3 Classic Pakistani Dramas You Should Watch This Year

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Are you planning to watch some classic Pakistani dramas? Here is a list of best 3 Pakistani dramas selected by Vidpk team. A lot of you will have many other dramas to suggest for the list. Please go to comments below and add your favorite classic Pakistani dramas. We will add them to Vidpk as soon as we can.

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2016 has brought lot of good news for Pakistani entertainment industry, especially for the big screen. Sharmeen won another Oscar, her second, for a short-documentary film while a lot of Pakistani films generated handsome revenue during their opening weeks.

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However, it has been a little lack-luster for TV other than Pakistan Super League so far. The only drama that is gathering some real momentum is Mann Mayal and I’m not sure even if that would end up being in any top list for the decade. So it seems like perfect time to go back and remember some of the best of TV.

Here are 3 vintage and classic Pakistani dramas that you’d definitely love to watch anytime of the year!

Dhoop Kinare (1987)

dhoop kinare

Dhoop Kinare was one of the best things that happened to Pakistani TV in  the golden-era of 1980s. The drama was directed by Sahira Kazmi while Rahat Kazmi and Marina Khan lead the cast along with powerful roles from Sajid Hassan and Qazi Wajid.

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Dr. Zoya, played by lively Marina Khan, and Dr. Ahmer, played by Rahat Kazmi, became household names within the first few weeks of drama’s first airing. Dhoop Kinare became the first drama to cross borders and bring back critical acclaim for Pakistani drama industry.

If you want to watch one classic drama today that’s nearly perfect, it’s Dhoop Kinare. It will bring a smile to your face with it’s witty script, good production and vintage-class acting. You can watch this classic Pakistani drama on vidpk.

Watch Dhoop Kinare on Vidpk

Alpha Bravo Charlie (1998)

alpha bravo charlie vintage classic pakistani drama

ABC is one of the most popular dramas to have ever embraced the TV screen in Pakistan. Directed by Shoaib Mansoor, this Army-based drama became an instant hit due to powerful script and the fact that Shoaib Mansoor was actually able to shoot on some real locations. The cast inlcuded Qasim Khan, Abdullah Mahmood and Faraz Inam.

If you’re in mood for a drama about the life of a Pakistani soldier, Alpha Bravo Charlie is definitely worth your time. It sits on almost every list of classic Pakistani dramas.

Watch Alpha Bravo Charlie on Vidpk

Waris (1980)

classic pakistani drama waris ptv

If you want to really know how it was in villages back in 1980s, all you have to do is watch Waris. This story of a feudal family takes us deep into the roots of Punjabi culture where inter-family feuds sparked by land and wealth set up the scene for the ultimate demise.

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Waris (1980)

Other Classic Pakistani Dramas from Past

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Ankahi (1982)

Tanhaiyan (1985)

Taleem-e-Balighan (1956)

Ankhan Terha

Ankahi (1982)

Are there any other vintage and classic Pakistani dramas that you’d like to watch this year? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add them to




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