Can you believe China’s first ultra realistic robot is a Female?

chinese robot

chinese robot

Pakistanis might have topped a lot of lists for highest porn searches but Chinese have made a female robot (fembot) as their first ultra realistic robot. The robot could have been free from gender but instead it’s a female. It says a lot about things to come as some expect these robots to take over concierges jobs at hotels.

People have even started making robots that resemble girls they like in real life.

Someone in Hong Kong is so crazy that he build a robot that resembles Scarlet Johanson.

The problem isn’t that this robot looks like a woman but it’s designed to seduce while carrying out orders given by humans. When the robot was shown at an expo, it was programmed to say sexy sentences, making other women jealous. This could mean a major shift in culture, although still far fetched.

This new Chinese robot is named Jia Jia and it refers to it’s programmers as ‘lords’. The robot can speak, move and carry out various common tasks to help it’s owners. The problems with this robot are more than her gender alone.

  • It makes women seem submissive
  • It gives us the impression that women are image-obsessed

Now it’s understood that robots should be submissive in nature, even when the AI has developed to a higher level. This is good for our own safety. After all, who wants robots to be coming after humans?

However, making them submissive could have been without adding in a gender tag there. Chinese inventors could have made a unisex robot or maybe they could have picked a typical driod that doesn’t need gender. Being submissive wouldn’t have been a problem then.

When asked about mass production of the unit, the team behind the Jia Jia robot said that there were no plans for increasing production as of now. The team would keep it’s focus on improving the robot and making it even better before jumping into mass production.

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If you could make a robot, what is it going to be?

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