Celebrating The Death Anniversary Of Abdul Sattar Edhi


It has been a year since the greatest humanitarian of the century and the legendary philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi passed away. His loss has been one of the most shocking and irreplaceable for Pakistani society.

Abdul Sattar Edhi is the most respected and recognized figure in Pakistan because of his selfless services for the country and countrymen. He devoted his whole life for the betterment of orphans, poor, and all those who were helpless and in need. He had the largest ambulance services in the country and all his services were free of cost and were for everyone without any discrimination of gender, race, or religion. He died last year leaving thousands of People homeless and helpless. He has tried to serve the people in every way possible and even after his death; he has done this noble task of donating all his organs to the people in need.

The Richest Poor Man Pakistan Can Never Forget

Edhi passed away at the age of 88 last year on July 8 after suffering from kidney failure since 2013, he was on dialysis. On the first death anniversary of the richest poor man, Abdul Sattar Edhi, social, electronic as well as the print media has been flooded with tributes. People have been paying the homages as well as are saying that there is no better way to pay tribute to Abdul Sattar Edhi than to follow his footsteps and to adopt his humanitarian and generous values. Since the death of Abdul Sattar Edhi, there has been a massive drop rate observed in the charities to the Edhi foundation. So, all over the media, there is a stress for donating more and more to the foundation so that the mission of our hero carries on as it was before.

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