Changing Search Trends in Ramadan – Google Explains How!

ramzan in pakistan

Find out what Google has to say about consumer trends in Ramazan. It’s definitely about food, entertainment and changing lifestyles. 

Ramadan is just around the corner and with changing eating habits it has a vivid impact on our routine activities. Not just our working hours or sleeping patterns are affected but our activities to spend the day are also changed.

A recent study declared that Ramadan has a major impact on the online activity of the people who are fasting.

habits change during ramazan

Google conducted a study this year using the search statistics of Muslim countries from 2015. It revealed that a major time of the day is spent surfing the internet.

Ramadan is expected to start on 7th of June this year. Muslims all over the world will be observing fasts for a month. Staying away from food in the scorching sun from sunrise till sunset requires extra patience.  This also means that people spend the peak hours of sun at offices or homes mostly using gadgets.

Consumer Trends in Ramadan/Ramazan

The significant change in online user engagement observed is given below:

  • The Online Shopping Tide

During Ramadan since people mostly prefer staying indoors therefore the ideal option is to shop online. People spend a large amount of money buying gifts, planning holidays and updating their wardrobe, all for the coming grand festival at the end of the holy month – the Eid day.

online shopping trends in ramzan

The study at Google shows that though all shopping categories observe an uprising curve, but clothing and travelling has the highest growth rates. The rate increased to 29% and 30% for both respectively as seen last year.

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The increasing interest health and beauty products suggest that the shopping curve for these categories is certainly going to rise this year.

  • Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment

Usually people adopt food therapy to pass their leisure time but that’s not the case in Ramadan. Since people cannot eat or drink, they find the alternative in entertainment. For that matter, they are inclined to surf funny videos on internet.

The trend seems to be at its peak during the last week of Ramadan and Eid holidays.

Google reported that video streaming rate especially on smart phones increase by 13% during Ramadan.

ramzan in pakistan

  • It’s Food on Everyone’s Mind

Though people can’t have food while fasting, it’s only food they think about all day.

Searches related to special recipes for ‘sahoor’ and ‘iftar’ gain much popularity. People tend to hike the internet for new recipes.

As the last week of the holy month approaches, even a greater rise in search trends is observed regarding menus and recipes. With Eid festivities approaching, people tend to try something new along with the traditional foods.

ramzan consumer trends food

As per Google’s report, people search for the recipes between 2.00 – 4.00 pm and 9.00 – 11.00 pm. The ratio of the web surfers, increase even more during weekends.

So, Ramadan is the best time of the year in Muslim countries with respect to e-commerce. It is the best business opportunity for everyone out there.

We are sure that you’ll also agree with Google’s statistics regarding the changing search trends. Because this is what most of us undergo to pass the long hot days during Ramadan.

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