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A journey where she got her punishment after repentance. Its about how someone can get attracted towards another religion and start loving it more than any other thing! La hasil is a story written the life of women. A call girl of London who is a slave of human’s need, greed, lust and desires. She meets with a religious guy Mazhar and her life starts turning with their relation. She is inspired with his religious activities and turn to Islam. She left her job and start spending a happy and meaningful life with her husband Mazhar. She gave birth to a baby boy “Zulayd” after the marriage. After some years of the marriage, Mazhar comes to know about her past and gives divorce to her. He takes the son with him. In the later part of the story, she remarried and gave birth to the Mariam. Mariam and Zuliayd meet together, not knowing about their parents. The drama is directed by Angeline Malik and written by Umaira Ahmed.


Lahasil - Where the past never lets the present free!

Umera Ahmed is known for her exceptional writing flavor where her write-ups are appreciated for the beautiful camouflage of worldly love and Sufism. Lahasil is one of her masterpieces and the said novel has the privilege of being dramatized on Hum TV. It will not be wrong if we say that nearly 40% credit of Hum TV's success goes to this writer who always make sure in all her novels that nothing is missed out that might lead to imperfection.

Drama serial Lahasil was directed by Angeline Malik who also played the lead role in the drama. Like most of all the serials, it is Momina Duraid, a good friend of Umera Ahmed and the owner of Hum TV, who has produced this drama. Keeping in view the sensitivity of the story and the characters, the cast is wisely chosen where we see actors like Angeline Malik, Noman Ejaz, Yasir Akhtar, Fahad Mustafa and Beenish Chauhan doing their best as actors.

I have read the novel and have also followed the drama serial strictly and it is easy to state that the write-up was far much better than its execution. Though, it is difficult to find a flaw in the drama but still, the feel you get after reading the novel seems missing.

Lahasil is a story of a woman who spends her early life being a slave of human desires, lust, and greed and is known as a call-girl in London. Katherine then meets Mazhar who belongs to a respectable and religious family. His attitude towards life and religion inspires Katherine and she converts to Islam and starts leading a happy, rightful life in London. Out of their marriage, they bring a son Zulayd, who was still very young when Mazhar meets his old friend who discloses Katherine's past on him. Knowing about what she was in past, Mazhar divorces her and takes away Zulayd, leaving her all alone.

She, then remarries and adopts a girl and named her Marium. It is after years then that Zulayd and Marium meet and destiny bring them together. The two then marries. The story is more like a lesson for those who want to know more about the twists that often change the life completely.

All in all, Lahasil was a good drama and enjoyed a different script.

Share your views about the drama.

Nida Zaidi

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