The Recent Episode of Aalim Online

In the wake of recent episode of Aalim Online, discussions have turned into misbehavings and people have started misusing the website. Please be courteous to others and refrain from the following:
1. Signing up for more than one user id.
2. Posting the same comment multiple times.
3. Posting the same comment to multiple videos.

Anybody who does not refrain from these would be permanently banned from the website.

vidpk is a website for all Pakistanis, and the comments and discussions are a means of positive and constructive criticism, and should not be misused.

thank u so much that u take this step ,u r quite right,i was so worried n sad that vidpk is going to be damaged by these people by using bad language n can lose its viewership.keep up the good work.gr8 vidpk gr8 vidpk management.
i also want to make one more request that plz make a check over the videos that dont allow upload of videos with indian content or morally bad vdos,lets make vidpk the most pure n clean pakistani website
i humbly request the team managemement of vidpk to stop posting comments about any religion ,any sect,any beliefwhether non ahmadis or ahmadis or shia n sunni and also dont allow upload of sect based videos cz it increases hatred,misundestanding and confusion for people with less knowledge.kindly condsider my request.please carefully check each comment and video and only then allow it to appear on site.
I also wrote mails to concerning this issue. Since that particular alim online video, ahmadies have contstantly been posting videos of their belief and this whole website was about to lose its charm for me. I come here for entertainmernt, not have myself convert to some other religion.
I recently join here and most of the Video I see on the homepage has something to with qadiyani mazahab. Please control that and keep it real.
if you want to control! then keep it equal!! if u are stopping Jammat Ahmadiyya to post their videos then u better stop that Aalim online and other religion related videos! be fair to all then!!
vid pk team nay bohat acha qadam uthaya hai aur sab ki boltee band ker de...sorry mai nay bhi galat language use ker dee hai
thumbs up for u guys keep it up....
aur iska is say acha saboot kiya ho sakta hai
It's a fair comment to say that the same comments should not be posted so many times in a row on 1 page. But for people like Amy22 and afseen, there may be many things that people do not like on this. Every one has their own choice as to what they want to watch. You can't say that Ahmadis shouldn't post videos on this. There are many other religious videos too. Just don't watch them and carry on with what you want to do.
Fuz, I don't mind you post your videos, but just don't bombard the website with similar videos. I did not ask to ban the videos but asked to keep it in moderation. I come on this site for entertainment purposes.
That's fine Asfeen. You come on for entertainment, you do what you got to do. You don't have to watch those videos. You might feel that there are too many vids posted by Ahmadis, but after what happened, a lot of people felt strongly about it and wanted to clarify situations. There are many vids on basic Islamic topics too. If you are not interested, just ignore them and enjoy what you log on for.
chalo ji..fuz nay yaha bhi larna shroo kar diya..aik bat kahoo fuz ghussa hamesha kamzoor insaan karta hai.
lol fuz isn't even getting angry he's just explaining something to everyone...about how everyone should just mind their own business and watch what they come to watch....its not like other videos are being deleted cuz Ahmadis or other religious groups are putting up their please everyone just chill, relax and stop being so mean to watch other...i've read some of the comments peopel are posting and mean, nasty and disrespectful are words that only just begin to describe how people are treating each other. this is a free world...and I think everyone should remember that at the end of the day good and bad, kind acts and acts that hurt other peoples feelings are all seen by God, so lets be civil...and like it has been said before we are all humans we are all pakistanis and even if we are not all pakistani....Humanity should stand for itself as well! C H I LL
lelimeon kya baat hai itne din se khna chah rhi thi susti ki waja se likh nhi parhi thi wo sab ap ne likh diya.very weldone.
Can you please delete comments that are indecent as many people are abusing the site with their ugly profanities against one another? the moderators should do this as we see on other sites.also if you could stop taking more stuff on the aalim online issue or keep it under a separate head so that those interested can go there and the whole atmosphere is not spoilt.

lets keep this site a positive social forum for all to enjoy!
May I ask the owner of the site that why my Reply to Geo TV Program Aalimonline has been removed from my account? Is it not injustice to present only one sided view point while suppress other?
Also why my video "Allegation ...." has been removed from my account?
Is it not injustice to present only one sided view point while suppress other?
That is not fair at all and that is not in the rule of any website to do so.....
I can complain against your site
If you are really committed and sincere then i ask why have not taken any action against the member by whom all this initiated ,,,,?
Thank you lelimeon. At least you understood what I was saying.
Dear bilalahmadi,
I checked your link

Wow i'm soooo happy to hear the Defeat,

Ab tu Defeat manni he paray gee insay.

Thanks for the link
People, no-one can sue anyone for deleting anything. Vidpk site has every right to delete stuff that is not appopriate. Screen ke aagay baith kay threaten kerna bacho ka kaam hai, leave them alone and grow up!
Vidpk must stay fair and I think that every one will be ok. Some people to get a bit emotional and say things. But the fact that vidpk are letting healthy debates continue is great.
Assalamu Alaikum WRWB...

Alif, Lam, Mim. This is a perfect Book; there is no doubt in it; it is a guidance for the righteous, This is a perfect Book; there is no doubt in it; it is a guidance for the righteous, (2:2-3)

You read Quran, think, search and observe what is truth.

Aur samajh mein nahi aaya tho Allah se madad mango..wohi seedha rastha dikhane wala hai...
plzzzzzzzzzzz doraha epi 12 add ker dey plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Doraha's 12th episode has not aired on tv yet, please wait till Friday.
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