Naushaba, Nida Fatima & Sameer in Nadia Khan Show P-1

Nadia ko Maa ki maut kaa koi gham nahi laga rahaa....paagal aurat, immature insane. I think she is emotionally disturbed.
bari jaldi apni asli halat me aa gai hain
you guys are pathetic..if she thinks she is ready to do a show, then that's her decision, what do u care. Do you expect her to stay at home and mourn her mothers death for the rest of her life. You have to move on, and she has done it. And if you hate her that much why do you even bother to watch her show, nobody is forcing you.
Agreed with Malk87.....
I like what she is wearing, it's beautiful... and she is looking better now that she's lost some weight.
daikhain gey mahwish junk urf muskaan1990 apni maa ki mout ka kita gham manae gi
Maa ka gham to saari zindagi rehta hay she doesnt have to advertise it - at least she's not crying and trying to gain everyone's sympathy vote - kudos to her
at least she shud nt take dopatta off..she was the only host who used to tc of her dopatta..shes same now
this site is very good u r uploading the shows regulary please keep doing that because i relay on this site sometimes i miss the show i can watch it here. thank u very much
can u please send me nadia'email
@Naintara you are either not a mother yourself or you have already lost your mother....or maybe you are 13 years immatrure was that!