Can Pakistani Cricket Team Learn Something From Leicester City F.C.

Pakistani Cricket Team

I know Leicester City F.C. is a football club and I’m asking Pakistani cricket team to take inspiration from it.

If you have been following English Premier League, you know that the story of this season’s champion is going to be incredible. With team valuing ten times Leicester City, the Foxes have never given in during this season. They have fought their way through and now for the first time in the history, Leicester City is on its way to win the English Premier League.

Pakistani Cricket Team

One wonders, how can Pakistan cricket team learn something from Leicester City? Should they start playing football now? After all, they Pakistani cricket batsmen don’t seem to have the eye for smaller cricket ball and the fielders enjoy kicking the ball more than fielding it with their hands. I know we’re going to have a really tough fight for the goalkeeper since everyone is going to wish to stay in the goal, not having to run miles every match.

Jokes apart, Pakistan cricket team has a lot to learn from the Foxes. Let’s take a look at the factors that helped Leicester City turn things around in the English Premier League.

The reasons behind the incredible success at Leicester City F.C.

First off, here is a brief YouTube video explaining it all.

Big Money Doesn’t Guarantee Success

You might say BIG money is the reasons…


  • Leicester City F.C. had no big money signings. Even the best players are being paid humble salaries as the club doesn’t have a lot of money. On the other hand, clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City have huge amounts of money to pay to their players and spend on training. Still, Leicester is sitting right on top of all these big spenders. We know it for once, money doesn’t guarantee a good performance.
  • Pakistan Cricket board is probably among the richest boards and it has been paying huge salaries to the crickets. In fact, Pakistani cricket made huge sums of money during 2015. You can easily find out how much players made. I’m sure no matter how much you earn, you’re going to feel a little jealous by how much they make.
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Ability to handle pressure

But it was actually ability handle pressure and make key decisions…

  • Leicester City F.C. definitely had good training as they were clearly seen handling pressure and making important key decisions on the pitch.
  • Pakistani cricket team, on the other hand, has no time for training. We all know that seniors in Pakistani team never train and juniors only do training as long as they haven’t found a senior mentor who’d help the junior escape training. Even if this isn’t the case, Pakistani cricket doesn’t really see players trained enough to handle pressure of international cricket. Their decision making is also poor.

Professional coaching

  • Leicester City F.C. had one of the best coaches of the year. Claudio Ranieri is a trained professional coach who knows how to work his magic around. Due to high coaching standards at the club, you can see the team winning every physical battle with minimal injuries. Leicester players have run the highest distance combined in the Premier League this year. It clearly speaks of their dedication on the training ground.
  • Pakistan cricket team has an armature coach who should be coaching a local club with his coaching certifications and history. Our coach Waqar Younis might have taken a lot of wickets and he might be sitting in the hall of fame, but he isn’t a professional coach to start with. He has no professional qualification whatsoever to be a national coach.

Our coach seems too busy answering questions on team’s recent failure. Now he has a new excuse. Waqar Younis is now wasting all his energies fighting over his leaked performance report that he submitted to PCB. It looks as if he isn’t really qualified to train professional players since he has no formal qualifications and no diploma/degree in physical training and education.

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