Colonel (retd) Abdul Jabbar Bhatti: 4th Pakistani Summiting the Mount Everest


On his return to Pakistan from a successful attempt at summiting the Mount Everest, the ex-army officer spoke to the media on Thursday. The Mountaineer quoted, “I’m really happy to hoist the national flag atop Mount Everest. These are proud moments for me.” He told media after arriving at the  Islamabad Airport from Kathmandu Nepal.


The experiences and adversaries of this brave Pakistani summiting the Mount Everest are shared by him. The retired officer along with an another Nepali mountaineer faced difficulty in climbing down to base camp 4 due to thin air & lack of oxygen. Eventually, he Had to be rescued & taken to base camp 2. Bhatti had to be taken to the hospital where he underwent a 7-day treatment and recovered. It’s no less than a miracle to survive at such a cold temperature & a height nearly 8000m above the sea level.

Admiring the Nepali hospitality, he further mentioned,

“The way I was assisted by the people there is indescribable”.

The officer further mentions that he is thankful to the people of Pakistan for praying for his safety & well being. This Pakistani summiting the Mount Everest successfully, Colonel (retd) Abdul Jabbar Bhatti is the 4th Pakistani to hold the title. Nazir Sabir, Hasan Sadpara, and Samina Baig are among the other proud Pakistanis to conquer the Everest.

Moreover, the journey of this outstanding Pakistani summiting the Mount Everest was a self-financed one. The officer paid nearly 6 million for the adventure of his lifetime. The mountaineer had already summited the Broad Peak (8,051 meters high) in 1985; Gasherbrum 2 (8,035m) in 1986 and Spantik Peak (7,027m) in 2012. Hence conquering the Mount Everest in 2017

History of Mount Everest


Mount Everest is nearly 60 million years old & stands at an enormous height of 8,848 meters claiming the title of the world’s highest peak. Millions of years ago, the movement of the Indian tectonic plate pushing up and against the Asian plate formed the mountain. Which grows every year now by 0.25″.


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