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Buri Aurat

Buri Aurat is a Geo TV serial based on one of common issues of our society. Accusations are very common in our society, and we never think of its results in long term. This particular serial is also based on an accusation which completely destroyed the next two generations of the family. Penitence is mostly late in our society, and does it change the situation for that particular family? Watch this exceptional serial on Vidpk to know more about story.


"Buri Aurat" Drama Review

There is an old saying which goes really well with majority of the cases and we know it as "You can never judge a book from its cover", but this is merely not true when it comes to judging a drama from its title for sure. Though an attractive title of the story does contribute in building up an initial traffic for the venture, the long term benefits highly depend on the script, acting and other important ingredients of the project. If you have been a Geo TV follower, you must be aware of the drama serial which earned a good controversial start probably for its name and then for its cast; Yes, it is 'Buri Aurat'!

Been written by Riffat Siraj, the drama is directed by Muhammad Javed Fazil. The drama has a privilege of having a different form of OST where we see the words of Ayyub Khawar been spoken by Zia Mohiuddin while the composing is done by Waqar Ali. The cast of the drama includes some veteran actors like Abid Ali, Adil Murad, Maria Wasti, Sumbul, Sahira Khan, Zia Mohiuddin, Talat Hussain Farhan Ali Agha, Asad Malik, Ali Afzal, Tabassum, Afshan Qureshi, Rabia Naureen, Qaisar Khan Nizamani and Talat Hussain, doing important roles.

The drama is basically abstractions of the old concept of "Teen Aurtain - Teen Kahaniyan" where the story revolves around the three women who meet different circumstances and encounter a new way of life. While Maria Wasti portrays a role of a devoted house wife whose husband cheated on her and has an extra marital affair with another married woman. She leaves her husband for him but Adil doesn’t accept her. Maria Wasti's sister named Anum on screen leaves her husband as he earns less. She marries an old rich man after which her life and tantrums are never the same. It is a journey of a woman's life from different aspects.

Watch all episodes of Buri Aurat here at

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