The Future of

Dear Friends! Vidpk was started over a year ago for the sole reason of sharing our passion of Pakistan with other people. We wanted people to share all kinds of videos so everyone can enjoy them together and have a good time. We also wanted to create something by Pakistanis, for Pakistan that every Pakistani can be proud of.

With your love and blessings, Vidpk has grown tremendously over the last few months. We thank you for the love and support. However, with the increase in traffic, our costs have also increased significantly. We have been running Vidpk for our love of Pakistan but the increasing cost, which we have to give out of our own pocket each month, has become very high now. That is exactly why you have been noticing recent issues with the website.

For this reason, we wanted to get your support and feedback on this matter. Since Vidpk is a community website, we want every member of Vidpk to help us decide the future of Vidpk. Right now, we have 3 options in front of us:

Option # 1: Move to a cheaper and smaller server
This would be more affordable for us but this would mean compromising on the quality and speed of the videos. The smaller server would not be able to accommodate all the current users so some of you would not be able to access the website. We would hate to do this though since we have always tried NOT to compromise on quality or speed, and we want to give everyone quick and reliable access to the website.

Option # 2. Sell the website to an interested party
We have received an offer from a media company who is interested in buying and managing Vidpk. However, they also plan on including indian videos and possibly inappropriate videos on Vidpk. We would hate to go with this options. Vidpk has grown so much because of visitors like you, and we want to maintain the purity and Pakistaniyat of Vidpk. We think that going with this option will destroy everything that Vidpk stands for.

Option # 3. Get Support from members
Third and final option is to be supported by our members like you. We can introduce a premium membership for an appropriate amount, about $5- $6 per month and members can support us by upgrading to premium members. Free members will still be able to view videos, but premium members will get many other benefits such as:
- Higher speed of videos. You can go to to see a comparison of the free and paid server speed
- First access to videos. Only premium members will be able to watch newly uploaded videos for the first 24 hours. Free members would have to wait 24 hours to see new videos.
- Subscription to channels. You will get emails whenever videos are uploaded to your favorite channel.
- Access to the upcoming features ( For example, a library of old and new Pakistani songs that you can listen online and download).
- If the website is busy, premium members will always get a higher priority than free members.
- No advertisements
We will also keep adding to the list of benefits for premium members.

We have thought a lot about all 3 options. Although we never want to charge Vidpk users, given the circumstances we believe option 3 might be the best way to go. This is the only way where we can maintain a fast, reliable website that everyone can enjoy and all Pakistanis can be proud of. However, we still want to hear your feedback regarding this. Please tell us which option you like best, and feel free to give other suggestions also. We are looking forward to your support because we believe that Vidpk is a community and the more we support each other, the better it will be.

Thank you!
The Team

Option #3 is good
hmmm why dont u guys get support from the channels u are uploading stuff of.... like ary, geo, hum... wagira....

i am sure they know about u guys.... and would be happy to help u... as their shows are not only watched in those 30-36 countries but all around the world.
option 3 is fine
still I 'm confused it 'll work....but I really love vidpk and never wanan miss it at any's the only entertainment after hectic schedule out of Pakistan,,,please keep it up...
option 3 is fine, never ever let anyone put Indian videos on this Website, there are so many other websites available but We all love this one because this is Pure Pakistani forum. Please don't sell it
Option 3.
I also agree with smssr84... get support from the tv channels. Also the maker of Doraha I think, Mehreen Jabbar, she definitely knows about this site, on her website, she encourages her fans to watch dramas from
Anywho, if the service for free users is really poor, like if the server is always down, we can always switch to
Also, there's a website called: maybe users can start uploading there.
I just love this website for rida's recipes. Aqua is soooooo coperative, kind and helpful for all of us . May ALLAH bless him.
i want to ask if some member from pakistan couldnot afford to be a premium member so wat will he do???????
I mostly open for watching pakistani classic movies. I am a great fan of Pak movies.But recently you have stopped uploading any old movie. Please dont stop this website. Keep on going and in my opinion 3 is fine but you have to arrange something for those you cannot be your premium members...
opinion 3 is fine.I love this website.this is good website for the people who are out of country to enjoy all pakistani channels. l love rida,s recipes.i want to thanks Aqua for hard i cook alot of things .with the help of vidpk.l love it.
option 3 sound fine.
option 3 is fine, never ever let anyone put Indian videos on this Website
i have a better idea.why don't you guys coordinate with other pak video websites to reduce the load?
and what about putting ads on vidpk to make more money? that could work as well.
also another idea is to upload the complete dramas on youtube and delete them from vidpk website once they are complete because people rarely watch them afterwards.
instead of starting to upload on pkyoutube.... why not just talk to all of them... and make ONE major site.... this way the burden will be distributed. like talk to friendskorner,pakistanvision,, chaltatv, and other pakistani websites who upload pakistani stuff.....

and ya then ads will work too...
do whatever apropiat for you but i love vidpk only vidpk make me happy otherwise i have nothing entertainmet in australia i want only watch pk vidos and drama coz i hate indian vidios so plz do whatever good to keep ongoning this vidpk rearly i love vidpk i put my all friends to watch vidpk coz only it is best entertaiment and best way to keep remain in touch with pk so plz do which option is good to continue this great vidpk before vidpk i miss pk but now i feel goog watch pk vidios
some one suggested that u can remove old videos and upload them else where..u can always transfer ur videos by creating a free account on and uploading old shows and recent epi's as well and leave links here for people to just click and watch!..I love this site..its helped me stay in touch with my roots, its free cause some of us don't have the kind of money to spent $100 on dishtv and certain channels are not offered such as HUM TV on dish yet!we don't want to lose a site just for Pak videos.. also add more adds to make money but yeah try to transfer files by creating an adminstrative account on utube n transfer videos there, u will get more audience as well!
in the end, whatever works to save the site.. i think ur faithful users r with u! and happy to see that u want our opinion ::0 god bless
I think Option 1 is fine. Option 2 is pointless, don't know why it is brought in this discussion.

Option 3 will kill the site as it is right now and alienate many users who cannot pay for the premium content. Premium content formula can work for websites like or other forums where all the content is provided by the host itself. In case of service like vidpk, where most of the content is coming from the users, charging for the content is not fair. There are many people who upload all sorts of videos, and if they do not have premium account and cannot use the website even though they contribute will discourage them.

All in all, vidpk should remain free, if it requires moving to a cheap server then be it. I think, instead of charging for the premium content, the site should try to raise funds by asking for voluntary donations. If enough money is raised then move to a good server, but if you are going to charge for the premium content while relying on end user to also upload the videos will not work as the concept is flawed at its core.
I m also agree with nahmed11111
Option 3 is good. Please don't move to a smaller server, speed slow ho tu video dekhnay ka sara maza kharab hojata hey!
Its better to pay $5-$6 and watch all the channels here than paying 4 times more to get a single channel on TV here.
I am fine with option 3. Please let us know when and how are we supposed to make the payments.
Also, I feel that this website should be dedicated to Pakistani plays, movies, music etc. No Indians stuff here please. We are alreaay way too influenced.
Many thanks.
Moreover, moving to a slower server means compromising on qualilty and I am not for that. So option 3 works for me. Have a poll on this issue so we know where we are going.
salam to all... i agree with nahmed 11111 that the reason of the popularity of this site is its avaibility for anyone without paying any memberships and everytime and moreover the participation of the users. There are many other possiblities otherwise to see the programmes on tv by paying ... I think the advertisement could be a good solution and asking for support or sponserships from channels whose programmes u introduce here... but may be they are unhappy becoz ur showing programmes for everyone and they cant make more money ;)may be the contents could be divided like vidpk for dramas and movies and for shows like cooking shows if it will help two differnt so that ppl dont click on the same site and only visit the site what they use most...
i do agree with opinion3,,i think we must pay for this site to receive better n gud quality n i think $5 or$6 isnt huge amount 4 this beneficial site,,so plz let us knw wen n where this amount will be paid,,also plz dont put indian stuff on this site,,as there r other sites4 indian stuff...Thanx
Hey guys let me tell you this. is the only website that actually put Pakistan's classic urdu movies online. It's good to have a website that puts pakistanis on the Internet map. A few years ago I was desperately searching with google to find a True Pakistani website that hosts urdu movies and I could'nt find any. Every single time I search for Lollywood movies, I got BOLLYWOOD MOVIES in return.
It was like people don't even know that Pakistan do make movies. We need this website and other websites like this really badly. Please support it by donation. There is no other websites like this. However there are Pakistani forums out there that actually pay a lot of emphasis on Indian movies.
We need to tell our new Pakistani generation that we do exist on the Net.
I don't mind paying $5 or $6 per month if I get the good speed & good content.
As everybody know that I'm among one of those users on vidpk who are regularly uploading the videos since the beginning of this site. Do we deserve any facility from the administration if they decide to go for membership fee?
I would strongly suggest for the 'COMPLIMENTARY MEMBERSHIP' for those who are regular uploaders.
Thanks for asking the opinion.
I think people like nahmed111 didn't read carefully. They have mentioned that "Free users would still be able to see all the content, they'll just have to wait 24 hours".
I think that is not a big sacrifice for people who cannot afford to be premium members. You cannot always get EVERYTHING you want :)
Plus, I think the money we will pay would really be benifiting us since they can use that money to improve the website. I have a small website of my own so I know how high the costs can be.
I agree with ''kashifkamal36''. You are right becaause there is not site for pakistani movies but only FVidpk has pakistani movies and frankly thats why i open Vidpk. For watching Pakistani movies. I was also searching par pak movies on Google but the result cam under bollywood. But now vidpk has stopped uploading Pak movies.

Please upload it.
I have one question with VIDPK Administration that why you all have stopped uploading Pakistani movies. It is the only thing which this website support and other pakistani sites dioesnot contain.
Pelase accept my suggestion and put more Pakistani movies on this site.
Please no advertisements!! We want vidpk to stay a safe site for all, we don't want ANY MORE random, or inapropriate ads.
huckelberry, I did read the original proposal very carefully. Let me explain why I think Option 1 is better than Option 3 for those who cannot go for the Premium membership due to variety of reasons.

In Option 1, people will get low speed, cheap server but it will be free for everyone. In Option 3, people who cannot pay will still get low speed as compared to the premium users and also they will get the content after 24 hours. Please enlighten me, in this retrospect which option is suitable for those who cannot get the premium membership? If the non-premium members will be getting the content 24 hours late, then why they are getting it on a slower speed, because if it is the issue of the speed in first place, then at lower speed they should have access to the content from the start. This 24 hours cap seems very discriminatory and looks like a ploy of forcing people into getting the membership.

I completely agree with Samsung that regular uploaders should be treated fairly. That is why I think the option 3 is very flawed because the site which relies on the content from general user is treating them based on the money they pay.
Well! in my view as business man I think we can add one more option, while most are viewer living in west, we are likly know stock market, I think VIDPK should go further in world as big Pak chanel therefore my opnion is regted in NY Stock,selling share and be a positive to in business then VIDPK get more mony and lots of people proud to be own chanel.selling membership is totaly wrong idea belive me while there is bunch of free and good website are every where, who is going to pay for that. ans selling to some one this web , its also not a good way, MAN just be a MAN , you may face all kinds problem but their is solution, I may be wrony but think a moments be of my advice, Thanks
totally agree with nahmed...its not like vidpk uploads all the content on this website..its the users that upload the content and it won't be fair if they are charging for the services someone else is providing...because easily the users that upload dramas can easily upload them on youtube instead of vidpk. so they will just find another website to upload their content.

Thank you for all your comments and all the support you have shown to us. We are proud to be a part of such community where people support each other.

There seemed to be some confusion on the intention and logistics of these changes, so let us clarify a few things further:
  • All members (free or paid) will still be able to view all videos
  • Free members will not be able to view videos for the first 24-36 hours. This is because most videos get a lot of views in the first few hours, which causes a lot of load on the server. Our intention of doing this is to spread the load on the server a little.
  • We are charging not for the videos, but for the bandwidth and server usage (which is really expensive). As far as users who regularly upload videos, we will be giving free memberships to them.
  • We have tried many options including ads, talking to channels and other websites. Nothing has materialized so far. We will continue to look work with them, and make changes accordingly.

We know that some of you do not like the idea of paid membership. However, based on the overall support we have received from you guys and the effort to make Vidpk a better website, this is the best solution we see. The purpose is not to take anything away from free members. The purpose is to give additional features to paid member.

Starting from 15th of March, Vidpk will offer a premium membership, in addition to the regular free membership. Alongwith giving people great content, we have always also tried to keep working on making the navigation and website features better. We believe that now we will be able to work even harder to bring more features to both free and paid members. This change will also allow us to work on more kinds of content, and together we can make Vidpk a truly Pakistani website where you can find any video related to Pakistan.

Again, we thank you all for your support and assure you that this is something we didn't want to do, but needed to. We also believe that in the long run, this will benefit everyone.

We will update everyone soon on the list of features premium members will get.

Thank you,
The Team
i think option # 2 & 3 is good
option 2 sounds better because i think most people would not be able to afford to pay, and it would be sad if they are not able to view their favorite programmes which they miss.
I think option#3 is fine.
ok i really dont want indian vids on this website...n im totally fine with option 3...
I think option 3 may not work for some users.What if a new website that consists of only those dramas that are ended and this site contains the dramas which are on air right now.
i think option 3 is fine but those who are living out of pakistan and it should not be discerned between free and premium member they all are your own and those people who can afford they must give funds for this website so that all people may see this website happily
yh option 3 iz fine
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i really don't like any of dem becase vidpak is different from all other webiste and soo pls don't make a premium member or lower member
make and treat everyone is equal and everyone try too pay the money every month as dey can since this website is going increase if everyone pay u like $5 too $10 vidpk will be run for all years
Mr. 'Fumigation',
Just if you hadn't noticed, we are discussing the future of Vidpk here!
hi i like it alot this is the best site ever :) i think option 3 is good, but also add few more options like u can add "donation" people can not pay monthly they could pay donation sometime as much as they can u know , plus u could add more ads and but u have to also improve in speed more and more early to upload dramas and other stuff, but ur the best :)
is there easy/rapid way to download vidpk dramas
Is something wrong with the website. None of the videos r running.Some kind of maintenance going on I guess.
i live in dubai and i cannot imagine my life without it. is there no other way we can enjoy this site other than payin money for it?? it was so much better when its free.... plus i dun think payin is a gud option for ppl like us who dun use the site everyday. i use this site maybe 1-2 times a week at most. pls tell us what you have decided and if u have decided for payment method tell us how ppl in dubai can pay you guys and rates in dirhams. thanks alot. i love vidpk...
i didnt understand... dus this mean even if i dun pay i can watch all the videos here... only that i cant watch a new movie before 36 hours since it was posted? did i understand correctly?? please let me know.. i m die hard fan of vidpk.
yeah after 36 hrs u will be able to watch the video....have to wait till 15th march i think :)
i love this website. i live in canada so icannot see pakistani channelshere.plz dont stop this webside
may God bless u
i think u should get money from adds.charging mambers bad idea.people will move to other sites like friends
its already 15th :P
GOD BLESS U .thankss for this reallyy good site.
SLAAAM,yea itneee achi site hai k baki koi b itne achi site nahi hai.yahan kisi ne bataya tha k ek site hai friendskorner lekin wahan ja k ap ko woh maza he nahi ay ga agar ap ko is site ki adat ho gai hai to.really.yahan har ek new show ata show hain to wohh roz new ate hain.wahan pe woh he chand show hain or woh wale koi itne ache b nahi hain.sooo mein to kahoon gi agar ap logoon ne pay nahi karna free mein dekhna hai to phir b is site pe 2 din ka wait b behatar hai us site se.sooo yea mera kyal hai sooo.this is the besttt site ever.thanks agine
aoa i am realy happy to find pure pakistani website i wish tat u can also upload new paksitani film which are fi9 i like veena drama very much thanx to u guys that u creat that website Pakistan Zindabade
Samira from Germany
Vidpk is now free???? is that true????
yeah thats wot i was wondering but i dun think its free...its free only untill yr trial period is over ,,,then u have to pay ...can someone els confirm as well...make this site freeee yar
u r right sh_201 ! it should be free for all forever.
Can someone please upload Geo tv show LG AWAAZ BANAEY STAR.
Please also upload Coke Studio season 2!!!!
yes please upload coke studio season 2 and lg awaaz banaey star which airs on geo.
Dear Sir,
I am really Appreciate to you that make a really gr8 website, I made a Desktop Application that also accepted the and mostly people are use that application is directly open your webpage through application. please add the link your webpage.
please DO NOT DO OPTION 3. this is a Pakistani site please keep it that way. impose option 1 or 3 if u must
Can the vidpk admins Please upload the good morning Pakistan episode which had guests Sania Saeed and Humayun Saeed and it was hosted by Salman Ali and Ayesha Khan, please listen to the members of vidpk because it will only enhance this website
can the vidpk administration plz upload morning show of Faisal Qureshi ,airing frm TV ONE .thanks in advance
plz upload new shows of GMP on ARY--thanks!!
plz upload new shows of aalim aur aalam--thanks
It is my request to the website's administration.
plz upload new shows of Good Morning Pakistan on ARYdigital--thanks!!
PLzzzz Plzzzz Plzz Post "Muskurati Morning" TV1 Morning show - Hosted by Faysal Querashi! :) PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ Thank you
ye kab hoa ? hamen tou pta hi nai chala
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Pakistan's first premier Urdu video sharing & complete entertainment network. You can watch, upload & share videos, also create blogs & channels.
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Pakistan's first premier Urdu video sharing & complete entertainment network. You can watch, upload & share videos, also create blogs & channels.
Aaj hi try karain dabliyo dabliyo dabliyo dott paktape dott com
Pakistan's first premier Urdu video sharing & complete entertainment network. You can watch, upload & share videos, also create blogs & channels.
Can anybody tell me pls how can i delete my extra videos from vidpk