained #16 Hazrat essa will come as the umati to Prophet Mohammad pbuh
.if he came 500 years before prophet mohammad pbuh doesn't mean he ddnt know about him,he performed salat after him in mairaj,anyways he will not bring a new sharia or anything even he wouldn't be a new nabi but it would be his descend from heavens to fight against kufr.
Thanks fairy77 and Truth2011